however thats not it, as your roofer suggested. For “elastomeric roof coating”, he will have to apply twice (not to mention that he has to wait 24 hours for the first coat to dry, then apply the 2nd coat). Aluminum coating roof. Graco Ultra Max II 795. ALUMINUM ROOF COATING contributes significantly to a well-kept appearance. For building owners, this decline translates into higher energy costs over their roof’s lifecycle. This product is made in USA! If you’re not running A/C or fans, then you probably won’t save any money with a cool-roof, but it probably will be a little cooler in the house if you consider that a good thing. for pricing and availability. Apply the elastomeric roof coating. The extra fibers in fibered coatings reinforce their strength and also control the viscosity (thickness) of the liquid. Powered by Discourse, best viewed with JavaScript enabled. -Contains interlocking fibers that increase the coating’s durability to withstand weathering. Compare; Find My Store. It can contribute to reduced heating and air conditioning costs. APOC offers a variety of aluminum blends that work across many different roofing substrates. My question is, is it worth the extra $1,000 to go for the “cool roofing”? Perhaps only one aluminum coating meets initial LEED credit requirements, but all aluminum coating types and many cool white coatings fall off precipitously as noted by their performance efficiency ratings (initial and 3 year), so if any builder, property owner or corporation is serious about the cool roof issue and ROI (return on investment) for their “cool” low slope or flat roofs, then there is little to be said for aluminized roof coatings except their initial cheapness and initial cheaper labor to install. The best choice then is to use aluminum coating for the roof. As you might guess, fibered coatings contain extra fibers, whereas non-fibered coatings do not. Thanks! Elastomeric coating Aluminum coating roof Elastomeric coating These types of coatings have become popular recently for its benefit of keeping roofs cooler. A fibered aluminum coating providing solar reflectivity while protecting against moisture and corrosion. Such as "KST COATINGS 63-600-1 “KOOL SEAL” or Firestone’s AcyrliTop PC-100? In general the weather in San Francisco (SF) is pretty mild (see: … undeclared). Where to buy. Submit. This is our highest quality, aluminum coating formulated to provide the brightest and longest lasting finish. Non-volatile Matter (NVM) 57% (min.) Wagner ProSpray 3.29. Coolguard Roof Coating is a powerful, high Coolguard Roof Coating is a powerful, high performance roof sealer, made from a thick and single component acrylic urethane that is 100% elastomeric and will waterproof roofs and walls. And if you use urethane, probably more than that. ... Black Jack® Eterna-Kote® Silicone Roof Coating. This product dries to a silver shield … Overall, we would recommend a fibered product over a non-fibered product because the advantages outweigh the cost. 6. Protecting and sealing a roof with reflective aluminum asphalt roof coating, Karnak 97. Thoughts or comments? Submit . 115. As you might guess, fibered coatings contain extra fibers, whereas non-fibered coatings do not. 2. We get that. Many elastomeric coatings are designed to cure under wet conditions. Roof coatings are often billed as a magic bullet -- a black tar or metallic silver slurry that stops leaks and extends the life of an aging or deteriorating roof almost indefinitely. This coating is fast curing, low odor and very low VOC. For best results apply White Elastomeric Roof Coating with a soft brush, 3/4” nap paint roller, or high pressure sprayer (Tip Size: .021 to .025). To be honest with you, if you can use a paint roller then you can put on the coating yourself as long as you can get your hands on the product. I just found out that offer both aluminum roof caotings and elastomeric roof coatings. After the torch down roof was put on the burnt house. & it isnt cheap. buy american, gaf. Compare Click to add item "SealBest® Premium White Elastomeric Roof Coating - 4.75 gal" to the compare list. Elastomeric Coatings 101 Where to use: Use elastomeric coatings on exterior elements, such as roofs, concrete walls and floors, masonry, stucco, (originally formulated for stucco) or wood. TRI-BUILT® Fibered Aluminum Exterior Coating is a highly reflective roof coating. If you are a building manager in need of a roof restoration solution, let the professionals at Airborne Roofing apply a fibered aluminum coating in Berlin and Cherry Hill, NJ. 9. 95 $43.67 $43.67. Rusted spots on metal roofs must be … 101 PROSPECT AVENUE NW CLEVELAND, OHIO 44115 Phone: 888-321-KOOL (5665) Fax: 888-296-KOOL (5665) Filed under: cool coatings, cool exterior coatings, cool roofs, LEED Credits, New York Cool Roofs |. In general the weather in San Francisco (SF) is pretty mild (see: … undeclared). Most cool white coatings, however, when washed will not return to their initial solar reflective efficiency due to dirt which embeds in them. Roof coatings offer several comfort and energy savings benefits, including but not limited to: energy savings, reduced roof maintenance, reduced life-cycle costs, protection against harmful UV rays, greater employee comfort and productivity, sustainability, seamless waterproofing, fully adhered, environmentally friendly and renewability. Some products can be rolled onto the roof. The following Airless spraying machines are suitable for spraying these roof coating paints: FARBMAX Airless M10. Do not dilute. Thanks again! We put our roofing products to the test under the … White Elastomeric Roof … for pricing and availability. In addition, without proper UV reflectivity, a roof is vulnerable to ultraviolet degradation. Find a commercial distributor near you. For elastomeric coatings, would re-coating be easy enough as a DIY type of project? i do recommend the alumicoat 30 days after install. Aluminum Roof Coatings Get any kind of non-fibered aluminum paint suitable for your building's exterior surface. Due to the damage, water can seep in during the rains. SF low slope dibiten roof: aluminum vs elastomeric coatings? Among the elastomeric roof coatings, is there any differences between different brands and products? Take advantage of industry-leading training and education though CARE - The Center for the Advancement of Roofing Excellence. Features. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. … review.pdf. How-To Seal Blacktop and Asphalt Driveways. The difference is plain to see. Thanks again! ( Log Out /  The complete answers to the aluminized coatings question versus a higher quality, elastomeric low-slope coatings like that are ENERGY STAR… You can find out about this or any of our other services by calling (856) 662-1382 . During summer we rarely gets temperature over 72 degrees. Of course, if you screw-up you have no one to blame but yourself. [quote=“sf4roof”]Hi Cerberus, yes thank you so much for your advice. A roof coating can be the right choice for a commercial property, especially in a time when labor costs and environmental concerns are rising. Compare; Find My Store. 869 Rubberized Aluminum Roof Coating; 555 Fibered Aluminum Roof Coating; 558 Aqua-Brite™ Aluminum Roof Coating; Asphalt and Damp Proofing Coatings. How-To Apply Aluminum Roof Coatings. But what’s even more confusing is that under the Elastomeric coatings, they have at least two different kinds: (1) Elastomeric White Roof Coatings" and (2) Elastomeric Acrylic Roof Coatings. -Contains interlocking fibers that increase the coating’s durability to withstand weathering. Compared to a high quality elastomeric, white c. ool coating like ECO-THERM, this is not an apples to apples comparison. Hi Cerberus, you said that even with the mild weather here in SF, we will still end up saving energy if we apply the cool roof (elastomeric white), just wondering why is that (see, we don’t even have air conditioner installed in most houses here in SF)? bit. Myth #2: Elastomeric roof coatings perform as well as silicone roof coatings when it comes to ponding. After what you read below, you will become aware that the need to redo aluminum coatings on flat and low slope roofs every few years represents liability and inefficiency versus premium, white cool roof coatings. Thanks again! I really appreciate that. However, we truly believe that this is a very effective product and we don’t think you will want to use a different system once you have a silicone roof. However, if it doesn’t pond water and acrylic should suffice. All aluminum coatings, much hotter than the majority of cool white top-coated roofs, ECO-THERM and some other white coatings actually. Get Support at Every Phase of Your Project. ASTM D2824 –Standard Specification for Aluminum Pigmented Asphalt Roof Coatings provides resources and assistance in selecting an aluminum roof coating that is suitable for roofing applications. It can help decrease air conditioning costs by reducing heat transfer through the roof. Rubr-Coat 4.75-Gallon Fibered Roof Sealant ... Model #6230-9-30. bit. Acrylic is very susceptible to moisture. Below you will find the technical specifications of Armor Roof Shield versus popular water based and elastomeric roof coatings. 288 Solar-Flex ® Tan Roof Coating; 812 RoofSaver™ Clear Sealer; Henry ® 612 ShingleGuard ™ 100% Acrylic Clear Sealer; Aluminum Roof Coatings. Many of our products have the label “fibered” or “Non-fibered”. After the roofer applied the coating, he told us that we have to wait for at least 4 weeks before we could walk on the roof and do some water testing for the sloping (to preserve the coating surface), is this true? 040002 ELASTOMERIC ROOF COATING 04002 2G 760428040025 10" x 10" x 10" 1 36 Cases 040005 ELASTOMERIC ROOF COATING 04005 5G 760428040056 12" x 12" x 15" 1 36 Cases DESCRIPTION: • Designed for use on new or previously painted aluminum and galvanized roofs typically found on mobile homes and recreational vehicles that are subject to all types of Gardner® 1g Premium Non-Fibered Aluminum Roof Coating: 6265-GA: Gardner® 5g Premium Non-Fibered Aluminum Roof Coating: 7221-GA: Gardner® 1g Aluma-Seal™ Premium Aluminum Roof Coating: ... Sta-Kool® 5g Ultra White Elastomeric Roof Coating: Waterproofing. Substrates: Metal, corrugated, and tin. for pricing and availability. Black Jack® 1g Silver Seal 300 Fibered Aluminum Reflective Roof Coating: 5181-A-20: Black Jack® 1g Silver-Shield #87 Premium Aluminum Coating ... White Elastomeric Roof Coating: 5527-1-30: Black Jack® 5g Elasto-Kool 700 7 Yr. White Elastomeric Roof Coating: 5530-1-30: NOT TO BE SOLD IN SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA. 15 Year Rust-Oleum® Aluminum Competitive Aluminum Coating 6 ACCELERATED CORROSION TESTING Rust is your enemy. for pricing and availability. • Applying Roof Coating - Stir pail thoroughly. Henry 555 aluminum roof coating is an ultra-premium fibered aluminum roof coating that forms a shiny, tough, reflective surface. FIBERED VS. NON-FIBERED With roof and foundation coatings, it's important to understand the major distinctions between fibered and non-fibered coatings. formulated for brush, roller or spray application. Not that it matters to me anymore, I haven’t seen Dibiten in over 15 years. I've used elastomeric coatings before and have been happy with the results. Insoluble in cs, % of NVM 33% (max.) Use a wide tip on pressure washer to prevent tearing roof material. So, if you can afford it you would be better off coating your roof with a urethane. In addition, the paint sprayer should be equipped with a 30m hose to ensure sufficient freedom of movement on the roof. Shop roof coatings and a variety of building supplies products online at However, this is an ill-advised solution. What products like that allow is for the roofing contractor to complete the project 100% and get paid, rather than waiting for the roof to weather before coating it and then getting the last draw. Armor Roof Shield is NOT an elastomeric and is made to provide a much longer useful life span than lower cost low quality retail grade products. I did some search on this forum but didn’t find the answer that I was looking for. Fibered Aluminum Reflective Roof Coating Black Jack® Silver-Seal 300 is a liquid applied, coating that forms a reflective and protective finish to roofs. ( Log Out /  He commented that for durability wise, they are the same, but the “elastomeric” coating is “greener” (more environmental-friendly), and he commented that couple of years later the government probably will regulate that all flat/low slope roof be using the elastomeric coatings only (to protect mother earth).