Markov Name Generator; Fractal World Generator; Fantasy. Specifies the name of the remote server on which the service is located. Here is the result for the Spooler service: Make a note of the number on the PID line (1276 in the screenshot above). To run SC.exe locally, omit this parameter. After running the query you will by presented with a list of details. For a service named MyService, run: sc queryex MyService (Be sure to enclose the service name in quotes if it contains spaces.) Sign in to vote. The default buffer size is 1024 bytes. Service status of remote computers ^ So far we’ve been looking at service information on the local computer. You can stop a hung service more elegantly without checking the service PID manually. The utility/tool name is SC.exe. Step 1 Open a command prompt Step 2 Type in the following: net start Click to rate this post! The problem is that service name contains whitespaces, and I get a message, that such service does not exist. The default value is 0. This will return services that are unquoted, set to auto start (as pointless if the service is disabled) and list the service name, description and path. Example: For this service below, that has spaces in its display name, you would use this command line: sc \\machine stop adobearmservice How to effectively control a Peltier device with MOSFETs? To find the configuration information for a specific service, you can use sc qc service_name. It's worth pointing out that if your service does actually happen to have a name with whitespace then you can use double quotes and it will correctly identify the service. Is there a global, persistent CMD history? Getting error "Need to acknowledge to Apple's Apple ID and Privacy statement. How to create a spiral brightness gradient. Why are internet speeds variable and not fixed numbers? sfc /scannow . sc query. When the display resulting from a queryex command exceeds the size of the enumeration buffer, a message similar to the following is displayed: Enum: more data, need 2130 bytes start resume at index 75. Take note on the PID number (in this case 14440). System file checker . Random Generator; Random Dungeon … The name can be found if you open the properties in Services, see the picture below. Alternatively, you can delete the service by using regedit / regedit32. It does not share an executable file with other services. Use double quotes ("") to handle service name that has spaces. The following commands don't require a service name: sc