As Svea states, it doesn’t work for everyone. Awesome to hear it’s going well Ian. I just found the most important article on treating the cause of skin problems, that I have come across in 10 years. You’ll learn seven things you can start doing right now to clear your skin. Apparently hair is self cleaning when the oils are spread around, say through brushing? Side note: prior to starting this, I had extremely dry skin. I remember the first pimple I got was in my freshman year in highschool. Next up was finding a moisturizer which follows a similar path, my main goal was to find something which was alcohol free, not actually sure why but this was what I had figured out in my head - sometimes by a process of elimination you come to a decision and this was mine. , Nice, great to hear of your success with this method Salice . I understand that water or even the shampoo you use can be irritating your skin, but assuming this isn’t the case, would this totally set me back each night? For a while I was washing my skin twice a day! to wipe off all the on nerssery oil off for the cave man thing or is oil absorbing sheets bad for u what do u think? … Hi there Tracy First off its a good feeling to know us acne sufferers are not alone.I think these might be blackheads but I have these grayish black dots in the center of my face especially. I honestly believe however that we are probably predisposed to acne and therefore have to treat as opposed to cure. As people so often say with this disease what works for one person quite often does not work for others. This is the BEST treatment so far. The bottom line for me was to try and choose a soap free, non comedogenic face wash and avoid anything that had harsh chemicals in it. I told a friend about that, he was like “… did it ever occur to you that maybe someone’s looking at you because they think you’re pretty?” LOL no, it didn’t! I think I cleared about 60% of my acne overnight with that. But yes, sulfur is indeed a treatment option! In addition to sebum, this dermatitis is linked to Malassezia, immunologic abnormalities, and activation of complement. What would you recommend? Demodex Dermatitis Hand-Foot Syndrome and Seborrheic Dermatitis-Like Rash Induced by Sunitinib in a Patient With Advanced Renal Cell Carcinoma. For some it is may be too strong and irritating, I’m a guy (20 yrs old) with incredible sensitive skin and this works for me. The MSM, Milk thistle, and nofap has been a miracle so far. I read that she was too young to have it caused by Malassezia so I’m hoping for some answers…ugh! I actually tried water only several times in the past via showers. Also, have been sticking to a healthy diet. Now, five weeks later, I have not improved in terms of breakouts on my back at all, though my skin is still a much better texture. I strongly believe that stress is a huge factor and do notice that my dandruff tends to act up during times of high stress. The future plan is to either develop a custom shampoo formulation or find a suitable Andalou replacement (ideas/suggestions welcomed). Or no? I recommend organic raw honey mixed with 10% (very important) purified water (non-chlorinated) as a mask and daily cleanse to help control the yeast and condition the skin barrier. Any advice on the Cave men regimine? But, these very tiny bumps are all over my face. Since then my face has completely cleared up. I’m 47 now and still get it all. A safer, more prudent way would be to get an electric shaver and shave on a pretty close but not too close setting. Does drinking Tap Water have a effect on skin ? But after little bit study I tried tea tree oil drops diluted with water. Any recommendations will be greatly appreciated as I am completely out of ideas and do not want to have this issue anymore. As for the mask, yes, it should get less thick over time until the point where it’s not visible anymore, and if it’s staying thick, I think you just need more healing time. It‘s all about trial and error, but for many people the caveman regimen seems to work pretty well. It wasn’t a cure though. I mean, is it safe to shave with a razor, cream and water? I messed my skin up severely after using commercial products for years then topping it off with the evil Proactiv, leading to my skin’s development of rosacea. Mainly red marks and 3-4 such marks have become indented scars …I’m afraid that the same will happen with the other ones . Any tips would be greatly appreciated:) Im tryg to stick it through and hoping for the best! I was using a q-tip at first and putting the oil on it and then dabbing it on my skin but I found that most of the oil would get absorbed before it made it to my skin. In this case, azelaic acid, which addresses many other underlying processes of seborrheic dermatitis, 18-25 along with a cleansing/moisturing regimen aimed at strengthening barrier function, provided a quick-acting, effective, well-tolerated therapeutic regimen for … I don’t really want to look awful for a short period, im conflicted at this point. In this case, I wanted to use it because my skin was all dry, especially after a shower. Also! Also, I am usually a paleo eater, and have been living with a host family here, therefore I’m constantly fed white bread. I mean, I only seem to have acne on the parts of my face that I’d been washing and slathering with benzoyl peroxide for the last four years. If you keep on leaving your skin alone, it’ll pay off for sure! My complexion is absolutely glowing. Improving your diet and lifestyle as per suggested on the rest of my blog might very well help to get your hormones back doing what they’re supposed to be doing, which will cut back on the oil production. This and the other articles you have posted about the caveman regimen are so helpful, thank you! Jojoba or coconut oil? About 90% of my issue is blackheads. 2 months. It cleared my acne completely. and how would you do it? I don’t think anyone even noticed. I am doing the caveman approach to skincare! Thing I worked out was it may get worse before better but then after is alot better for good! It definetly makes a lot of sense! Allow your body to have a stable and gradual return to its natural homeostasis. . you can try water to see if it helps. Most of all it helped me to get over my skin-picking addiction! What IF the answer was doing nothing? “no poo” method? Acne were so unimaginable, though it gets better with MANUKA but, when I was so obsessed using it 24 hrs a day a horrible break out came through. Some areas of my face were less red, but the resulting disaster that occurred everywhere else made it not worth it. Although sometimes in the dead of winter if my skin gets dry anyway, I will sometimes rub a little bit of extra virgin olive oil or something into my skin and that takes care of it. And, I’ve stopped putting coconut oil on my face. I’ve tried this often during exams. That was the worst thing. However, you‘ll only know if you give it a go…, “Then you can rinse or wash your face with something gentle every so often and stop completely avoiding water.”. It’s still simple enough. It definitely doesn’t work for everyone. To provide some background on my experience with acne: I started using ProActiv when I was 16 due to a couple of bad breakouts on my chin. Sometimes people even point out at it. I’m sad for you. I developed SD on my scalp and ears for the first time in my life in December of 2015 and have been struggling to find good information. hi im going sharing my experience so far. The reason I don’t let water touch my face most of the time is because it dries my skin out. Hope this is helpful. That’s what I do all summer. I just wonder what you think will happen to the ~20 pimples (some small, some large) on my face if i completely stop using a face wash. Just no skin makeup). And can tie in your routine matinince making it alot healthier. Seborrheic Dermatitis: An Overview ROBERT A. SCHWARTZ, M.D., M.P.H., CHRISTOPHER A. JANUSZ, M.D., and CAMILA K. JANNIGER, M.D. I dont think I could ever stop useing at least water. You‘re funny!!! I think I would avoid that on the caveman, personally. I only ask because you mentioned her intestinal microflora. For now I’m using that steroid cream and some of those prescriptions (don’t know why) for about 6-7 months almost without interruption. thats probably why iI broke out like ctrazy lol. Go to my “articles page” on the menu bar, and scroll down to “natural skin care and beauty” or whatever it says, and there’s tons of articles there to give you ideas about what to use on your skin that’s all natural. Thank you! I got there about 5pm, had one meal, a quick dip on the pool. Sorry to hear about your condition(well, our.. somewhat), but I hope you would finally find a possible solution. Ok, so I want to start this program but I have a concern about sweat. I was 27 when I figured out all of this. Hi Hannah, I can’t make any promises, but I think it sounds like a good plan! Is it a bad sign or am i suppose to go through with it? To explain this observation, the hypothesis is advanced that the linoleate concentration in human sebum depends on the quantity of linoleic acid present in each sebaceous cell at the commencement of its differentiation and on the extent to which this initial charge is diluted by subsequent endogenous lipid synthesis in each sebaceous cell. or was it for scars? I think i could handle no makeup and not washing my face but not washing that grease off my face after work might be difficult. Anyway, I do have a little problem though. My beard had grown quite a bit and my sideburns were getting thicker too. Can biom8 be used any kind of eczema/skin problems? My skin is in a healing process from the cleanse so I’m kinda breaking out a little and wearing makeup makes me feel normal when I’m breaking out. Just wear a bit hat that shades your face, or don’t spend a ton of time in the sun! What I do know is that the ideal PH of a surface/organ etc completely varies throughout the body. When I got home, my skin looked great, but I got back into the regimen of abuse, picking, scrubbing etc and my skin looked red, angry and irritated again. I would suggest the caveman in order to restore your skin back to it’s original state, but you’re already doing that, but so I suppose just time! I just put jojoba oil on it every few days and wipe off with a cotton pad slightly moistened with bottled water. This is because it serves to eliminate absolutely all irritation. I think it’s funny how sweat is portrayed as dirt and grime though. I am going to try it. You really have to find something that works for you based on your skin condition. I can tell you that it has really helped with my back/chest/shoulder acne by a ton. :O. I tried to read all the comments before I posted but I already do a modified version of the caveman regimen but I would still strongly encourage SPF usage on any exposed skin. The sebum production has dramatically decreased and I’m basically drying up from he inside to the outside. Amniotic fluid is alkaline, where as the vagina is acidic. It was actually when my acne was severe that I came across this whole idea. I only wash my back once a day with water. Thank you. Well, what do you know? Do you recommend this for rosacea or seb derm skin? Here is a direct link to that comment: Another Readers Experience With MSM. And many also feel the need to wear much make up everyday. They are still free from itching and flaking with daily use of BIOM8. I honestly think that the food I am putting in my body is not the culprit as I eat relatively healthy but if you’re drinking loads of sodas and junk food everyday you may have a bigger problem. Glad some time in the bush helped you discover your inner cave woman and it worked out! Have never had much pimples, but because my skin did dry out a fair bit did find was much less oily or any signs of any tiny pimples! I’m from Philippines and many of your natural remedies ain’t available here…????? I’ve heard really good things about your product from another person online. I am all for trying new things…but the whole layer of grossness is certainly not applealing. All of the dermatologists prescribes steroid creams for two weeks and then some unsuccessful treatment such as zinc pyrithione and other doubtful meds. But I have a case of hyperpigmentation, which I’d really like to get rid of as fast as possible. Dunno. I might as well just let it be and do other exiting stuff and be happy than making a one-on-one battle with it. I noticed that my face was much clearer! Your only 3 weeks into the regimen, so I think that the reaction is pretty normal. For the last 14 days, nothing has touched my face – no face wash, no honey, no oil, no fingers (well, no picking or popping anyway), no makeup, and not even water. So use a gentle cleanser rather than looking yaky… Use the one without water… Ponds cold cream o cetaphil… Be gentle dont scrub or rub…. Please give me an update on what u did and how u overcame this? So this should help to calm down your oil production! Knock on wood, fingers crossed, etc. I liked it though. What about those oily stinky places, like under your lip and the ‘creases’ of your nose? What do you think about the caveman regimen? Either way, even if you are using water, I’d probably only recommend wetting your face every three days or every second day at the most. Just a note of caution to those who are prone to blackheads – blackhead formation is a different mechanism than a real pustule.