Fixed Ethiopian effects not working in decolonized mode. Hungary: Fixed some problems in historical mode. The Soviet Union doesn't rhyme, so we'll just say they have more generals. Prospecting mine decision in northern France. Historical advisors for Argentina and Uruguay. Come watch me stream games daily on Twitch! Game Rules: Crimea is now released when the USSR is fragmented. Soviet Union 5. Reply Good karma Bad karma +2 votes. Added missing core of the Celtic Union in Ireland. spamming 'update' won't do much. Fixed demand Slovenia in the German tree. Content improvements for Nicaragua, Greenland. Edit: also my sleep deprived state I hit end before I was done painting so the borders are worse than they should have been. Fixed some issues with civil wars in Portugal. "Ban Communism" generic decision will remove the Brazilian Communist influence national spirit. What's next? Honduras not being able to get an extra research slot. Manufacturers: Boosted glider manufacturers to increase the impact of paratroopers further. Germany should not attack CZE if already at war. Removed the name Confederation of the Rhine when France bro hugs Germany. Integrated many 1.10.2 BETA softcoding improvements. Game Rule: Focus path selection for Belgium and Chile, the two spiciest places for new rules. Chile: Focus to support fascism in Argentina will now bring a bonus limited in duration. National Focus: New branch for Independent India Politics. This item will only be visible in searches to you, your friends, and admins. [MtG] Communist Britain will get more spies to actually do something, maybe. Added optional Milestone Cake. Resources: Increased the amount of oil produced in Burma. 2019-04-16: HoI4 - Road to 56 mod - Bhutan Masters of Asia! Fixed a bug where a Free France news event would trigger as a regular event and vice versa. Fixed mistakes in Senegalese and Russian country names/adjectives. Less blank portraits for players without DLC in MP. Game Rules: Updated several French AI behavior paths to work with the new focus tree. Tweaked the way the AI handles occupation, leading to a better control of resistance. Fix: Manchukuo focus tree not giving the divisions it is supposed to give. New States for Mongolia, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Korea, Xinjang, and Mexico. Not sure what's causing this but I can't find the decision to place the king under house arrest when playing as Greece. Prvented a paradox via a temporal bypass in the Austrian focuses regarding Slovenia if you already own yourself. Road to 56 and KR keeping their top spots from before, and I also want to say that I am really inspired and impressed by the cool video and other transmedia content the KR team is putting out. Decisions: More oil extraction in Romania Hungary. However, universal suffrage was not attained until 1917. Japanese Focuses to take into account efforts to convince the people of East Asia that they were "freed". Reduced the number of female operatives to reflect the historical ratio a bit better. Yggdrasil: Put up a small warning sign near the roots regarding the eternal soul-devouring dragon. A standing mixer might seem excessive, but there should be no compromise when it comes to delicious food. New Venetian decision to core a new state. 276. Ideologies: A majority of governments now have a new very small unique stat bonus to each. Removed buttons related to the discontinued 1939 scenario. Poland: Ensure how Vilnius is ceded to the USSR with the rest of Eastern Poland. Germany: Repurposed unused air commanders of the base game as generic land portraits. Heavy tanks can no longer be converted from their Great War ancestors. Decisions for unions to recruit generals of reattached countries. Fixed Mengukuo ending at war with Japan if two specific events occured on the same day. Byzantium: Locked coring as originally intended. GFX: Updated and replaced several icons, portraits and more across the mod. Changed some icons through the vanilla German focus tree and added two operatives unlockable by the focus to influence Spain. Removed stability bonus of the 'Lure Them In' chinese national spirit. Dec 17, 2020 #15 billcorr said: The purpose of this post is to serve as a thread to discuss the question "isn't the number of divisions bloated in HoI4 overall?" Fascist Honduras has been given 'a' Democratic ANCAP alternative. Please update to last version of the mod, may update. 234. ), New Soviet Post War Focuses for the Stalin path, British Communist focus tree branch for non-MtG owners, More Decisions for Pakistan to influence the Bangladeshi Liberation War, After approximately two years Bangladesh will have lost its will to fight, Unique State Modifier to represent the Colony of Burma, Loads of new Victory Points all over the Indian subcontinent, Added a unique flag and name for Bangladesh as a Pakistani puppet, Death of Trotsky and the establishment of Leonid Serebryakov as his successor, Islamic Marxist focus for Al Andalus in order to allow Revolutionary Jihad, British exile focuses for commonwealth countries and Britain goes communist, Adjusted Focus and Decision Times for Pakistan, Communist countries will search for a non-Soviet faction instead of forming their own faction all the time, Nerf research times and stats of some Rt56 Infantry tech, Law Enforcement National characters PP cost increased to better-reflected the value of the stats given, Fixed fall of Paris event triggering if Vichy France took the city, Fixed an issue with Austria being promised 300 tankettes from the Italians and not receiving any, Fixed Bug where Bangladeshi Liberation Interface would keep popping up after being dealt with, Fixed a land fort in Mexico being put in the wrong province, Fixed Hungarian Motorization advisor who had no effect, Fixed Italian admiral who had the wrong skill level compared to his abilities, Removed some problematic sea crossing in the Aegean Sea and between Okinawa and Kyushu, Fixed bad bypass in the Honduras focus tree, [DoD] Removed mutual exclusivity between Handle the King and King Michael's coup in Romania, Siam in a faction with Japan and at war with China will no longer send its entire army to fight in China, Siam and Japan handle the Burma front better when at war with the Allies, Great Britain will no longer send so many troops to fight in Burma before 1942, Historical AI adjustments to USA and Soviets, The Soviet AI will treat Poland a little nicer before 1940, Portrait for Infante Jaime, claimant to the Throne of Spain and France (also available for Nicaragua). save. Complete Overhaul of the Indian Focus Tree with multiple unique game mechanics (non-TfV! Added a couple of increased excavation priorities if you control either certain states or a Stargate. Improved the mining companies in the game with more unique effects. 1.9.3 husky is the game version, acil cevap map yüklenemiyor hatası veriyor, Mauser Selbstlader 1916 Pack (Project Forgotten Ravenfield + Great War), [WW2 Collection] German engineering shovel reupload, Argentina, Armenia, Austria, Belgium, Bhutan, Brazil, Bulgaria, Chile, China, Colombia, Congo, Croatia, Cuba, Czechoslovakia, Danzig, Denmark, Estonia, Ethiopia, Finland, France, Free France, Germany, Greece, Guatemala, Honduras, Indochina, Indonesia, Italy, Iran, Iraq, Ireland, Japan, Latvia, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Netherlands, Nicaragua, Norway, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Ruthenia, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Slovakia, Siam, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Tibet, Turkey, Vietnam, United Kingdom, Uruguay, and the USA have all been overhauled with new events and shenanigans. Fixed some broken GFX file references within the mod. [WTT] Inflexible strategist or brilliant strategists with high skills may unlock some abilities normally locked behind certain traits. [LaR] Increased the efficiency of ideology boost spying missions. States in Yugoslavia, so everybody can get their share of the Balkans. Support is not provided for issues related to conflicts. Adjusted a PRC focus so Japan won't be compelled to invade China every time. [DoD] Improved the Hungarian decision to integrate puppet Czechoslovakia when forming Austria-Hungary. Added four new releases for the Soviet Union; Karelia, Tatarstan, Buriat-Mongolia, Green Ukraine. Picked a better picture for a Finnish news event so it's not implying that Finns are Chinese. [LaR] A Mongol operative serving the Japanese. Fixed release Kurdistan game rule lacking a state. If you want to run a purely historical game, this is not the mod for you. This is the true test of a true chef - resisting temptation to rush while on the path toward true flavor. Australian Papua gains 1 rubber, while the Dutch East Indies mocks them for such elastic productivity. The Road to 56 Görseller Açıklama Alıntı:Good Afternoon! Here are the lovely details: Version 18.01.21 for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.10.3), Version 08.01.21 for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.10.3), Version 08.12.20 for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.10.3), Version 13.11.20 for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.10.2), Version 11.11.20 for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.10.1), Version 08.11.20 for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.10.1), Version 08.10.20 for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.9.3), Version 14.08.20 for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.9.3), Version 10.08.20 for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.9.3), Version 08.08.20 for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.9.3), Version 08.07.20 for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.9.3), Version 07.06.20 for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.9.3), Version 08.05.20 for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.9.2), Version 08.04.20 for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.9.1), Version 08.02.20 for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.8.0 - 1.8.2), Version 08.12.19 for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.8.0 - 1.8.1), Version 14.11.19 for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.8.0 - 1.8.1). Germany: Fixed Wilhelm II not deciding to show up when you picked him for the civil war. Bananas are not in-fact a good substitute for eggs. Removed 1 Civilian Factory. Germany's Anti-Comintern Pact focus has been moved to a safer location. All posts are Restricted to HOI4, There are Exceptions to this. Misc: Multiple focus icons have been redone for the Netherlands and Indonesia. r/Cursedhoi4 Rules. Gains some penalties once reformed. *gasp*. Improved the text regarding American pilots landing in Asia. Fixed the name of an Uyghur warlord instead of calling him by his Chinese nickname. ), Complete Overhaul for the Canadian focus tree (non-TfV! Fixed broken tooltips for 2 latvian focuses. Canada: Added a historical focus to build ships on the great lakes in Toronto (TfV only). Fixed demand wallonia not granting Eupen to France. Traits for French leaders so they will be less likely to cooperate with fascists. Didn't win, but I did get this cool t-shirt. Misc: Challenged Garm at the gate and fought the beast for 27 days. The Indian government in Exile will generate Indian exile generals instead of British generals even though it was kind of cool. [WTT, BftB] Fix lots of inconsistent cores in formable decisions (like Arabia not getting Qatar). Malta: Fascist name will no longer be called "10th crusade" because war is not a state. [Bftb] Kemalist Turkey will use other plane models than Polish interwar fighters. Greatexperiment appeared and turned out to be the Necromancer secretly controlling everything. If those are booked, then we'll go to the lodge on nearby scenic Moose Factory Island. Greece: Fixed a majority of the navy starting with barely anything in 1936. German Submarine high commander actually boosts submarines rather than boosting hunting submarines. IndyClone77 completes the spell, and the patch notes are safe once again. HOI4 Road to 56: Making Brazil Great Again - Part 2 | Edited clip from my HOI4 stream on 22 January. Japan: Buffed the effects of many focuses in the communist tree. Japan will more likely escalate the war in China. LaR: 'Expand Departments' agency upgrade now unlocks under the correct conditions. Achieved anime villain balance. Scotland raided its pubs and found even more Air Chiefs. Norwegian AI on advisors improved, so AI Norway will be a bit more sensible in this regard from now on. Manchukuo: Fixed 'Restore The Empire' focus not giving cores on several necessary states. New units, troop experience system, expanded difficulty modifiers, new releasable nations, more lovely laws, and a whole bunch of other things that will make you more popular at parties. There might be consequences. Version 12.10.19 for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.7.0 - 1.7.1). Fixed Chilean ideas that are invalid when not fascist. hoi 4. lets play. Faction leaders are also considered major countries.The major countries in 1936 are: 1. Complex textures can be created by mixing different types of flour and integrating them loosely. EDIT: Added pictures for more clarity as I generally suck at explaining things using words lol. Fixed 2 Belgian generals lacking portraits. Luxembourg should pick slightly more varied political focuses. User account menu. Fixed a clone of Chiang Kai-shek who was probably Fantomas. [LaR] Used some generic commanders as operative portraits. Added the Hyderabad tag to our local brick wall. Description Discussions 584 Comments 15602 Change Notes < > 15,602 Comments burköppnare 1 hour ago Update to 1.10.4? HOI4 County Tags come in handy when you are using console commands in Hearts of Iron 4. Moderators. Ensured that Trotsky will get a spying agency. You can log in to your account or register on the site to download mods without waiting. Renaming Berlin to Germania will increase its VP value. Post must be cursed. Report Save. Soviet Focus 'Social Welfare' now takes 70 days. Guest Sep 15 2018. doesnt work. Japanese focuses regarding the Free Indian Army. Today we play Road to 56 as germany in hoi4. Decisions: Enabled throwing of mistletoe at smug bastards. Message the mods. German U-boat focus is now good for discount snorkles. More spies and better generic agency names. View All Moderators . [LaR] Spain will not become Anarcho Monarchist anymore. Several late game decisions are invisible until Construction IV is unlocked. Anybody here intimately familiar with the Road to 56, or Millennium Dawn mods? [WTT] Added new leader abilities: "reserve transfer" and "extra fuel reserves". Rebel communist India from TfV tree will not stay in the Allies and will instead go on a personal journey of life discovery. 60% sure. Decision to decline tungsten mining in Malaya crisis. Fix: A French focus that tried to invite Republican France to a reactionary faction. Estonia and Latvia: Unifying the Baltic countries will grant a core on Vilnius. Monarchist France will try to join the Cordon Sanitaire before forming the anti-German front alone. Added historical Turkish divisions and gave them some some iphones. Fixed Italy inviting Austria to the Rome protocols even if they are at war with them. Even more flag fixes, changes and additions. USA: Fixed an admiral having the land career officer trait rather than the naval one. Map: The Great Lakes is now naval territory, with appropriate canals. Oh, and we announced that our team is working on [something]. funny. Harold Harmsworth, founder of the Daily Heil ...mmh the Daily Mail, as a British advisor. Fixed Generic Army tree branch being locked behind WIP Chinese Warlord content. New Japanese focus about an evil secret society working with the secret service, making them doubly secret. Japanese Focus about the Kempetai for those who didn't agree with the above. Hungary: Added some new focuses and buffed the already existing ones. More Nazi spies so you can waste them while still playing historically. Please see the. New Soviet focus to reduce the cost of infantry equipment in the late game.