Originally designed as a "Hawkins" class heavy cruiser and laid down under the name HMS "Cavendish", she served in several different roles and underwent several conversions in a remarkably varied career that lasted until she was scrapped in 1946.. Design and construction. About 15,000 Allied troops leave aboard 6 fast liners (Monarch Of Bermuda, Batory, Sobieski, Franconia, Lancastria & Georgic) escorted by destroyer HMS Arrow & sloop HMS Stork. January                  Oran duties in continuation. go On 29 June 1940, he married Lady Hersey Boyle, the second daughter of the retired navy man, the 8th Earl of Glasgow, and they had two daughters: Hon. HMS Vindictive (1897), an Arrogant-class cruiser used in the Zeebrugge Raid (British Warships 1914-1919) Commissioned in October 1918 for Flying Squadron, Grand Fleet. Carrying on tradition is an important part … Cruisers EFFINGHAM. May                        Based further editing and formatting is required,