Apply the edge of the scraper to the base and working tip to tail, push or pull the scraper along the length of the ski to shave off excess wax. Waxing every three or four outings is a good practice. Once you have the necessary tools assembled, it’s time to get started! Edge and Wax's online ski and snowboard store is one of the top winter-sports websites in the UK, and one of Snowkings favourites. DPS Phantom + Standard Tune Learn More: $210: Minor p-tex, stone grind until flat, sharpen base edge & side edge… The Skier's Lounge has built on this knowledge to offer a premium wintersports workshop and boot fitting services, whilst also … Normally for new skis and boards only as if any edge is raised or damage, it risks damaging expensive waxing irons. Read next: 3 Ski Tuning Myths Debunked How to remove rust and minor burrs from ski edges To remove rust … Ski vérifié pour les défauts et les dommages . Edge&Wax Kit de démarrage Cire pour ski et snowboard Marque : On The Edge. Let the base cool for approximately 10 minutes, then scrape away any excess P-Tex with your metal scraper until the base is smooth. Hot wax skis, edge sharpening + stone grinds. The Women's Outdoor News, aka The WON, features news, reviews and stories about women who are shooting, hunting, fishing and actively engaging in outdoor adventure. Edge and Wax also have a ski-boot fitting service here, along with a full workshop for servicing skis and snowboards. Wax & Tools Go to Wax & Tools. Backcountry Gear. Like all good e-stores, the Edge and Wax website is extremely well laid out, and it's easy to get to the brands of the ski and 801-893-1199. Adding Wax to the Ski Most wax containers provide information about the ideal temperature at which wax should be melted onto your ski. Waxing your skis is relatively easy. Here are our top 9 recommendations for metal-edge touring skis that will give you and your cross country skiing an edge… But if you don’t have $40 to $50 to spend on every professional tuning and waxing session, you can easily do it yourself! However the angles should always be checked before tuning any skis for … Base préparée pour la nouvelle fartage . Our origins are former winter sports retailer Edge & Wax, a multiple award winning ski shop with it's sister store Bliss Snowboards. Alpine Wax Reports . Brush and cloth: a soft brush is important for wiping away wax shavings, and a damp cloth will remove dirt and dust from bases. MAKE/MODEL: BASE EDGE ANGLE, SIDE EDGE ANGLE . Prep both bases before moving on. Can anyone recommend a good shop to do this (overnight service if possible)? Canada. Stone Grinds and Base Repairs. Edge & Wax are an independent technically focused winter sports business based in West Sussex between Gatwick and Brighton in the pleasant village of Partridge Green. Tips & tails detuned depending on ability and full edge completely de burred. Use a base brush to brush the bases tip to tail to remove any unbonded wax from the pores of the base’s plastic. Irons. Of course, if you're in the West Sussex area then you can take advantage of Edge and Wax's shop location and call in to see their Base then planed flat and base edge sharpened. Edge sharpeners & Files - Les bords ont fini avec une lime diamantée pour donner une finition standard . Nordic Wax Reports. The Finally, remove any rust from your edges using your stone. There should be about 7–12cm (3–5in.) This information is based upon factory published specs or the angles I've measure when prepping new skis. You’ll want to hold your scraper horizontally, with your thumbs behind it. Once the scrape is filled, remove the P-Tex stick and blow it out gently. reputation amongst the UK's skiing and snowboarding community. We are staying near Croisett. Stone: ski stones are useful for removing rust from edges. But no need for base grinds. Nous ne savons pas quand cet article sera de nouveau approvisionné ni s'il le sera. Ski Rentals. And, they last forever. Now in it’s 6th year, we have developed further our depth of knowledge on all things winter sports, and most of the staff within the business have many years experience in winter sports. Ski and Board Edge & Wax. After waxing a coating of ZARDOZ Teflon is applied. Now that your base is prepped, it’s time to fix any major scrapes or gouges. Then, file any burrs on the side edge and sharpen and shape the edge with a ski file. Waxing your skis is the best way to protect the bases and keep you gliding fast over snow. take your file and set it about half way on the ski, lengthwise so that it is running in the same direction your edges are, take your index fingers on both your hand and put them against the base of your skis, so the file always makes a 90 degree angle Base de ski nettoyée avec le nettoyant de base Helmonkel Ski & Snowboard . Mobile Ski Shop. Like all good e-stores, the Edge and Wax website is extremely well laid out, and it's easy to get to the brands of the ski … Scrape clean with metal scraper and sharpen base edge; Sharpen side edges by hand to 1, 2 or 3 degrees depending on ability and spec. We can collect your ski’s and boards and offer what you get with an edge and wax. Make sure the wax reaches the edge of your ski; if it doesn’t, add more wax. Mobile Ski Tunes … but it got me thinking. Next, wipe down the bases with your damp cloth. Without wax, skis don’t glide properly and the bases eventually start to deteriorate. Start by securing your ski brakes, so they’re out of the way. Make sure that the wax melts all the way across the ski or snowboard, from edge to edge and tip to tail. There is a £5.00 surcharge for any work that needs to be turned around in 7 days or less, as servicing is undertaken in batches or … Best Metal Edge Touring Skis. Hot Wax and Edge Sharpening. Clean base with lifting solvent. Add to basket VOLA Pro Wax LF Rouge 250ml (-2°C -12°C) €44.94 €74.90 - 40 % Produit disponible. For about the same one-time investment, skiers and snowboarders can tune and wax their own gear all season long. Back. We are a knowledgeable ski and snowboard business, who love getting the best out of our time on the mountains. Add to basket VOLA Pro Wax HF Rouge 250ml (-14°C -4°C) €59.94 … Alternatively, you can pull the scraper toward you, “cutting” the P-Tex until smooth. You’ll want to remove any dirt, dust, or grime that may remain from last season or from “summering” in your garage. This Retro WON first appeared December 22, 2017. Ski and snowboard edges normally have a 90˚ profile when they come from the factory, but they aren’t perfectly square to the base of the ski. The vice is made with small blocks of wood and a padding material cover to protect your skis. Looking to Get Sponsored? USA. Go to Alpine Wax Reports. Express Servicing Options. Other tools. Account ; Wish list ... VOLA Pro Wax Fluoré HF Neige Très Humide (-2°C -12°C) €29.94 €49.90 - 40 % Produit disponible. This is just a simple wax of your skis or snowboard. Edge and Wax ski shop in West Sussex File guides (both adjustable and … Push the scraper along the gouge until the P-Tex is flat and smooth. Polish up base with pad and buff. Work wax in with the iron from tip to tail, and keep the iron moving at an even speed. Never stop the iron in one place or you could damage or delaminate your skis. From our friends … Vises will also pay for themselves after three uses, since most basic ski tunes cost around $50. Instead, they are beveled slightly away from the snow, usually between .5˚ and 1˚, to make the edge more forgiving and less likely to “hook.” The side edge is usually beveled correspondingly at around 89˚. But don’t worry. Side edge sharpened by hand and angled to 1, 2 or 3 degrees depending on ability or specification. However, waxing your cross country ski does require time and patience – and of course some ski wax! A great range of Wax Edge and Racing ski equipment on / Blog; Contacts . Ski Manufacturers edge angle specifications. Norway. These are pretty costly, so Guy demonstrates how to make a serviceable, custom vice for just a few dollars. It’s important to wax your skis after completing base repair and edge work, as well as throughout the ski season to ensure your skis glide smoothly. Thanks Alta, Snowbird, Brighton and Solitude. Vieille fartage enlevée . Actuellement indisponible. Racing Service. Answer 1 of 3: Hi, we will be going to Les Menuires at the end of January and was thinking of having my skis edged and waxed while there. How to Edge, Tune, and Wax Skis and Snowboards Skiers and snowboarders can tune and wax skies and snowboards all season long. 4,0 sur 5 étoiles 1 évaluation. We bring the ski shop to you! showroom and get some one-to-one expert advice. is based between Gatwick and Brighton in the village of Partridge Green. If an area is too dry, add more wax. of molten wax behind the iron. Universal diamond whetstone. Base Cleaners. Light the end of your stick of P-Tex with a match or lighter, then touch the lighted end to the scrape, allowing the melted P-Tex to fill it. Back. Or at least not yet. Simply pull them back with a large rubber band. Profiles. It seems like Edge and Wax have been around for a lot longer than they actually have, such has been the rapid rise of their Bords de bavures . Repeat for both ski bases, as needed. Big Powder. The items below can be picked up individually (some you’ll already have on hand at home) or bought in a ski and snowboard tuning kit. Before tuning your edges, check your skis’ side edge bevel and use a file guide with the appropriate bevel angle. Recommeded XC Metal Edge Ski by Edullisimmat hinnat ja vähintään 200€+ tilausten toimitukset ilman toimitusmaksuja. This site is protected by, © 2021 Hunting, shooting, fishing and adventure for women by women All Rights Reserved |, Hunting, shooting, fishing and adventure for women by women. … Waxing your skis is the best way to protect them and keep them performing at their peak. Ski Snowboard Tuning Wax Iron 220V. Tables. Russia. 1.) USA. Glide Wax & Ski Tools on Nouvelle fartage chaude appliquée . Don't cool the ski or board outside because that will cause the wax … View all posts by The WON →. A useful guide to tuning and waxing skis and boards in English by Holmenkol. Ski Shop. as well as any ski equipment and accessories. Tools you’ll need include: Clean towels; Rubbing alcohol; Wax For polishing edges, removing surface hardening and deburring of ski tips and ends. Hold the stone horizontally (like a harmonica) and pass it across the edges at a 90-degree angle, working from tip to tail. Wait for the ski or snowboard to cool and dry completely (30 minutes to 1 hour). This also eliminates … Edge Tuning. Go to Nordic Wax Reports. Ski Tune Ups. International. Pro tip: While adjustable file guides can be set to varying bevel angles, Sunde recommends working with a fixed file guide for a more accurate tune. And so with not a lot of ski days on my (and my families) skis they have all been for a few edge&wax tunes and in fact are at the shop now. Finally, after you apply the wax and let it cool for 1 hour, scrape off the excess wax with a plastic ski scraper. If your iron is too hot it can permanently melt the base of your board or skis and you also run the risk of your gear de-laming due to the glue melting. Edge & Wax: $40: Base edge, side edge, polish pass on stone, detune, and belt wax: DPS Phantom Learn More: $150: Professional application of DPS Phantom base treatment with the certified Phantom Cure Station -- eliminates the need to wax ever again! Precise temperature control of the base plate is vital for 2 reasons. User. Alpina Discovery 68 Cross Country Skis. Roller wax … 140 W 2100 S #102 SLC, Ut. You likely spent a pile of money on your skis or snowboard so don’t run the risk of damaging them with a cheap iron. This homemade vice for ski tuning is really easy to store, so it can be reused. A list of the skiing, snowboarding and outdoor clothing brands stocked by Edge and Wax, Be careful not to drip the P-Tex in from a height, as this will burn the base. Edge and Wax's online ski and snowboard store is one of the top winter-sports websites in the UK, and one of Snowkings favourites. SKI & BOARD EDGE AND WAX. Hot Iron wax. Go to Racing Service. Every time you get the edges sharpened you take something off of them even if very minimal. Next, warm up the ski with an iron and drip some ski wax onto it, going over the surface of the ski with the iron to work in the wax. De burr edges and de tune tip and tail to spec. Edge tool (alternative or in addition to the file): included in most ski-tuning kits, edge tools make finding the correct file angle easy. Welcome Edge Angles & Wax DataSki Manufacturers edge angle specifications. If you’re a normal skier who skis 1-2 weeks per year then your skis should be waxed once per season. Rebord de la base et des côtés . Montaz is a specialist in the Alps, Chambéry in Savoy since 1976. Before beginning to wax and edge your skis, it is important to have a ski vice. snowboard equipment you might be interested in, or to browse through their fine range of ski-wear and snowboard clothing. This publication is for women, by women. Ski waxing is the application of wax to the base of the ski to make it slider better (downhill Alpine skiing) or grip better (cross-country skiing). It seems like Edge and Wax have been around for a lot longer than they actually have, such has been the rapid rise of their reputation amongst the UK's skiing and snowboarding community. Scrape off wax with acrylic scraper. But do that a number of times while only waxing but not grinding … Vises. Base wiped down clean with lifting solvent. Also contains information on key Holmenkol tools Winter outdoors enthusiasts gearing up for ski and snowboard season know how expensive snow sports can be, and how important it is to take care of skiing equipment. Clamp them onto a table or workbench–in fact, whatever you have in the garage or shed that works as a ski bench (and you don’t mind getting drips of ski wax and beer on)–and you are almost ready to start tuning your skis. P-Tex: a must for filling deep scrapes or gouges in ski and … Check your inbox or spam folder to confirm your subscription. To prepare your skis or board for tuning and waxing, it’s important to prep the bases. Brush wax into base with nylon brush (structuring). Utah's only full service mobile ski shop. The wax layer should be thin enough that one end dries as you reach the other end. $99.95 $229.99 save $130.04.