What to grill? Favorite things to grill: individual pizzas (we use your pizza dough or store-bought naan in a pinch); grilled veggie tostadas (zuc, bell peppers, eggplant, portabellos, onions, and grill the tortilla, too! We have the same BBQ (grill) as you – did you know you can roast in it? come and taste local fresh food … 3646 Blanding Blvd. This Greek salad is far from contrived, or uppity, or way too out there. Amazing on burgers and salads. Short of making your own pitas, if you have any luck finding, 1/4 teaspoon hot smoked paprika, plus more to taste, 10 boneless, skinless chicken thighs (about 3 pounds), 2 cups (554 grams) plain, unsweetened Greek yogurt, 1 hothouse, English or seedless cucumber, unpeeled (about 1 pound), 2 tablespoons freshly squeezed lemon juice, About 1 pound small-medium tomatoes, chopped, 1 hothouse, English or seedless cucumber, chopped, 4 large pitas (intending 1/2 per person) or more as needed. So, the tzatziki acts as dressing? Yum – will be making this for sure over the summer. Also — you must try summer peaches on the grill (if it’s around that long). Potato packs are good – thin sliced potatoes, butter, parm, seasoning, wrap in foil, throw ’em on. Huge fan of yours, probably made over 100 of your recipes. ;). What can replace dill? So many good things to grill: pizza and pita for sure. All of that liquid makes for a soggy sauce. Thanks! Wasn’t sure why lemon juice was listed twice in different amounts under “chicken”. I followed one commenter’s suggestion to add a bit of coriander and allspice to the chicken marinade. this is great. Be still my heart…such a perfect grill recipe! Yum. I love this meal! In summer (which it most definitely is not right now here in Perth Australia) we grill mussels over the bbq flame until they open and then toss them through a dressing of lots (and lots) of freshly chopped garlic and parsley, olive oil and lemon juice. My husband always does; I only sometimes bother. Very good. Since I keep kosher, I used tahini (amount scaled down) instead of yogurt in the sauce and gave hummus to my tahini-averse boyfriend. We loved the flavor of the chicken so much that it has become our go-to marinate, even when not preparing Mediterranean-inspired dishes. I’ve got two favs to grill: grilled romaine salad (cut in half, rub lightly with a high temp oil, char for a couple minutes, dress with a sprinkle of olive oil and a squeeze of lemon, top with a bit of fresh herbs and a nutty cheese — soooo good!) Fantastic. imho, deb uses the correct terminology – in both recipes she specifies to “coarsely grate.” (not just to grate, which could be vague were it not for the photos.) It’s easy, and delicious. Cut into strips. We spatchcocked and grilled the turkey and it was so delicious…we will never use the oven again! Grilled strawberries to tuck into s’mores are something I’d really love to try. this was one of the best dinners i’ve had in awhile, thank you deb! while i don’t have a grill, i have learned that i can broil skewers in the oven and they come out great! I marinated the chicken overnight and it was so tender. Yum. Hi! If you branch out into smoking things on the grill, smoked meatloaf is a staple for us in the summer, as well as corn (husks and silks removed prior to grilling). Pizzas are our current favorite (with your shaved asparagus leading the way as we wrap up the season, add a few slices of prosciutto). Despite all of my excited talk about it, we’ve made this dinner many times in a grill pan on the stove and/or roasted in the oven. What vegetarian protein grills well? 54%. Also, the grill plates are small — you can actually soak them in the sink and run them through the dishwasher so they don’t have to get too gross. I’d expect them to bake in 15 to 20 minutes. Pulse onion, cilantro and parsley, mix with ground lamb, bread soaked in water and squeezed out, allspice, cinnamon, cayenne salt and pepper. Sodium 348mg. As much as I hate southern summers, grill season goes a long way toward making up for it! I already mentioned your feta salad/dip thing. 2 Comments on “Chicken Gyro Salad with Creamy Dill Dressing” Carrie Lensink — December 9, 2020 @ 7:53 pm Reply. http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/food/views/kefta-and-zucchini-kebabs-233538, I made this for dinner, and WOW! anyway, the WP notifications tab is amazing, and now i am catching up on replies. Plus, you pulled off the unthinkable — a light summer dinner that allows everyone to eat or not eat what they don’t want (onions, if you’re my kid; bread, if you’re most people right now) and leave you out of it so you can instead clink ice in your rosé glass and enjoy the charred scent of summer wafting off the table. jacquie — This is the grill. favorite thing grilled? It was amazing. It gets so delicious and melt in your mouth soft and crispy on the edges. And even better than that is it’s super simple to make. My parents bought us a little Weber when we bought our house a few years ago, and it’s been our most-used housewarming gift by a mile. and c.) yeah, isn’t it funny, the internet is global and yet such a small world sometimes :). We made this tonight and it was delicious. I’ve made this twice now and my only dilemma is this… When can I make it again?!? We had a small crowd for dinner last Thursday (in advance of this guy’s guitar recital) and because we are officially at a point when I find cooking anything extra, no matter how wiped out I am, still more appealing than finding a restaurant that can accommodate 6 grown-ups, a 6-year old and a 10.5 month old fireball. Deb, I make this exact same dinner over and over and over in summer. Great for having friends over in the summer. So many questions, hehe. Freeze it and use the ice cubes in gin and tonics or lemonade. Leave a comment below or take a photo and tag me on Instagram with #foodiecrusheats. I’ll second (millionth?) If I wanted to make this with lamb, would the marinade be the same? To make the dressing add the olive oil, red wine vinegar, garlic, oregano, sugar and salt and pepper to a small canning jar. Mint might be nice with cilantro or parsley here. (I’m probably missing something) Thanks! Since I already make greek salads all the time. I made it all as directed. Hello, you mention feta and it’s pictured but it’s not in the ingredients list just FYI. YUM! Started summer with an adorable charcoal grill at ikea, Congrats on the new grill! Another delicious thing I love to BBQ (grill): lamb cutlets, covered with a small slice of feta and a small sprig of rosemary, then wrapped in prosciutto. Super delicious! ALL. Do yourself a favor and make a good ol’ fashioned burger before you lose the opportunity! I used a grill-pan since we are sadly grill-less and it worked wonderfully. Everyone raved about the chicken – it was so delicious! Our number one fave to feed a bunch of folk is flank steak and in particular with this marinade: http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/food/views/grilled-flank-steak-with-rosemary-731. They look so….white. This is a winner. This was absolutely delicious. The recipe looks fantastic and I hope to try it soon. Put the crust on and grill for a few minutes, then flip and add sauce/toppings and grill until the cheese melts (assuming you use a melty cheese). I’m a big time chicken fan. Carbs aren’t going to kill you people! Just in case you were wondering. I did skip the pita in favor of Armenian-style pilaf, as our fave Greek pita is sodium-heavy. This salad is on my weekly summer rotation. We also make our own flat bread. So much flavor ’cause dark meat, and typically a great bang for your buck. This was incredible! Toss chicken in remaining oil mixture and place on grill pan with peppers. What kind of grill did you get??? It’s incredibly delicious, loaded with fresh veggies, and nearly as important, extremely quick to throw together on a weeknight when the kids are hungry. Sometimes I just buy storemade tatziki to speed along the meal, which is so quick otherwise. Greatly pleased with this recipe and the hard work that is put on. Now fixed. for instance you can make tzatziki with chopped cucumbers, if you don’t care for the texture of the coarse grated/shredded. ; As for other side dishes, you can try Greek potatoes, fried eggplants and skordalia. I love this recipe. Thanks! Another Smitten Kitchen favorite, thanks!! Summer down here in Australia and this was a perfect casual dinner for entertaining old friends. Hate to think you’re missing out on the photos! We did a pre-party run-through and it was delicious. How long do you figure it will keep in the fridge? Lamb-leg-chunk shish kebab, marinated first. Karen — No, we already have a piece of furniture for it. I love chicken thighs, but hate cleaning/defatting them before marinating–you don’t mention it as a step, but is it just on of those unwritten rules when using this cut? I’m saving this and can’t wait for summer. Helen in CA — Yes, it’s the dressing. 1.5 Years Ago: Cranberry Pie with Thick Pecan Crumble Your daughter’s red curls are the best. I have now made this 3 weeks in a row… it’s that good. This will be part of our dinner rotation, pronto! Even better, you could grill some marinated green onions and the lemon so it’s a little charred! I shamelessly cheated and bought pre-made TZATZIKI dressing, but the chicken was delicious. Cooking times will vastly range by the thickness and coldness of your chicken, as well as variations between grills. This was such a great summer meal. We’re also looking for a smaller grill, can someone tell Grill slices of bread, brushed with olive oil and seasoned with salt and pepper. We also make pizza on the grill, but I’m not sure the kitten grill is up to that. We tried this for the first time last night and my family loved it. Massage mixture into chicken. Favorite thing to grill: sliced pastrami! Heck, I buy chicken thighs for the fat; I’m working on a recipe right now that relies on a good amount of incidental schmaltz*, and I was annoyed when the package I brought home turned out to be mislabeled chicken tenders; not my thing. Faves after 45 years of doing this: high-quality fresh tomatoes (cherry or grape tomatoes whole, large ones halved) grilled with a drizzle of olive oil are possibly the best-tasting food on earth short of chocolate. The show-stopper is, of course, Haloumi. OK. This one is officially on my summer short-list. Thank you – a wonderful seasonal alternative to Sam Sifton’s schawarma, which is too much hot oven for the warmer months (though fantastic with your stuck-pot rice). The really fat and thick ones… Like you would on the stove, untill they are blackened. Grill eggpant then throw it in a garlicky marinade right from the grill. It was amazing! You might want to check out the comment guidelines before chiming in. Still, a charred edge tastes good and chicken doesn’t take long to bake — it’s usually a good temperature. serving. Obviously I’d end up with something more like pulled or shredded chicken, texture-wise, but that would still do for stuffing pita, no? I love throwing ramps on the grill for a minute and eating them on anything, esp. olive oil, ¼ tsp. Thanks again. (Must be the squeezing). Best roast chicken EVER! when you can get that real smoky char on a grill! I have to admit I love hot dogs on the grill! Is 1.5 tsp correct? In the rotation now! I am so happy you have a grill because I’m obsessed! I think I could house an entire block of it on my own. Except mr picky five year old who just had the fresh pita with hummus. Pineapple! You’ll just need the zest and juice of 1 lemon for the marinade. Had it once at a Brazilian steakhouse and was hooked for life. :). Sorry for the late notice question everyone, no sweat if I don’t get an answer :). Great tip. Thank you so much for the reply! Marinated flank steak. Second children get EVERYTHING much earlier than the first. You mentioned having baked the chicken, what are your instructions for this? was just looking through some of your older recipes (i LOVE the new email format with the bonus links to other stories at the top btw!) And our Greek family is right there with you on the no-sponsorship Kontos pita — they are superb! Thanks for sharing this unique recipe. Brilliant! Or dusted with sugar and cinnamon for dessert. It develops that caramelize did sugar char and heats up nicely. Of. This was amazing! Quarter your cucumber lengthwise and cut out the seeded area. Greek food and especially gyros are one of my favorite kind of meals, but since I’m not much of a fan of lamb, it’s my marinated Greek chicken and chickpeas that adds the protein to this easy Greek gyro style salad with a yogurt tzatziki sauce perfect for a meal prep lunch or dinner. Now, if you are very clever, you won’t have to cook all Summer. I also agree about assemble-your-own style serving for a group. We’re doing a Mediterranean spread for my daughter’s first birthday party (whew, what a year!) Perfect timing! I made this over the weekend when some friends came over, and served it with Greek olives and marinated feta on the side. Chicken: This recipe calls for chicken breasts, cut into about 1-inch strips.Make sure to marinate your meat for the most flavor! Satays always a winner. I really liked the smokiness and it was very simple to make. dietdoctor.com ShawnaS. cookbook gig fails to be a hit. Coarsely grate your cucumber onto a clean dishcloth and wring it out as well as you can. Jean — Chipotle powder or cayenne are the closest cousins, adjusting to heat preference. I usually grill it for a little extra flavor then slice it up so it’s easy to access, and stick it in the fridge for eating. If you must have grill marks you could use a stove top grill pan. In this case, my husband did the prepping so the extra fat was removed. Loved the balance achieved- perfectly created and detailed recipe. And +1 to “who cares” about the chicken fat. You must get stopped on the street a lot when strolling with her! The pesto makes lovely, burnt crust that my kids love. see more: 31 Days of Weeknight Chicken Dinners to Make Now. We are supposed to have the bbq 10 feet from the building, and thankfully we live on the ground floor, but my hubs still does it on our covered patio. We had some at a fancy restaurant, twisted into a little nest and served on a bed of romesco sauce. My kids went crazy for it, and it is officially in the rotation, and YES you definitely should make all the tzatziki. This was huge hit with the hubs and will definitely be on repeat this summer! A real game-changer. I made this on the stove in a skillet and it turned out amazing!