arowana fish for sale in usa, super red arowana ,blue arowana ,asian arowana for sale, black arowana … Fish size. Buy Arowana Online is the top awarded Arowana delivery Store in the USA. The Super Arowana has soft and long layered. We will make a full refund of your money if your package is not delivered or if you are not satisfied as to the quality of the product you received. In the family stage of fishes, this fish is included in the Osteoglossidae family. The scales are also different since it appears in large size and heavy with beautiful shine pattern. You don’t have to worry about the stew red Arowana cost by any stretch of the imagination. Mostly fishes that are included in this family will have a bony head with body elongated. Goodbye defoggers, hassles and lost opportunities to see the fish of a lifetime. Special Request: We know that some customers would like to make a special request with their order. Arowana Fishes available for sale in Florida from top breeders and individuals. Many believe that Arowanas bring good luck and fortune. US and Canadian customers can now reach us at or visit; or call/text us customers can now call us … In the family stage of fishes, This fish belongs to the Osteoglossidae family. Platinum White Arowana. Disclaimer: Please be aware that I am not a lawyer or anyone who can give you legal advice. A wide variety of super red arowana options are … We deliver only top-healthy arowana fishes and lab-tested fish food that contain high potency combined with world-class customer service and attention to detail. Supreme Golden Head 24k Crossback Arowana. Platinum Arowana – The Most Expensive Fish. Platinum Arowana for sale, also called osteoglossum bicirrhosum is an extremely rare species of Arowana fish with virtually no coloration on its body. We sale F2 (second generation) and F3 ( third generation ) through captive breeding. 3. A wide variety of platinum arowana sale options are available to you, such as glass. Order Now. $250 - $2000. BUY QUALITY AROWANA FISH ONLINE. Aworana fishes for sale White Arowana,Platinum blue,Albino Silver,24K Gold,Super Red,.. Arowana, New Jersey » Manasquan ... Top-rated language learning app Speakly on sale for over 80 percent off The 10 best of Amazon's 100 books to read in … This unique fish has several behaviors that you may need to know, especially if you want to put it in your aquarium. Arowana POS sells a wide range of the best Arowana variety starting from standard to contest qualities. Platinum Arowana is one of the freshwater fish with a bony appearance. 809 platinum arowana sale products are offered for sale by suppliers on, of which aquariums accounts for 1%. Find Arowana Fishes on Discover some of the rarest fish in the world at Uncle Sam's Tropical Fish! He can be super-fast, and he is brilliant. Red Arowana for sale In the event that you need to include this fish in your aquarium, at that point meet the top bean stew redfish providers in the USA. We specialize in Tropical fish and tropical-fish-specific products This fish has a long slim body with metallic gold-like scales which makes it looks even more fascinating. It is also important to know that presently, the Asian Arowana is not legal to own or keep in the United States. Highly sought after by arowana enthusiasts! The Asian arowana comprises several phenotypic varieties of freshwater fish distributed geographically across Southeast Asia. $250 - $2000. (Platinum Osteoglossum Bicirrhosum) Size : 15”-16” One of the many most expensive Arowana in the world For Serious and Genuine buyer only! Different from most of the fishes that eat plankton, insects and sometimes tiny bird as well. It is a tropical freshwater fish. The head of this fish is also unique because it has a style of teeth that point upward. platinum silver arowana. The dorsal and anal fins have soft rays and are long based, while the pectoral and ventral fins are small. The Arowana is a long, sleek streamlined fish of great beauty with a unique character. Most of the fishes that are included in this family have the bony head with an elongated body. Super Red Arowana for sale is a special category of Super Red Arowana that exhibit a purple base core in their scales and superior overall body shape. The Asian Arowana is illegal to own in the USA. PRIME AROWANA FISH SHOP. The name “bonytongues” is derived from a toothed bone on the floor of the mouth, the “tongue”, equipped with teeth that bite against teeth on the roof of the mouth. 1 talking about this. We supply Arowana, Asian arowana, Platinum Arowana, Super red arowana, 24k Golden arowana fish etc with CITES Permit and we ship worldwide. Provide pellets designed for surface feeding carnivorous fish. $250 - $2000. $250 - $2000. #osteoglossumbicirrhosum #platinumsilver #platinumfish #arowana #monsterfish #silverarowana #xclusivearowana LIKE Us and FOLLOW ‍♂️‍♀️Us on Facebook for more … It’s an extremely aggressive fish that is very predatory. Platinum Arowana … In the wild area, Arowana can even spit into the air from the water. That is why if you want to bring it to your home and drop it into your tank, you may need a tank with extra thick glass. Buy Arapaima Arowana Fish are smooth and dynamic types of fishes which oftentimes continues turning and swimming in every one of the bearings and subsequently keeps the aquarium the focal point of consideration. However, their main diets consist of insects, crustaceans, small fish, and animals that swim near the top of the water. SKU: N/A Category: EXOTIC FISHES Tags: 24k arowana, 24k gold arowana, 24k gold arowana for sale, 24k gold arowana price, about arowana fish, african arowana for sale, albino arowana for sale in usa, arapaima arowana, arowana 24k, arowana aquarium, arowana baby fish for sale, arowana baby fish price, arowana baby price, arowana banjar red, arowana dragon fish prices, arowana farm, arowana … Super Red Arowana. Arowana for sale in Florida. Shop AVAILABLE AROWANA. Goodbye defoggers, hassles and lost opportunities to see the fish of a lifetime. There is some confusion on what variety of Arowana is illegal. Reviews: Click here to read some reviews from some of our customers about us and the fish they got from us. We sale F2 (second generation) and F3 ( third generation ) through captive breeding. $250 - $2000. Arowana for Sale at . These fish have a life span in excess of 20 years, Buy Asian Red Arowana. The Super Arowana is soft and long layered. These fish have been known to eat fish, birds, mice, and even snakes, among other types of animals. Its tail tends to be larger and possess longer pectoral fins which enable it to swim gracefully with majestic style. its a very rare platinum for arowana kind of for USD 88888.pick up only,location west kalimantan (borneo).indonesia. Buy red Arowana fish on the web with just a few and easy steps. Live or frozen fish and insects, krill, worms and shrimp. 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Arowanas are freshwater bony fish of the family Osteoglossidae, also known as bonytongues (the latter name is now often reserved for Arapaimidae).In this family of fish, the head is bony and the elongated body is covered by large, heavy scales, with a mosaic pattern of canals. Importing Arowana into the U.S. and getting caught can mean fines and/or jail time. Buy 4 Inches To 18 Inches Arowana Fishes in Silver,Gold, Platinum , Red and Blue Colors for sale Preço promocional: US$ 40,00-US$ 800,00 / Peça S.T. The scales are also different since it appears sizeable and heavy with a beautiful shiny pattern. Platinum Arowana; All the above listed fishes are available for sale ,our arowana sizes ranges from 3 inch to 30 inch,contact us now and let us know the types and sizes of arowanas you are interested,we also have available other types of freshwater fishes available for sale at the very best price.Be the first to benefit from our exclusive offer. Thus it is considered as carnivorous fish. Home / EXOTIC FISHES / PLATINUM AROWANA PLATINUM AROWANA $ 8,000.00 $ 5,000.00. arowana, arowana fish, asian arowana, silver arowana, golden arowana, arowana for sale,platinum arowana, black arowana, red arowana, arowana fish for sale, african arowana, jardini arowana, blue arowana, ultimate blood red asian arowana, asian arowana for sale, jardini arowana for sale. Jardini Arowana (Scleropages jardini) Very gorgeous and healthy Jardini Arowana! Arowana fish for sale in usa,super red arowana,blue arowana,asian arowana ... for sale online,pet fish,fish for sale,buy arowana fish online,aquariums,arowana This platinum Arowana is worth $50,000. 6-8 inches. Platinum Arowana is one of the freshwater fish with bony appearances. Arowana Premium Online Store is the right place to purchase asian Arowana (Arwana) fishes located in Canada,United States, Indonesia,Spain and Cameroon. Platinum Arowana. As it is included as an Osteoglossids fish, Arowana has a different eating style. 194 likes. 8-10 inches. It can fly to catch their prey such as insects; this is what makes this an impressively expensive fish that is one of the wildest and rarest creatures. A well-balanced Arowana diet consists of: 1. Order Now. Avoid insects or inverts with sharp or very hard shells for juvenile Arowanas. 1,655 super red arowana products are offered for sale by suppliers on, of which aquariums accounts for 3%, other pet products accounts for 1%, and interactive toys accounts for 1%. 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Order Now. Golden Blue Base Arowana. 4-6 inches. This fish has a slim long body size with metallic gold-like scales which makes it looks even more enchanted. $250.00 – $410.00. 2. WORLDSALE CO.,LTD. Platinum Arowanas are found in Southeast Asia, and the fish is sometimes called the “Asian Arowana” or the “dragon fish.” Other than Asia, the platinum Arowana can also be found in both Australia and South America.