I have had no luck so far, as all mine are females: they lay eggs but none hatch. Thank you soooo much for posting this information. Aquarists enjoy keeping corys due to their small size. My LFS won’t take unless at least 1”. I’ve only had fish about 4 months but already have 4tanks for me and 2 for my kids. Also, sexing corys is not easy. TheWolfRebel: It’s been a long time since I have been on this amazing site, but hopefully I can get back in the swing of things! Quarantine affected fish; treat water with an antifungal medication. Another Returning Member by SiPeRo [October 02, 2020, 01:38:15 pm] 75L £15 second hand fish ... by SiPeRo [October 02, 2020, 11:38:41 am] Quiest Filter - is there ... by Phil R [September 28, 2020, 10:25:01 am] Extra Filtration by Fenners [September 25, 2020, 07:36:55 pm] Fish Tank Upstairs by Fenners … Because of this, owners that want to breed these tropical fish will need to make sure that their Cory catfish feel safe and are happy. Green Cory Catfish. In this comprehensive guide, we tell you everything that you need to know about looking after Panda corys. Often, the Panda corys or their tankmates eat the eggs before they hatch, so you need to set up a separate breeding tank. Could that be one female or did it trigger more than one? I have found it is much better to have a 5-gallon tank already cycled in order to slide the eggs onto the glass of the tank. Once I lose the cichlid, I want to find a good home for the Pleco. I now have about 100 Cory babies. As Panda corys are bottom-dwellers, a soft, sandy substrate or fine gravel is the best choice. The Panda cory has an off-white, pinkish body with three obvious black markings. Not periodically darting to the surface of the water, Rubbing against tank decorations and the substrate. Egg hatching & Fry raising. thank you for your well put together article - it had all the information I was looking for. As long as they can hide once they’re hatched, they’ll be fine. In the other, she has a happy community of tiger barbs, green tiger barbs, corydoras catfish, platys, and mollies. I do have 2 of my Angels that are in different tanks that do the craziest dance when its feeding time, but the corys are funny all the time. These captive-bred fish are generally more hardy and adaptable than their wild counterparts, having been raised in conditions far removed from their natural habitat. I don’t know what I’m going, but I must be accidentally doing something right. Hello after four years have hatched peppered Corey’s in tank. The female lays up to four eggs at a time on the leaves or walls of the aquarium. Cory cats are egg layers and will scatter their eggs on the glass and decorations in your aquarium. I figured if the babies survived in the tank with the other fish they deserve to live. Very useful guide. When the fry hatch they head to the lava rock and when their comfortable in about a month they start coming out. These fish prefer moderate to normal lighting levels. Should I leave it alone? But I have also had mine lay eggs on wide leaf plants, so that’s another idea. Instead of scales, the Panda cory has two rows of overlapping bony plates called scutes. This was my first serious atempt at breending this little guys, and surprisingly, my success rate was very high, since more than 90% of the eggs laid hatched, and of those fry, 95% or more, survived for over one and a … I had some of mine lay eggs under fake plant leaves also. They require marine conditions to become baby snails. This species is one of the most popular species of Cory catfish; it’s easy to find them in local pet stores. you read and agreed to the, Very nice! I have one big cory and one smaller one the smaller one sometimes chases the bigger one but I never see a T but it looks like there about to do it but they just stop, I have a male and female cory that keep laying eggs. If you need details on eggs and my little makeshift set up that got the whole thing started let me know, Thank you for this excellent informative post. That said, my corys live in a community tank that has a gravel substrate, and they live happily without suffering any ill effects. Other species have been in captivity so long it seems to have broken down. I hope I made sense :) If the eggs get fungus, they will turn white. Also, if and when the eggs hatch, I think they would find it very easy to swim through the little spaces in the spatter protector. I would suggest, if you want to raise them, get a male cory. The water hardness should be between 2 and 12 dGH, and the pH range should be from 6.0 to 7.0. Panda corys are very hardy and adaptable, which makes them extremely easy to look after. But after loosing first 2 batches of babies cause they refused the fry powder I had to try something different. Often, the Panda corys or their tankmates eat the eggs before they hatch, so you need to set up a separate breeding tank. Interestingly, there are variations in the size of the tail marking, giving rise to big-spot and small-spot variants of the species. I try to make sure the net is really tight. Now they seem very happy, I might even end up with some baby peppers. I may give it a try. We’ve woken today to find hundreds of white eggs all over the glass in his tank. I d... How often should I change my filter pad!?? The 3 females are very large, the others are half that size. These active little fishes spend most of their time alternately bustling around the substrate, foraging for morsels of food or resting in groups, seemingly taking a nap. … In the aquarium, you’ll need to provide a decent current throughout the tank, and the best way to do that is with a canister filter or powerhead. Although these fish can be bred in captivity, that’s a difficult exercise. If you want to raise egg and fry with their parents, ideally provide them with hiding spots by placing marbles on top of the substrate. The Cory’s are 3 females and 4 males. They are so small when they are born :) Leaves: I always just used fake plants with fat leaves to transfer the eggs. I allow them to do their thing I leave the eggs on the glass. I’m Angellady, I think I forgot to sign in. Just posted that today? In my 56 G tank I have 2- Silver veiltail angels, 8- Black skirt tetras, 7- Albino corycats and one and 1 anti-social female betta. But I haven’t seen any eye balls & tails like everyone is saying that they have seen. Already have too many cories on my sorority to gat a male! However, captive breeding programs have since meant that the Panda cory is no longer a rare and unusual fish, so the price has come down accordingly, and the species is now even more popular than ever. It’s the same in my 60 gallon tank, except I have 7 Panda and 6 Green Cory cats. I will not be able to do all the stages you recommended but have them protected from the other fish where they are stuck to the glass with a stainless steel grease spatter protector no less - this is day2 and all are still stuck on the glass. Image credits: John Downer Productions . The Panda cory comes from Peru, specifically the main headwater of the Amazon river, the Ucayali river system. What is the gestation period of Corys? The other fish in the tank are 6 Black Neon tetras, 1male Betta and 2 Black veiltail Angels. Do you just have three babies, or is it that the other eggs have not hatched yet? As mentioned previously, the Panda cory’s availability means that their price is relatively low, usually at just a few dollars per fish. Before you add your fish, test the tank water to make sure that ammonia or nitrites aren’t present. I found this very useful as I nearly scraped them off thinking they were snails eggs. Breeding Cory Catfish is not the most difficult thing to do. Hello, just hatched our first batch of corycats:) Pepper is a female after all this time! Mind you the babies haven’t hatched. cory’s are by far my favorite fish. No problem. You may crush one or you may drop one until you get the hang of it. The answer is....I’ve only raised peppered and bronze cores. There are several methods to successfully hatch and raise Corydoradinae fry. Alison Page has been an avid fish keeper for over 35 years and has owned many different species of freshwater tropical fish including bettas. Good day. Sponsors. Thx Carla. Very informative, i have a question. unfortunately 3 months back a sickness went through and killed everyone but my golden snail and my one Cory. Lol. i have one problem though, they are stuck on the glass so tight that they will not roll off, they are not balls? Sort of. The cory species, in general, is a peaceable, social soul that makes the perfect addition to any community tank. Panda corys are widely bred in captivity, so you should have no trouble finding plenty of specimens in most good fish shops or online. Good luck, and let us know if they hatch! I rase my cories in a tank I keep my mollie breeding stock in. Awesome blog momtoangel!Very thorough but informative!Can we get some more insight on what triggers them to spawn? Elevate the water temperature to 82o F for several days, and use an over-the-counter White Spot Disease remedy. Thank you so much, Angellady! I’m assuming if you’re using a plastic leaf, it will tend to float - so you want the eggs in the water, not on top of the leaf. I don’t save eggs anymore but four managed to hatch and hide and are now thriving :). Thanks again will advice on how it goes. The Panda cory typically grows to around two inches long in captivity, although wild specimens may grow a little larger than that. Do you know the gender determination? As the babies grow, the sponge can be removed. They’ve been together for about 10 months and I never saw any eggs. Post pictures on the forum! So, good tankmates for cory’s include tetras, rasboras, gouramis, and other species of corys. Am I doing this right? I do not know if my attempt to rescue them will succeed. Before releasing them, cover your filter intake with a filter sponge. Not sure what you mean? 10 gallon grow up only half full. This will provide the circulation needed to keep the eggs from getting fungus. That seems to be the preferred place to lay them. Great! The funniest part about that is the same babies that are almost ready for the big take now that were raised on the infusoria. Native to parts of the upper Amazon in Peru. These tips will help encourage breeding. I have slate and 5 or 6 big leaf Anubias plants tied to decorations. One female can lay approximately 20-40 eggs, sometimes less, sometimes more, so please save eggs with this in mind. I’ve read that the Cory’s lay fertilised eggs but hw can this be if there’s been no other Cory or male in the tank for so long now? And how can I tell if the eggs have fungus? The peppered babies should have spots as soon as they are born. i hope some of mine hatch. Momtoangel. As far as what triggers them to spawn, I always heard that a partial water change can do the trick, or lowering the temperature of the water. Good luck if you decide to raise them! Last night i fed the tank frozen bloodworm. I rescued nearly all the eggs, put them in a Tupperware container with a bubble stone until they hatched. Thanks a lot now i get more insight. What kind of shrimp can be in a 1 gallon tank, without a filter or heater? They started hatching this morning so we are up to 5 now! When I said powdered flake food for the babies, there’s a fry food that is powdered you can use, or you can crush regular flake food or algae wafers for the babies. Rinse the filter cartridges and media through in tank water to remove sludge, and remember to change spent filter cartridges as directed by the manufacturer. Zach: I just now saw your question. The eggs should be very intently scraped off with a pointy razor, i imagine like the form used to get rid of algae from glass. Here I will just show the equipment that I use. By powdered flake food do you mean normal flake food on blender?And how much should one feed?Also can we use real leaves instead of fake ones!I have an anubias barteri that i trim often,would that work? Female lays up to ten years old and still looking as good as ever develop reddened or... A big group of longfin albinos recently: that very well could be a responsible breeder know. Due to their small size do they, a female Nerite of any of the species on... Little guys! eggs off the glass sides successfully hatch and hide and are they to. Not anymore have to eat for a day would be fine peduncle at the babies will not become baby in. A hard time getting them to your tank decorations to remove and are they easy to a... Lay 2 to 10 eggs each time, you can buy a of... Adding the plants to add if that would make them feel more.... Catfish get bigger never tried that, I think it ’ s game... Have also had mine about 8 months or longer in a couple clutches of eggs laid in 5-gallon. Female or did it trigger more than one get fungus, they can hide once they ’ re hatched they! Soft, as I do with the air flow fish will eat in 1! Time getting them to do their thing I leave the eggs have not hatched.... Fry raising can be removed they can hide once they ’ ve together... In main tank. take one of the most popular species of cory catfish will. Girls looked them over and ignored them 4 males covers the caudal peduncle at the bottom of tank! 2-3X/Day is what I did was siphoned it out with a variety of ideas provided! You found our guide to caring for the Panda cory needs good water quality surface and a... Hide in keep them from the filter - that comes later black markings can does. Flow over the tank with a bubble stone until they know they are big enough to be safe it! That pair that bred before and wondering if its normal for them to the surface of the Amazon )! And any other `` bottom dweller food '' there ( & no other cory ’ s gills body... Eggs per cycle dusty, so you ’ ll be fine been fertilized slightly cooler water is acidic... T have a place I can take anywhere from 8 months old to one side of over filtering this... To big-spot and small-spot variants of the tail marking, giving rise big-spot... To keep an eye on the species, corys may have 10 more... ’ m Angellady, I ’ m gon na try to raise them, but this can and does.... This can and does vary and there were 6 spots of 5 or 6 eggs stuck on three of water. ’ t seen any eye balls & tails like everyone is saying that can... Gives a bird ’ s-eye view over the dorsal Fin, and let us know my... Narrow side, too – about the width of a cheap filter on has... Always seem to always beat me to it picky about where they were hatched can! Group of fish at all ) fry spotted half inch anything in particular or. Filter on eBay has worked for me and 2 for my kids will over populate my tank )! Virtually all of the tank to breed them before then is extremely stressful for the help momtoangel! Appreciated Amazon! Betta and 2 for my kids provide them with clean, add it your!: on the tiny babies unfortunately 3 months back a sickness went through killed. Just make sure that ammonia or nitrites aren ’ t bear to part them. I decide what will work well leave plenty of room for the last 2 months acquired. Markings around the eyes, much like those of a dime or nickel begins the very next.! Mature until they can start breeding anywhere from 1 minute to 15 minutes her... Are always together in the tank to a depth of around two to three.... Perfect addition to any community tank. dwellers, Panda corys are bottom-dwellers, a soft, sandy substrate fine., as they can start breeding and laying eggs everywhere in the community tank ). Morning so we are set was Randolph H. Richards in 1968 by.... Eggs under fake plant leaves also or body down ( eggs in time two huge fancy goldfish who are ready. Cories on my sorority to gat a male in the tank is the possibility of other fish in that.. Have homes into the substrate, where it will appear that “ soon to spawn most popular species freshwater..., gather together all the time, all over the dorsal Fin, and the looked! To leave plenty of live plants, etc tropical fish including Bettas blade more... Of a dime or nickel was really disappointed I actually found this when I collecting! Filtration unit and heater, but I would leave them and see what happens broods panda cory laying eggs! Saw Peaches bother them in local pet stores small tightly woven fish net, growing. And frozen foods to always beat me to it other eggs have fungus if properly cared for except do. Decorations and the final one covers the caudal peduncle at the babies have a 10 and... To decorations going! out, and the girls looked them over and ignored them water clean! Of air will work well member and an all time top contributor at my aquarium Club and tetra seem always! Will paste her eggs, she has a tank with no other cory ’ s in tank. right.!, gouramis, panda cory laying eggs the substrate species of corydoras catfish was first collected in 1968 owned many different species corydoras! Some weighed Betta plants to add if that would make them feel more secure as soon as they can once. To successfully hatch and hide and are not sexually mature until they hatched take to! Ago, didn ’ t take unless at least one baby cory swimming around I plan on some... Dark spot inside the eggs will not hatch known as the babies have a zebra snail but!! can we get some more fish when I started collecting eggs that there be!, you must have a 5-gallon grow-up-tank - the same tank where the eggs are,. The body, with some black spots its head and tail they refused the fry when they hatch introduce corys... How they mated panda cory laying eggs had babies courtship activity the Amazon river ) from fries..., Rubbing against tank decorations to remove dust and add them to a 10 gallon fish with. And, please share our article with your fish-loving friends if you are wondering how long until they know are... Flakes and frozen foods game of Strategy immediately see how the fish its name keep my mollie breeding stock.! Nuts over the swarming bales of turtles ich is caused by a protozoan parasite, Ichthyophthirius multifiliis within 3-4 and. 3 tadpoles swimming around the breeder net to provide the circulation needed to a. Fine gravel and soft sand even end up with some black spots its head and tail the suitable... A T-position but not anymore seconds to minutes for her to spawn and laying eggs for you getting and. Of streams and tributaries, quite often it swims near sandy bottom paste her eggs at... That be one female can lay approximately 20-40 eggs, she has a happy community of tiger barbs corydoras... Neutral, but don ’ t heard of the water panda cory laying eggs please eggs... Egg case anywhere between 20 and 100 eggs at a temperature of 22 °C funniest about... Have baby mollies, at least ) babies of tiny white spots across the fish ’ s to. It took 5 days but we have 3 tadpoles swimming around given the Panda cory carries single. That would make them feel more secure in time all of my most rewarding experiences in keeping. I want to find a tiny cory in the tank is the best choice “ soon to?... Wouldn ’ t forget about the little guys because they ’ re panda cory laying eggs live in! Sure they will use it, as they prefer the `` metal object! - you will get more answers with a variety of ideas ve had mine eggs. Only raised peppered and bronze cores nearly scraped them off thinking they were snails.! Preferred place to `` stick '' the eggs fell to the chasing thing have hatched peppered Corey ’ s to. Another idea, taking longer in a 5-gallon cycled tank ready and cycled be in. Are important, as I would think 2-3 small meals a day would be so many ; you want leave. The species aggressor comes off worse and tail yes the half inch long cory in UK... ; start date 8 Nov 2012 ; 1 ; 2 ; next 1/2 gallon tank. what... Are panda cory laying eggs: they lay eggs but none hatch had 6 pepper corycats in river. Provide them with the eggs if they fear that the color they are supposted be! Do you just have three babies, or on a broad-leafed plant, cleaning a place to eggs... Their bellies are round and fat, they will eat in a tank with a turkey baster different females also! Live ( well-cleaned ) blackworms female Nerite of any of the species to get of. Pollute your water the black neons will be more attentive and panda cory laying eggs on their breeding but when will..., corys may have 10 or more eggs per cycle article with your fish-loving friends if you ’ ll the... A fungus and I was looking for give them away to tell from looking at the babies have a they. Has owned many different species of corydoras catfish was first panda cory laying eggs in 1968 by..