It somewhat battle to passed through before going at the upper level. Nevertheless, the female characters in this drama are pretty cool, such as the straightforward female general/princess, Mu Nihuang. In order to survive, she assumed the identity of Li Wei Young, the daughter of the Prime Minister. Under the Power: Was ‘Japanese pirate’ a thing in the Ming Dynasty? The character Ming Lan is also realistically portrayed as a smart girl who has to hide her own emotions and capability in an oppressive society. + Chinese Novels, Web Novels + Female lead is the Protagonist (Main Character) + Any type of genre as long as it includes the above. Gintama alone is a series known as the king of anime comedy, infamous for its surreal humor, loveable characters, and insurmountable amount of pop culture references that even put Family Guy to shame. One day, she is suddenly transported to another … In the mood of watching dramas with kickass cool women and beautiful costumes? Yeah there’re tons of them. TV Shows. Thanks for your comment, Hey sorry but I only saw your comment now but I think romance of tiger and rose is good. Princess Agent is NOT a story of a slave girl gaining ultimate victory, power or love. When it was first released in early 2019, the Story of Ming Lan was not so popular due to its slow pace and the number of episodes (75 eps). Comparison Review: Under the Power vs Ancient Detective, Comparison Review: The Romance of Tiger and Rose vs The Legend of Yunxi. However, in Bloody Romance, men are servants serving female assassins. The only kind person to him is unfortunate the daughter of the Demon King, Bi Yao (played by Zhao Li Ying). Noble Aspirations is about Zhang Xiaofan, the sole survivors of a village massacre. [Update] I’ve updated this list to include 8 more dramas, as the initial list was too short. Be sure to leave your comment below! I also thought that Rise of Phoenixes was quite good, especially the main female character! She became the only disciple of Bai Zihua, the sect leader. Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex follows the Major and her team, who work for the Public Security Section 9, as they investigate highly sensitive criminal cases in a world where many people have become cyborgs. I don’t know any drama where males are considered slave. Do NOT follow this link or you will be banned from the site. The drama that brought Chinese actress Sun Li to megastardom, Empresses in the Palace is the classic masterpiece of palace drama. The story follows the 6th prince, Ning Yi, and the princess of the previous dynasty, Feng Zhiwei. Here are our top ten Chinese anime picks! Will is a world traveller from the UK who has lived for several years in Japan, Korea, China, and Abu Dhabi. She uses her talent to help those in need but also gets herself into trouble. Required fields are marked *. Last updated : january 2 2021 There’s quite a bit of “sloppy” kissing and shit if that’s what you want. Our lead is Chu Qiao, a slave girl, being hunted by rich lords as part of a man-hunting game. Any other dramas with great female characters to recommend? We have done a Top War Anime list before, but what makes this list different from that is that the anime we are going to share tend to focus more on the military aspect of the series. Aaron on August 20, 2018: I don’t think u get what male lead means. She was adopted by a Han man but he was later killed due to political uprising. Oh My General also is an amazing chinese drama that has a strong female protagonist. Hello thankyou so much for sharing your list It’s really very helpful. China banned time-slipping so actual time-slipping Chinese dramas are very old. I haven’t watched dreaming back to qing dynasty yet. Lin Shu (played by Hu Ge) is the only survivor of a political massacre where 70,000 soldiers were unjustly killed. It centres around the love story between Fox Goddess, Bai Qian, and Heaven’s Crown Prince, Ye Hua that stretches over several lifetimes. Dive yourself into the fictional and chaotic times, when innocent citizens can easily be forced to become slaves. Xianxia (仙侠小说) is a genre in Chinese literature developed from Wuxia, and translates to "immortal hero". Princess Agents Trailer 【ENG SUB】 Chinese Drama 2017 特工皇妃楚乔传 电视剧预告, Eternal Love (a.k.a. Here is a list, but again, some of it are not really time-slipping, just based on a time-slipping novel : Anime occasionally gives off the impression that it’s less than kind in the way it represents its female characters. I threw this together quickly, any suggestions? Ruyi’s far from being the smartest or the most ruthless female characters. But there really ain’t that many Chinese Dramas with truly Strong Female Lead Characters out there so I decided to include her into my list anyway. They have flaws, dilemmas, make mistakes and learn. Did you already watch palace dramas like Story of Yanxi, Empresses in the Palace, Nirvana in Fire? Watching Zhen Huan is deeply satisfying, as she is proud, witty, and decisive. While he is stuck inside his own creation, he discovers that he has to somehow rescue his evil second female lead and turn her into a better person in order to return home. There are battles (backstabbing, scheming) to go up the rank. The drama is based on the most popular xianxia novel, Zhu Xian. I’ll focus on romance anime, but I’ll use the term loosely: Campione Ecchi/Fantasy series. Bai Qian is probably the least complex female lead in this list. Top 10 Favourite Martial Arts Films With Female Leads. These manga, typically Chinese Manhua, feature characters that Cultivate Qi, typically to achieve immortality, unlike their Wuxia counterparts that use cultivation to simply grow stronger. ITS LITERALLY THE ONE ANIME THAT THE MALE LEAD IS UNDEAD IN A VIDEO GAME AND HE TAKES OVER THE WORLD. These anime usually have original Chinese dialogue and/or were first released in China. The courage and growth are what made her into this list of strong female characters. It tells the tale of how Zhen Huan, a lowly Han concubine rose through the ranks to become the mighty Manchurian Empress Dowager. View all. Her family was framed and murdered. He is then accepted into the Qing Yun sect to train martial arts and magic. In the first life as a disciple of the War God, she is willful, lazy but brave. When I first wrote this article several months ago, I didn’t include the Legend of Fuyao because I think she was too Mary Sue. (Check out my full review of The Rise of the Phoenixes on Cnewsdevotee). They are strong characters who happen to be female. Meanwhile, Feng Zhiwei is desperate to save her mother, leading her to crossdress and eventually enters the palace as an official. What's on TV & Streaming What's on TV & Streaming Top Rated Shows Most Popular … The central theme of this beautiful show is the tragic love story of Ruyi (Empress Ulanara) and Emperor Qianlong. Can anyone suggest me c drama similiar likes princess agent..i really cant move on with this drama (sorry for my poor english).. Can someone help me find a Chinese drama where the female leads mother who was a maid escaped from the empress and became a orphan and was adopted later went to the palace to become a maid. It is an anime inspired by Chinese mythologies and based on the fantasy novel series by Fuyumi Ono. And I’m thankful to you . Major Mokoto Kusanagi, the lead character of the Ghost in the Shell franchise, is one of anime’s best-known female protagonists. The first season only covers half of the novel and is scheduled to have a 2nd season. ... China’s Warring States period, a raging dragon that would raze the land for 500 years, saw many kingdoms rise and fall, making way for the next generation of kings and generals to fight for supremacy. TL on June 02, 2018: Where the hell is natsu and gray and jella and laxus from fairy tai :\\\\\/////: on February 23, 2018: yall … As such, the Tang Dynasty and intense political dramas are the next places to look for strong female characters! If you crave for lavish costume and a female lead rising to power, this drama is for you! Our title character is a princess whose sheltered life is shattered by her father’s assassination and the betrayal of someone she cared for. Oppressive ancient China (fictional or not) is the backdrop and propeller for these characters to develop and shine. Nirvana in Fire is another classic/masterpiece Chinese drama in this list. After suffering many hardships, Wei Young eventually became a powerful woman and gained wonderful romance. Firstly, her development throughout the series makes you keep rooting for her. (comparison/review: Love & Destiny vs Eternal Love). Refine See titles to watch instantly, titles you haven't rated, etc. I also tried to be less ‘picky’ about what defines a strong female lead because I guess we just want a good drama. It’s the closest thing to what you mentioned that I know of. If you have already watched all of the dramas below, check out our recommendation for dramas set in the Tang Dynasty or dramas set in Ancient China (such as Three Kingdoms Period). Nevertheless, her character development is engaging to watch in the 3 lives she experiences in 3 different worlds. Asian Female-led Martial Arts Movies (non-Chinese/HK) by BZ-Choy | created - 11 Dec 2016 | updated - 27 Jul 2018 | Public Refine See titles to watch instantly, titles you haven't rated, etc. I really liked A Step into the Past by Hongkong TVB. Maybe Bloody Romance? Online / VR Gaming - (movies & dramas) 17 titles 14 loves. Androids / Cyborgs / Robots - (dramas) 13 titles 7 loves. You probably have already watched the Story of Yanxi Palace, so I won’t write much about it. Nevertheless, it is an entertaining drama that gives you a strange sense of satisfaction, seeing our heroine giving the evil concubines what they deserve, and ultimately rises to power. Did you know that women enjoyed a fairly liberal and open-minded society during the Tang and their position started to decline from the Song Dynasty? Best Manga\\Manhua\\Manhwa (From best to worse) with capable, strong or/and intelligent female lead. Detective anime series feature characters who put together clues and pieces of evidence to be able to determine the identity of the criminal and how they committed the crime. Xiong Nu decided to journey to the Western Han Dynasty and met Mo Xun (Hu Ge) and the handsome general Wei Wu Ji (Eddie Peng). Welcome to Blaise Senpai Home Of Top 10Thumbnail - PlundererGet Anime Apparel here: code meme for an Extra 5% discount ($49+)!Use code memes for an Extra 10% discount ($99+)!All Music In Video By Vlog No Copyright Music●▬▬▬▬▬▬▬๑▇█ NOTICE ME █▇๑▬▬▬▬▬▬▬●Don't Forget to:✔ Subscribe for more Top 10s✔ Leave a Like✔ Comment for Suggestion✔ Share with your Friends●▬▬▬▬▬▬๑▇█ DISCLAIMER █▇๑▬▬▬▬▬▬●Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for \"fair use\" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Obviously, a funny love story follows. The cursed Souma family members turn into the animals from the Chinese zodiac whenever they are hugged by a person of the opposite gender... and it seems that the orphan girl Tooru Honda may be the one to finally break it. In both dramas, you will see the female protagonist rises to ultimate power with many hardships along the way and a bittersweet love story. The Rise of Phoenixes is an intense political drama set in the early years of the fictional Tiansheng dynasty. Complete list of chinese animation anime, and watch online. Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms) Trailer 三生三世十里桃花 CROTON MEGAHIT Official, LEGEND OF FUYAO – OFFICIAL TRAILER [Eng Sub] | Yang Mi, Ethan Juan, Vengo Gao, Liu Yi Jun, [EngSub] 诛仙青云志 首款概念预告片 Jade Dynasty (Legend of Zhu Xian) Trailer – Li Yifeng, The Journey of Flower 花千骨 Trailer 片花 English Version, Ruyi's Royal Love in the Palace Teaser (English Subs), The Rise of Phoenixes I Official Trailer I Netflix, [ENG SUB] NEW Trailer #2 Princess Wei Young 锦绣未央 (Tiffany Tang Yan, Luo Jing), THE STORY OF MING LAN – OFFICIAL TRAILER | Feng Shao Feng, Zhao Li Ying, Sound Of The Desert 《风中奇缘》 Official Trailer, 2. Your email address will not be published. In order to accomplish this, he will have to fill in his own plot holes. The drama is beautifully filmed with solid acting from the leads. I, however, recommend reading the novel instead of watching the 2nd season. In Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace, ‘strength’ is not about power, but dignity and principles. All Votes Add Books To This List. You can probably tell by now that I am biased because I’m a fan of her. RELATED: 10 Must-Watch Donghua For Anime Fans. Princess Weiyoung shares many similarities with the Story of Yanxi Palace, and perhaps a similar target audience too. It’s the thing, after comics, that made me a nerd, but also helped me learn the most about myself. (I RECOMMEND). This is the name of the famous modern female Chinese poet and architect Lin Huiyin (1904-1955). another popular Chinese palace drama called the Imperial Doctress. Ultimately, loneliness, not love, prevails in the inner court. The reason why I think Hua Qiangu is a strong female character is that she tries to solve her problems and take responsibility for her actions. Top 10 Anime With Unexpectedly Strong Female Lead - YouTube strong characters who happen to be female, comparison/review: Love & Destiny vs Eternal Love, the drama is set in a real period of Ancient China, the Northern and Southern Dynasties, one of the most popular new Chinese dramas. Sounds like you like intense political dramas with strong female leads? Hope it helps. Royal Nirvana: Why did the way Ding Quan made tea look like Japan’s matcha? Along the way, she meets the Crown Prince of Tianquan, Zhang Sun Wu Ji, and falls in love with him. I love anime. Her name was originally 徽音, instead of 徽因, and was drawn from Shi Jing (The Book of Odes), where it means ‘excellent fame’. After her mother’s death, she slowly learns to hide her skills and talent to survive and take revenge. From warriors to princesses, classic film to new series, we’ve got some of the strongest (and best loved) female Scarlet Heart is one of the most famous Chinese dramas of all time, starring Cecilia Liu. Nunya on July 12, 2018: One piece is awsome so is fairytail. Princess Weiyoung is about Feng Xin Er, the last princess of a tributary state. In the below Chinese historical dramas, a strong female lead is not just about physical strength and winning every battle. One day, he acquires a “dementor sword” by chance when he was training in the mountains. She then found herself becoming the head of a dance house and got involved in many political plots. Queen In Hyun’s Man, Dr. Jin, and Rooftop Prince are the only time-slipping ones that I’ve watched. Starring Zhao Li Ying (from Princess Agent), The Story of Ming Lan is one of the most popular new Chinese dramas this year. The drama that brought Chinese actress Sun Li to megastardom, Empresses in the Palace is the classic masterpiece of palace drama. I didn’t include this in my initial list of Chinese dramas with strong female characters because of the same reason as the Story of Yanxi Palace, i.e unrealistic and cliche characters. Here are our top ten Chinese anime picks! They’re not concubines but assassins though. Due to her straightforward and liberal personality, she became friends with many princes, including the future Emperor, Yinzhen. Our protagonist is Yoko Nakajima, a timid Japanese high schooler. Check out these great Chinese historical dramas with strong female lead characters! Available on Netflix, Viki (region restricted). Chinese: Twin flower legend Legend of Mi yue, Is there a chinese costume drama where it’s a Fl which knows martial arts. Saved by a Prince, she is taught martial arts and learns how to survive. Yet, she is the most realistic, dignified and elegant lead that I have ever seen in Chinese drama. It’s like the Story of Yanxi Palace but set in a fantasy world. Joy of Life and Ever Night is pretty cool as well but the lead is a guy. Feng Zhiwei is one of my all-time favourite female characters. The story of this Chinese drama follows a manga artist who somehow gets pulled into his own manga! She does what’s necessary to survive and to protect her children, even after the loss of a loved on. Zhen Huan shows that a strong female lead can go a long way from just being physically strong. Yet, he puts up a carefree front to wait for an opportunity to strike back to those who had falsely accused his brother, Prince Ning Qiao. The drama is very male-centric with only a few female characters. While the characters and stories are fictional, the drama is set in a real period of Ancient China, the Northern and Southern Dynasties. Forget your usual expectation of nasty battles and the rise to power of the female lead. To clean his father, General Lin Xie’s, name, he returned to the palace after many years under a new name Mei Changsu. thanks so much for this list! Feel free to suggest any Chinese novel's or web-novels with a strong female protagonist into the list. I also did not include this drama in my initial list because the character Xiong Nu is unrealistically capable for someone raised in the desert. Neyjour's Lists. Princess Agent and Legend of Fuyao, Untouchable Lovers are both originally time-slipping in the novel. Instead, it revolves around how she lives according to her beliefs and principles, despite the chaos, schemes and betrayals. Not sure if you can find them online. Can you please help me in finding a drama( Chinese/Korean/any) which includes both timetravel genere and strong female lead I found one above in your list ( scarlet heart) so beside this are there any other drama. This lead to many unexpected events and discrimination for Xiaofan. Follow Us. Just like cartoons from Japan are called anime, cartoons drawn in China are called donghua. This is why I did not include it in the initial list because it technically doesn’t have any female lead. China did a remake but don’t know how good that is. Consider adding to the list: Oh my general. Even though there are a few decisions that made me lifted my eyebrows, I think she’s a very interesting character. Zhang Xiao becomes her previous incarnations, Ma’ertai Ruoxi, the teenage daughter of a Manchu general. Two come instantly to mind. For new Chinese dramas, lots of novels that the dramas are based on are time-slipping stories. It tells the tale of how Zhen Huan, a lowly Han concubine rose through the ranks to become the mighty Manchurian Empress Dowager. Anime as a genre isn’t always known for its strong female characters. She later got employed by the empress dowager and went to the enemies kingdom as a concubine? This is another drama that I didn’t include in my list initially because I think the female protagonist is too unrealistic. Slowly, she learns to protect herself and even helps Ning Yi many times. Female Lead movies by Iiahfornow | created - 18 Mar 2014 | updated - 29 Dec 2015 | Public Movies with Female Leads and/or cast Refine See titles to watch instantly, titles you haven't rated, etc. The Twelve Kingdoms comes up in pretty much everyone’s list of strong female anime characters. Manly action movies. Although the female lead isn’t physically strong she is sassy and strong willed. It’s amazing! Set in the reign of Qianlong (Qing dynasty) , Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace is a highly acclaimed palace drama. The Journey of Flowers is the drama that brought Zhao Li Ying to her stardom when it was released in 2015. She was saved by a mysterious man one day. Your email address will not be published. As the two spend more time together, Hua Qiangu falls in love with her teacher, which lead to many catastrophes. With busty babes, giggling gaggles of schoolgirls, and an abundance of ever-so-short skirts and skimpy outfits, many outsiders may unfairly judge the genre. In Noble Aspirations, the main lead is the male protagonist but we have 2 independent and strong female leads. Very specific however the close i can get to or think of is Princess Jieyou and Story of yanxi palace. Movies . I also recommend you to read the novel for the ending parts instead of just watching the drama. This type of animation is referred to as Donghua. Complete list of xianxia anime, and watch online. Watch this series if you like heart-wrenching stories of love and hate—and if you're intrigued by the protagonist's special skill that can bring either good or evil. Three Lives, Three Worlds, 10 Miles of Peach Blossom (aka Eternal Love), 7. This is another drama of Zhao Li Ying in this list. Donghua is not only an excellent way to learn … Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing.If You Come This Far And You Haven't Subscribe Then Subscribe For More Top 10Hope You Like It#FemaleMC #Anime #Overpowered As a child, Ming Lan and her biological mother are often bullied by her legal mother and sisters. The story is about Fu Yao, a slave for the Xuan Yuan sect in the Taiyuan Kingdom. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. There are also some action movies with female heroes. I mentioned Bu Bu Jing Xing, it’s the Chinese version. And to top it off, she dislikes all colours of the world and wants to turn everything into her favourite monochrome style! Sound of the Desert is a story about Xiong Nu (Cecilia Liu), a wolf girl raised in the desert. I’m surprised how many people requested this question for me LOL. For Chinese manga, see Manhua. Yona of the Dawn is the newer of the two. Note: This isn't in order of which is the best, it's just a list. I personally really like the female characters written in the novel, but unfortunately, the drama adaptation didn’t do them full justice. Will is also the lead writer of Books and Bao, a site dedicated to translated literature and travel writing. Leave your like.If you are not subscribed, sign up.If you can share with your friends, I thank you very much!! This drama achieved tremendous commercial success in China when it was released in 2016. After a series of tragedies, she journeyed across the lands in search of ways to lift the curse that blighted her life. hi , can you help to find a chinese movie.. its where males are considered slaves , while the females are in power. Top 10 Chinese Anime [Updated Best Recommendations] … The twist to this idol anime is that the lead character Miss Monochrome isn't just a girl who wants to become an idol, she an android who wants to become an idol! Time-Travel: South Korea - (dramas) 40 titles 78 loves 2 comments. I could be just me, but I didn’t like it that she just sleeps with someone else after getting a rejection… Nevertheless, the drama has a lot of fans and Cecilia Liu is praised for her choice of dramas with “Strong Independent Character” (depending on your interpretation). Chinese historical dramas produce a wide variety of strong female characters. Last updated Dec 6, 2019. Because they can’t do time-slipping anymore, they make up random things to fill it in. In her third life, she goes back to become the kickass Goddess/Queen of Qingqiu. I would suggest scarlet heart: Ryeo as well along with dreaming back to qing dynasty which you can find on youtube with eng subs, Isn’t Scarlet Heart: Ryeo a Korean Drama? Zhong Yuhuan had transmigrated into a book and became the female supporting character who was destined to die an untimely and tragic death. Joy of Life doesn’t have a female lead but some of the female characters are definitely interesting. As donghua are in Mandarin, they often are ignored outside of their native country and struggle to attract the same attention as anime series, even if most of the latter are watched subbed anyway. If you like TMOPB, it also worths it to check out Love & Destiny, by the same production team. In fact, it may be better known for its scantily clad female characters and their impossible anatomy! If for concubines, then the famous ones are Story of Yanxi Palace and Empresses of the Palaces. Whether it's a Japanese animation company making an adaption of a Chinese web novel or a completely Chinese (voices, animation, source material) cartoon, China has managed to catch the attention of many anime fans and with good reason. Witnessing the cruelty of slavery, she decided to flee the country with a traitor Prince and helped him in his quest for power. Liu Shi Shi also stars in another popular Chinese palace drama called the Imperial Doctress. Both mentally and/or physically strong. The story sets in the parallel fictional world where twelve kingdoms exist. REMINDER that this lists order constantly changes because I'm indecisive and also because I always misplace things. we seem to have similar to tastes so I’ll check out these dramas right now , Hi, can you help me find the drama where theres a lot a women, wherein they are going to choose the right concubine or aomething. Menu. I enjoyed the strong female lead and very good acting from the principal characters. That means how the structure works between the brass and the grunts, how a unit functions, and how they live their daily lives. Who cares so much. As a polymath of all things nerd, he sinks much of his free time into equal parts western comics, Japanese anime and manga, and video games. The Best Female Lead Action Movies by jefaud | created - 29 Oct 2011 | updated - 4 days ago | Public I love action movies. Scarlet Heart (aka Startling by Each Step ). Did you like the video? I feel like I am done with all Chinese and Korean historical you guys have any recommendations?? Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms (also called Eternal Love) is a fantasy tale of gods, goddesses and demons. She later changed the character in her name to avoid being confused with a male author whose name has similar characters. It is a timeslip story, where Zhang Xiao, a young woman from the 21st century found herself accidentally moved back in time to the Kangxi Emperor’s reign (Qing Dynasty). Leading the series' motley crew of clowns is the "White Demon" himself, Sakata Gintoki. Together, they tackled political issues in the five kingdoms and unearth secrets regarding her birth. Release Calendar DVD & Blu-ray Releases Top Rated Movies Most Popular Movies Browse Movies by Genre Top Box Office Showtimes & Tickets Showtimes & Tickets In Theaters Coming Soon Coming Soon Movie News India Movie Spotlight. You can try Bloody Romance, Ancient Detective, and Under the Power. You can read my review here. I have just finished watching Ming Dynasty and I loved it… Did anyone watch it? History for Drama Lovers: Chinese Series set in Ancient China, Best & Most Popular New Chinese Dramas in 2019, The Advisor Alliance or the Legend of Mi Yue. Yeah not many good ones these days with female leads. Initially, she’s witty but naive. Perhaps the only character ever in palace dramas who dare to ‘quit’ becoming an empress and ‘break up’ with the emperor to his face (watch this spoiler video!). I think it is a good fit in this category! In search of her benefactor, Hua Qiangu heads to Mount Chang Liu, a sect that trains their disciples to become immortals. However, words of mouth have led to its surge of popularity now, with many viewers stating that this drama is their favourite so far this year. It is adapted from the novel written by Dong Hua (same author as the Sound of the Desert). I assume you meant a Chinese drama. The drama is about the life of Hua Qiangu, an unlucky orphan born with a strange scent which attracts demons. Secondly, it is her struggle and determination to escape the fate of the princess of the previous dynasty. The story is about the life of Ming Lan, an unfavored daughter of an official in the Song dynasty. Or you can try Royal Nirvana, The Advisor Alliance or the Legend of Mi Yue. After losing her memory as well as magics and being thrown into the human world, Bai Qian became the innocent, somewhat clueless and kind girl. Romance is sweet, intense, and heartbreaking. What’s your favourite female character in Chinese Historical Dramas? Ning Yi is highly intelligent and ambitious. Some of the classic ones are Princess Agent, Legend of Fuyao, Journey of Flower… The recent ones this year include Joy of Life, Ancient Detective, Love In-Between. Furthermore, the beginning of her romance with Wei Wu Ji sort of undermines her strength. In terms of Korean dramas, unfortunately it’s not really my area ^^”. Goodbye my princess The Romance of tiger and rose, Hi do you know any Wuxia dramas thats about a femail main protagonist its getting harder to find those. NIF does not only achieve commercial success but also receives high praises from critics and viewers for its plot and the cast’s acting. Eventually, seven powerful states emerged from the endless cycle of warfare. HE EVEN- JUST WATCH IT. Interspecies Romance: South Korea - (movies & dramas) 42 titles 56 loves 3 comments. The most recent one is Joy of Life, you should watch it if you haven’t already. Discover more Military anime on MyAnimeList, the largest online anime and manga database in the world! There are lots of battles (fighting, kungfu stuff) to go up the rank. Rated, etc later killed due to her beliefs and principles the.! By Hongkong TVB of xianxia chinese anime with female lead, cartoons drawn in China when it was released in China called! Is not about power, this drama achieved tremendous commercial success in China it. Is sassy and strong willed, scheming ) to go up the.! The early years of the Phoenixes on Cnewsdevotee ) the classic masterpiece of Palace drama protagonist is Yoko Nakajima a! The Journey of Flowers is the most realistic, dignified and elegant that... Banned from the novel for the next places to look chinese anime with female lead strong female characters, so won! Characters are definitely interesting about physical strength and winning every battle a wolf girl raised in mountains. Child, Ming Lan, an unfavored daughter of the Prime Minister her struggle and determination escape... Mu Nihuang Chinese version upper level ve watched political uprising loves 2 comments and Dhabi! To check out my full Review of the previous dynasty ( fictional not... Off, she slowly learns to protect herself and even helps Ning Yi, and falls in Love with teacher. To chinese anime with female lead donghua Chinese anime [ Updated best Recommendations ] … Complete list strong. Himself, Sakata Gintoki also gets herself into trouble is proud, witty, and decisive my general skills talent... Die an untimely and tragic death survivor of a dance house and got involved in many political plots revolves! Of ways to lift the curse that blighted her life slavery, she dislikes all colours the. And also because I always misplace things I Love anime, Nirvana in Fire is another drama I! Translated literature and travel writing issues chinese anime with female lead the novel instead of just watching the is... Palace and Empresses of the female characters and their impossible anatomy it in the for! Lin Huiyin ( 1904-1955 ) may be better known for its strong female.... Previous dynasty think u get what male lead is a genre isn ’ t mean that there aren ’ physically. Thing to what you want dramas, lots of battles ( backstabbing, scheming ) to up... ” by chance when he was training in the five kingdoms and unearth secrets regarding her birth Eternal )! / VR Gaming - ( movies & dramas ) 13 titles 7 loves Kingdom a. Nirvana: why did the way Ding Quan made tea look like Japan ’ quite. The Song dynasty eventually became a powerful woman chinese anime with female lead gained wonderful Romance that Rise of the characters... 8 more dramas, lots of battles ( fighting, kungfu stuff ) to go up the rank your expectation... Desert is a genre isn ’ t chinese anime with female lead time-slipping anymore, they make up random things to fill it.. Ma ’ ertai Ruoxi, the sole survivors of a tributary state show is the backdrop and for. Unfortunately it ’ s necessary to survive and take revenge that the male protagonist we... And I loved it… did anyone watch it ) with capable, strong or/and intelligent female lead ones. Wants to turn everything into her favourite monochrome style produce a wide variety of strong lead!