Minnesota articles of incorporation are filed to create a corporation. The undersigned, for the purpose of forming a corporation pursuant to the provisions of Chapter 317, Minnesota Statutes, known as the Minnesota No-Profit Corporation Act, hereby adopts the following Articles of Incorporation: CERTIFICATE OF RESTATED ARTICLES OF INCORPORATION OF THE NATIONAL FEDERATION OF THE BLIND OF MINNESOTA, INC. The Minnesota Business Corporation | Articles of Incorporation must be submitted to the Minnesota Secretary of State for this governing entity’s approval. Also included are stock certificates, 1919-1920. ARTICLE I — NAME The name of this corporation shall be East Ridge Lacrosse Booster Club (“ERLBC”). ARTICLES OF INCORPORATION GEOLOGICAL SOCIETY OF MINNESOTA. Minnesota Articles of Incorporation (For Profit) ARTICLES OF INCORPORATION OF (EXACT NAME OF CORPORATION) The undersigned incorporator is an individual 18 years of age or older and adopts the following articles of incorporation: Article 1: Business Name. Adult: means an individual 18 years of age or older.See Minnesota Statutes 645.451; Affidavit: A written statement of facts confirmed by the oath of the party making it, before a notary or officer having authority to administer oaths. To become a nonprofit corporation in Minnesota you must file Articles of Incorporation with the Minnesota Secretary of State. The only requirement for bylaws in Minnesota is that anything enumerated in the bylaws must be consistent with the law and the articles of incorporation. Articles of incorporation. I, the undersigned, being of full age, for the purpose of organizing a corporation under the Minnesota Business Corporation Act, being Chapter 300 of the Law of Minnesota for the year 1933, end acts amendatory thereto do hereby adept, sign and acknowledge the following Articles of Incorporation. ARTICLE I … Free Internet Chess Organization I, the undersigned, being of full age, for the purposes of forming a nonprofit corporation under and pursuant to Chapter 317A of Minnesota Statutes, as amended, do hereby adopt the following Articles of Incorporation: Costs of Incorporating in Minnesota. When a company’s articles of incorporation are approved, the business becomes a separate legal and tax-paying entity from its owners (known as “shareholders”). Preparing and filing your articles of incorporation is the first step in starting your business corporation. To form a corporation in Minnesota, you must file articles of incorporation.The form is customizable. You can find information on any corporation or business entity in Minnesota or another state by performing a search on the Secretary of State website of the state or territory where that corporation is registered. The general nature of its business shall be to support and promote interest in the study of Geology with special reference to the Geology of Minnesota. ARTICLES OF INCORPORATION. Make sure you include both the language required to form a nonprofit under state law and the additional language required by the IRS for tax exemption. Scope and Contents The collection contains articles of incorporation, May 1911; minutes of the Board of Directors; an account ledger, 1911-1929; two cashbooks, 1911-1929; a tract book describing the land owned, its location, and the amount and quality of timber; and two maps of the area. following articles of incorporation to form a nonprofit corporation (Chapter 317A). Bylaws often include the following information: Officer’s titles, terms of office, election procedures, meetings, duties, and powers The articles of incorporation are the primary legal document for the company, but the bylaws complement the articles of incorporation by providing additional details, procedures, and dispute resolution processes. Office of the Minnesota Secretary of State Certificate of Incorporation I, Steve Simon, Secretary of State of Minnesota, do certify that: The following business entity has duly complied with the relevant provisions of Minnesota Statutes listed below, and is formed or authorized to do business in Minnesota on and after this date with all the The initial registered office and principal office of the nonprofit corporation is (Street Articles of Incorporation are typically used when a company wants legal recognition as a business entity. ARTICLE 1. Pay only if you hire. Directors may act in writing in lieu of holding a meeting. The articles of incorporation … Minnesota only requires that the CEO be listed on the annual renewal. Minnesota has quick approval times at about one to two days (not counting mailing time if you choose to file that way). Written consent: Permitted. Articles of Incorporation. following articles of incorporation to form a nonprofit corporation (Chapter 317A). Start by filing articles of incorporation with … The Articles of Incorporation of the Minnesota Baptist Association. OF. THE UNDESIGNED, being the president and the secretary of the National Federation of the Blind of Minnesota, Inc., a nonprofit corporation, do hereby certify that pursuant to Minnesota Statutes, Chapter 317, the Minnesota Nonprofit Corporation Act, at … If the incorporators choose to modify the statutory provisions, they must draft their own articles of incorporation; they cannot use the form provided by the Secretary of State. The name of this nonprofit corporation is [CHURCH NAME, INCLUDING “INC.” OR OTHER REQUIRED DESIGNATION] 2. An articles of incorporation (sometimes called a “certificate of incorporation”) is a form that states require to set up a corporation (C Corporation). File these Articles of Incorporation with the Minnesota Secretary of State to form an Illinois Professional Corporation. Time to file: Corporations must file annual registrations with the Minnesota Secretary of State on or before December 31. ARTICLES OF INCORPORATION OF THE EVERGREEN CEMETERY ASSOCIATION State of Minnesota, County of Crow Wing, as: We, Chauncey B. Sleeper, Chairman, and Wilder W. Hartley, Secretary, of the meeting hereinafter. The Minnesota Secretary of State’s website refers you to the Minnesota Council of Nonprofits for a sample articles of incorporation form with the required IRS language. Minnesota Nonprofit Corporation/Articles of Incorporation Minnesota Statutes, 317A The individual(s) listed below who is (are each) 18 years of age or older, hereby adopt(s) the following Articles of Incorporation: Work Item 670185500021 Original File Number 670185500021 STATE OF MINNESOTA OFFICE OF THE SECRETARY OF STATE FILED 05/01/2013 11:59 PM Articles of incorporation MN are a requirement for any business that forms an LLC in the state of Minnesota. 3. More information about corporate formation can be accessed through the website of the Minnesota Secretary of State.. SAMPLE ARTICLES OF INCORPORATION [STATE] SECRETARY OF STATE ARTICLES OF INCORPORATION OF A [STATE] NONPROFIT CORPORATION 1. The way you form a corporation in Minnesota is dictated by state law and the process is pretty straightforward. Directors' names and addresses do not have to appear in the Articles of Incorporation. ; Amendment: A proposal to alter the text of a pending bill or … No upfront payment required. This is one of the required documents which must filled out and submitted before a corporate entity may be allowed to operate in the State of Minnesota. Annual Reports. The name of this corporation shall be GEOLOGICAL SOCIETY OF MINNESOTA. Minnesota Corporations. Since you will be applying for 501(c)(3) status with the IRS, you cannot use the form listed on their website. ARTICLE I — NAME The name of this corporation shall be [NONPROFIT ABC] ARTICLE II — REGISTERED OFFICE ADDRESS The place in Minnesota where the principal office of the corporation is to be located at [NONPROFIT ABC’S OFFICE ADDRESS] ARTICLE III — PURPOSE ARTICLE II — REGISTERED OFFICE ADDRESS The place in Minnesota where the principal office of the corporation is to be located at of. Many states require businesses to include information such as the number of shares the company can issue, as well as the legal name and address of the business, in its articles of incorporation. However, if you submit custom articles of incorporation, you may include officers and directors. They give a business liability protection and reduce its tax rates based on the laws of its particular state, making them an attractive option for many enterprises.. Articles of Incorporation. Article 1 of the Swedish Christian Mission Church to change the name to Salem Mission Church of West Duluth, Minnesota. Many businesses choose to form as an LLC to limit their personal liability in the event the company is sued. The undersigned desiring to form a non-profit corporation under and pursuant to the provisions in Chapter 550, Laws of Minnesota 1951, as now contained in Chapter 317A of Minnesota Statutes Annotated, and acts amendatory thereto, do hereby adopt the following Articles of Incorporation… Use the links below to jump straight to the correct search page for Minnesota or find the page for another state. EXHIBIT 3.1. 317A, Minnesota Statutes, 1990 as amended, known as the Minnesota Nonprofit Corporation Act, do hereby adopt, sign and acknowledge these amended and restated Articles of Incorporation, which shall supersede the original articles and all amendments to the original articles. Minnesota Articles of Incorporation Lawyers Get free proposals from vetted lawyers in our marketplace. Articles of incorporation, registration statements, financial statements and reports, lists of officers, annual reports, and sometimes tax returns (IRS form 990) submitted to the Secretary of State by Minnesota charitable corporations or state or local branches of … To complete your Minnesota Articles of Incorporation, include the following information: The filing fee for the Minnesota Articles of Incorporation costs $135 if you file by postal mail, and $155 if you file online or in person. The Minnesota Secretary of State requires a fee when filing articles of incorporation or reserving a corporation name. Terms Used In Minnesota Statutes > Chapter 317A > INCORPORATION; ARTICLES. Appearance in articles: Not required. Issuu company logo The Minnesota SOS Articles of Incorporation form does not have a space for officers or directors. Incorporators may, in the articles of incorporation, add to or modify many of the basic statutory provisions set forth in the Minnesota Business Corporation Act. GET FREE PROPOSALS. A company's articles of incorporation is the document a business must file with the state, in order to operate in corporate form. ALADDIN INTERNATIONAL, INC. The Minnesota Secretary of State offers a template for writing your Articles of Incorporation.. Use the template as a guideline to create your own Articles … Date Created: 1906-06-28 Approval of this document secures your corporate name and creates the legal entity of the corporation. Articles of Incorporation of Calhoun Yacht Club, Minneapolis, Minnesota. While our downloadable Articles of Incorporation template meets the requirements of most states, we … ARTICLES OF INCORPORATION OF TWIN CITIES PC USERS' GROUP, INC.