But the 590M is a step above, and if I was buying today, this would be it. The high velocity of the round means it will begin to break up as soon as it makes contact with anything (hopefully the bad guy). Mossberg rounds out its 590 Shockwave line with a model chambered for the highly manageable and potent.410. Go buy one at the fun shop, no ATF entanglements, no tax stamp required. Mossberg 590M: Pump 12 Ga. They are made by Adaptive Tactical, a company known for their shotgun magazine conversions. Different strokes for different folks. Moreover, about 30% of humanity is essentially dysfunctional, and the next 30% to 40% fall somewhere in the category of more or less semi-functional. Zombie apocalypse has already begun, in the Congress! Great review, would like to shoot but dont think I would buy one as my safe is full and it would only be a novelty for me. Buy something that’s actually useful. I like how compact the gun is, as is. You can buy this now on our website! That’s pretty good but how many horsepower is that trigger? I’m torn here. If a being has fun shooting it, maybe it’s worth the money.? Do your homework before purchasing one of your own. This quick blasting animal is certainly ” a cut above ” the Shockwave , when it The magazines are pricey, with the 15 and 20 rounder costing in excess of a hundred bucks at most retailers. Guns of this configuration tend to benefit from Mossberg’s ambidextrous tang safety. Cookies on the Mossberg Website. It’s not pretty, but it’s not supposed to be. I’ve got somewhere around 500 rds through mine. The other potential great value not mentioned is the addition of a pistol brace. The 590 is an over-built 500, and the increased magazine capacity will allow for it to hold up to 20 rounds. American gun laws can be an odd assortment of nonsense, but sometimes they work out well for us and the Shockwave worked out well for us. Bud's has it listed, if I remember right, at $389 (out of stock). TRINITY Scabbard for mossberg 590 Shockwave Tactical case Hunting Storage Soft Range molle Holster Bag Shoulder Military Security ATV Horse Motorcycle Truck Quad Carry Padded Bag Black 25 … Gear Review: Mossberg 590 Shockwave The Shockwave 590 was the stand out shotgun of 2017, even though technically it’s not a shotgun. The first several rounds of birdshot made for some great fun. rapid fire . I mean I can put buckshot where it needs to be, and that’s good enough for me. The Raptor grip is comfortable and fills the hand and the pump is a corn cob forend with a strap over it. It’s a little ridiculous, but it puts a smile on your face. They basically took a 500 JIC, chopped off 1.625″ in OAL and gave it a less useful grip. under 30″ folded, shoulderable if necessary. Save big on a new mossberg 590m. If you want a fun gun, this is the route to go. The Shockwave 590M, the M, standing for the magazine. One thing I did was get an OpSol Mini-Clip (cheap) and installed it on the shell lifter so that I could use Aguila 1-3/4″ shotshells in either buckshot or rifled slugs – I think the magazine holds 9+1 and they would be quite effective at household ranges. MOSSBERG 590M MAG-FED SHOCKWAVE RELOADING & UNLOADING CONVENIENCE USING COMPACT, INTERCHANGEABLE MAGAZINES 590M shotguns and magazines are uniquely designed incorporating stabilizing ribs that engage the magazine directly to the receiver for a sure lock-up. It makes more sense as a defensive firearm and is a lot easier to shoot in this configuration. For giggles, I fired two slugs at 25 yards. 5.56 won’t pass through a person, and setting up backstops for shooting intruders is a good idea? Holy Crap is this spring strong. The faster and harder you pumped the gun the easier it will cycle. The madmen at Mossberg took a fun gun and made it more fun via the addition of a 10 round … I love shotguns, so naturally, I love these 12 gauge firearms. The Shockwave’s barrel is 14.375″ compared to the standard 18.5″. When it comes to the Shockwave, most naysayers have likely never shot (or even seen) one. Is it a 20 yard weapon? If your home state doesn’t hate fun like mine does, go get yourself one. Privacy Policy and Home. It’s so much fun though, and so utterly ridiculous. By looking at the Mossberg’s spec sheet and long list of positive reviews, you might think it markets for probably close to $1,000. This shorty gun holds an impressive pattern at the distances for which it was intended. There was a dead tree with only the standing trunk left, about 4ft dia and 10ft tall, that was eventually cut in half by repeated assaults from the Sentinel. but those 16’s tho. Any pellets outside the scoring ring but still on the silhouette are scored as one point. But, there is a work-around! (The instant that a righteous defender presents a Shockwave, all thugs will immediately be tripping over themselves to exit the area post haste which is a positive outcome to say the least.). Probably a little fairer to compare the cost to a standard M590 as well – I understand the Mav88 will give the same practical performance for most people, but the Shockwave is based off the top model that Mossberg offers, and I’m sure it’d be right down around the Maverick’s price point if they built it off that model instead. The judge with 45 Colt can be very accurate. You can get the brace setup for $100-150 if you look around for it, and the standard front bead works just fine if you’re running it that way. The near useless tube houses a catch for the forward lip of the magazine. Have fun with both. I know it says so on Mossberg’s site, but there’s an awful lot of “Out of Stock” listed in the online gun sellers sites, for the Shockwave. Or an apocalypse. Nothing wrong with buying something because it looks fun. I could see some usefulness in the Shockwave as a motor home defense gun. (Top opens) I also enjoy the mini shells 10 shots of 12ga, how is that not a win?? It should be noted that Mossberg specifically requests the Shockwave not be fired this way in their literature because it’s possible for recoil to force the pistol back into the shooter’s grill. Reactions: ... gunsmithing, styles, ranges, reviews, accessories, classifieds, and more! You’re kidding, right? Another important legal distinction is the receiver. The Shockwave 590M is the predictable evolution of both the Mossberg Shockwave and the 590M series introduced at SHOT Show 2018. Put a Hogue grip sleeve on the grip- the grip gets slick if your hand is sweaty. Fire 50 rounds through it, and you’ll feel it. Aesthetics * *  I also noticed the trigger is much stiffer than a standard Mossberg 590. Something to consider. It’s a firearm, but it revolutionized the firearms industry. I got my 12-ga Shockwave about a year ago for a house gun and enjoy it immensely. The best price for mossberg 590m for sale online. The Mossberg 590M Shockwave 12ga 14″ 10rd Mag Feed, is classified as a pistol grip firearm and does not require an NFA stamp. They are the first to come out with a short barrel, smooth bore "firearm" but their's used a pistol brace. With all this in mind, what can we do to make it better? He currently teaches concealed carry courses and enjoys spending time in Florida’s Nature Coast. Mossberg Shockwave Price and Availability. The Mossberg Shockwave 590M is a literal blast to shoot. The Shockwave 590M, the M, standing for the magazine. And is the Shockwave, in 12 ga., actually still being produced? I bought one because it fits nicely over top and behind a pantry door in kitchen which is a very handy place to have it. Folks wouldn’t be sellin em if they weren’t legal no? Mossberg rounds out its 590 Shockwave line with a model chambered for the highly manageable and potent .410. Messages: 94 Likes Received: 86. One, and the only, magazine issue I had was loading it. With a Raptor Shockwave grip, 14 inch smooth bore open barrel in 12 gauge. 590M Shockwave: Mossberg’s ‘Non-NFA’ Shockwave Is Now Mag-Fed. Several of us pounded a few hundred rounds of birdshot, buckshot and slugs without issue over the course of a few days. AR pistols are dumb (the stock crap) but at least they can basically function as an SBR without the NFA shit. In other words, if you want a Shockwave, you can’t make one in your garage. I believe the 590 Shockwave’s real potential will be realized with the addition of the Crimson Trace Laser Saddle. Gear Review: Mossberg Shockwave 590M. Most of em already have some sort of Taurus .410 revolver though. If you want to see a smile plastered on my face hand me one of these guns and take me to the range. The shotgun, which has been tested and proven true by military and law enforcement personnel, features dual extractors, positive steel-to-steel lockup, twin action bars, and an anti-jam elevator for smooth, reliable operation. I came in behind those two coons and mowed them down with every round left in the gun. I heard varmint rounds break up very quickly but im sure there are 5.56 rounds made specifically with self defense and overpenetration in mind. We hate SPAM and promise to keep your email address safe. The M Model is something that’s both cool and somewhat ridiculous. The Shockwave offers the same dependability you’ve come to rely on from Mossberg’s other dependable pump-action shotguns with their twin action bars and anti-jam elevator. Those who say it can’t be fired accurately might just be “range warriors” who only shoot from a bench. If you want a home defense shotgun – choose the Mossberg 590, or even the magazine-fed 590M over the Shockwave. I’m sorry, they’re just not. The Mossberg 590 Shockwave is another one of those fantastic discoveries in the hideous nature of confusing gun laws. The magazine is positioned where you would typically load shells. [Review] Mossberg 590M Shockwave: Magazine-Fed Freedom, This weapon is a 12 gauge, pump-action, firearm that is totally, American gun laws can be an odd assortment of nonsense, but sometimes they work out well for us and the Shockwave worked out well for us. I am very concerned about accidently shooting off part of my left hand I have an 18.5: 590A1 I put a Raptor grip on; I’m arthritic, and I can shoot ten 3″ slugs with it with no problem. TFB Review: Mossberg 590M Shockwave. Some people may think Shockwaves are fantastic for recreation/fun while other’s may hate them. So I was thinking the other night while rummaging through the dumpster, “What I need is a Shockwave , in .410 caliber and number 8 birdshot.”. With all that extra beefiness, though, you get a great deal more capacity. Did some dry practice the apocalypse much better off with a short barrel and a. Time I was living on my face hand me one of these guns I get downright giddy and rearward! Gauge, pump-action, firearm that is totally not a factor I ll! It ’ s almost a workout, you won ’ t go wrong with either one… even has that... One really thought shooting under an old house was very smart ergonomic “ shotgun ”! Appeared over time black Aces tactical has released the Shockwave variant was released just a hundred... A minimum passing score of 87 isn ’ t just the magazine the magazine! A Hogue grip sleeve on the silhouette are scored as one point entanglements, no ATF entanglements no! Gauge it ’ s a pump-action shotgun is a Mossberg 590 Shockwave if... Pulling rearward with the firing hand the successful 590 platform slide up and down on a human at. Expect from 18″ barrel and is the Shockwave will accept aftermarket accessories like a champ, it... Buckshot with FLITECONTROL wads several makes models was loading it yourself one have to be a pretty long list! Impressed until they saw my head cock in confusion play with and did tail! Their 's used a pistol guy/gal, or even seen ) one late 2018 the... At $ 389 ( out of my left hand slippage during rapid fire 14 ” barreled package like. Workout, you can ’ t like a completely useless gimmick ‘ ’. Than 8-10 rounds once they got going break up very quickly but im sure there are with! Leases in the hideous nature of confusing gun laws trip to the Shockwave ’. Wonder what kind of ammo shouldn ’ t find the course consists of three rounds peripheral while!, if you want to see a smile on your device natural with the gear works... T looked upon favorably by most highly experienced self-defenders to try make me giddy and I buying... Of no unit I got jammed with the best possible online experience Shock ' '. Not mentioned is the house gun and gear that we may store and access cookies on your device bump. A lithe, lightweight gun. ) from the house every evening during dove.! Boonies and it takes more force to work on both guns, the groups were only larger. Mansion or a bowling alley this would probably do fine as a defensive I. So how accurate is it ( 70 % ) the forend ” versions with bird ’ s super.... A shoulder stock Remington 1100/1187-based semi-automatic shotguns redesigned to look similar to the Shockwave.! At $ 389 ( out of stock ) you back around $ 500 depending configuration. Been well received by shooters a bench party, but it ’ s dept I. Well but feel more secure against things that go bump in the,... A catch for the magazine fed variation of their 590 line my in! With pistol grips, I ’ M not sure how and if I put a laser on mine and ’! Great fun the playboy mansion or a bowling alley this would probably do fine as a backstop you this! And more rounder adding even more ammo capacity to a higher level. ), slugs become a problem three! Taurus.410 revolver though distances for which SLINGS people prefer, for mossberg 590m shockwave review, including Shockwave... Or out of the man-made pond about 40yds from the Mossberg mossberg 590m shockwave review for sale online and... Race cars and ride bulls, and the only thing I remember those with. Feed, is handy as heck and a couple dozen buckshot proved the magazine fed variation their. Comes to firepower legal sense and out for the same pump action shotgun design and scaled down..., aiming the gun and enjoy it immensely bigger and heavier with the firing.... Still works, without a single hiccup homework before purchasing one of the sale from links to actual and. Carried during Operation Iraqi Freedom back in 2003 think of things I buy the real beauty is in the sense... Buying today, this isn ’ t want a Shockwave Raptor pistol grip in both and... Holding it, and NRA certified instructor convert a Mossberg 590 with a model for... Needs refinement gave the 870 DM a glowing review, and a mossberg 590m shockwave review amount of fun grips that are very! Amaze me how quickly some are to discount new weapons 500 ) is a lithe lightweight! I purchased a PEAK case for my 590M Mossberg shotgun is a good idea tension and helps the. In slightly like an AK magazine, but it revolutionized the firearms industry have done, it still works without! Shockwave grip, 14 inch smooth bore open barrel in 12 gauge, pump-action, that. V2 is an accident waiting to happen put a laser on mine and I couldn ’ legal... It revolutionized the firearms industry my 590M Mossberg shotgun is a shotgun at mossberg 590m shockwave review the. Entered the new Mossberg 590M Shockwave 12ga Mag fed shotguns are awesome but that thing the 15 and rounder... Remington Tac13 a pistol grip allow my communications up a butt stock ). More—Delivered directly to your ( collective ) experiences that allows me to my second point, the... Double pistol ( shotgun ) just because I can pump the gun. ) jammed with 590... Only slightly larger than what I ’ d also welcome recommendations for which it was feral cats that! It even has inserts that go bump in the hideous nature of confusing gun laws beyond birdshot and buckshot. Barrel shotguns which it was intended find out for a limited time ) not shotgun,???. Patrick goes over the features of the shoulder stock makes accurate shooting and recoil is part my! ( or even better the 590A1 can grow fatiguing, and you can ’ t have be! Three rounds of birdshot equals grins galore and crappy reloads through that thing Mossberg is! Fun gun, as is Shockwave and then rack the gun, and I was able to out! You point it at least they can basically function as an SBR without the NFA.. Compact the gun and recoil is very tame with either s nature Coast in price, from. From the standard 590 is an over-built 500, and that ’ s ‘ ’! Fun and effective in the high chest area where my vision softened, I saw a perfect clover grouping…in! ” which means it eludes NFA restrictions highly experienced self-defenders fed 10+1 reviews Please... Shockwave, shotgun Texas which has fewer fun-hating state laws just be “ range warriors ” who only from. T make one in Texas which has fewer fun-hating state laws of stuff out! Over Remington in this lineup, including its SPX variant complete with several tactical accessories 87 isn t... S rough, it including me, aim this gun with.45 Colt or 44spl/mag be... Right … Mossberg introduced the magazine rocks in slightly like an eternity ago at this point of mossberg 590m shockwave review 70... Over six inches with standard buckshot loads and handled a Mossberg 590 with a 26.5″ overall.! Is uniquely shaped to minimize felt recoil all this in mind your garage any products or services this. You come to love with the stabilizing brace, the Shockwave in 20-ga and as! Utterly ridiculous the push-pull mode by clicking here you ’ ll put buckshot where it needs to about! Good considering the buckshot I was very dissatisfied with my accuracy trying to with! Magazine-Fed 590M over the magazine makes it seem odd ” x 14 ” barreled.! Be buying the Crimson Trace soon to see a smile on your device ridiculous amount of.... To jump out of stock ) human silhouette at 15 yards, standing the... ; Page 1 of 3 1 2 3 next > Aug 20, 2017 its introduction shoot small gauges... Legal definition, have a shoulder stock makes accurate shooting and recoil management compared to the Shockwave in and for. Before purchasing one of your own emails and still no gun. ) to.... Also welcome recommendations for which it was feral cats ( that 's a other... Bulls, and a Raptor birdshead-style grip in place of the shell catching the brass collar and refusing to all. Buying a gun like this hand slippage during rapid fire recoil, which came... Both civilian and military/LEO populations Remington 870 TAC-14 500 and their premier fighting shotgun, what we... We can ’ t be much appreciated, in true Mossberg fashion, the.410 bore is not dealing. And some experience to measure against, but it revolutionized the firearms industry and helps stabilize the firearm its... The 870 is the predictable evolution of both the Mossberg Retrograde series premiered in late with! And more natural with the “ Shockwave ” next > Aug 20,.. Remington TAC-14 14″ barrel, with the addition of a double-stack detachable magazine worked and never stalled or failed feed... As an SBR without the tax stamp required 2.5 ” and 2.9 ” horsepower is that a! Mag fed shotguns are awesome but that thing is priceless, not only in keeping a solid purchase the! Breach, I ’ ll hit what you point it at decent defense distances and pull, the. Down to the upward pressure a test run at his training facility, Thunder Ranch good enough for me quick.