We grew Sage as a culinary herb though, and their striking presence in the garden led me to do some research on potential medicinal use. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. Or tincture dried Sage leaves by filling a jar 1/3  to ½ way full of leaves and cover with whiskey. Vetiver for grounding Spices and Other - Sea Salt for purification and cleansing Citrus slices for energy Cinnamon sticks for strength and courage Honey for sweetness. Not in the past. Glad you noticed it too! This tea blend is also infused with, Slippery Elm tastes best when combined with other herbs as it is rather chalky by itself (check out Buddha tea’s, Slippery Elm is essentially tree bark from the Slippery Elm tree that is grounded into a fine powder. This action, along with its aromatic effects, makes Sage a powerful nervous system tonic. What I experienced, that autumn day, was a concentrated dose of Calamus medicine. Contraindications: Avoid during pregnancy. I prefer Damiana in formula with other, less bitter herbs. Also known as Common Basil, Sweet Basil, St. Josephwort, St. Joseph’s Wort, Tulsi, Tulasi, Krishnammal, Kala Tulasi, Witches’ Herb, Alabahaca, American Dittany. We are finally waking up. $12.00 FREE shipping. Bitterness, which is both a taste and an herbal action, stimulates the digestive system, especially the liver. I work with patients with complex chronic stress responses, many of whom have been disconnected from their bodies for many years. Thank you again for sharing this knowledge. When we tune in and pay attention to our surroundings, we take a break from our list-making and litany of worries. This term refers to a wide spectrum of experiences which involve emotional detachment from one’s surroundings. Spiritual and emotional support: Rosemary is a grounding, centring herb used for cleansing ancestral pain and connecting us with the wisdom of our ancestors. To understand how this quality relates to mental health, we must once again look to physiology. Are you a spiritual traveler? 12 Spiritual Plants For Clearing Out Negative Energy and Bad Vibes Pingback: Grounding amulet research – to the touch, Pingback: Everything Matters: Why this is No Time for Cynicism | RADICAL VITALISM. ( Log Out /  Pingback: You are Nature: Working with the Elements for Change | RADICAL VITALISM. I smiled SO BIG at your description of calamus rhizome as a phyto-crawdad because that’s exactly what i thought when i first dug them up, and have never seen anyone else use a similar description! Complete & Comprehensive Wiccan Ingredients List Adder's Tongue. Though the actual mechanism of the limbic system is a bit murky (hurray for the beautiful mystery of the body), this is where we process emotions, experience pleasure and pain, and form and house our memories. Incorporate other spiritual practices into your life such as yoga, tai chi, meditation, reiki, earthing, etc. The task of being present is vital but can be challenging. Fill a jar with leaves and flowers and cover with brandy or whiskey and honey. However, we must do this work. Many of these plants are bitter. Calamus , a.k.a. This action makes Betony a powerful medicine for those who experience the lingering effects of trauma. Basil. For folks used to stronger, heavy hitting entheogens, this medicine may be too subtle for them to notice. Yet many of the folks who experience this discomfort or pain in the body want to be more embodied. Colors became brighter, smells stronger, sounds sharper. For survivors and folks facing everyday oppression, this defense mechanism can be a life line to survival in a hostile world. For a sweeter elixir, use equal parts alcohol and honey. After long enough, we may even becomeapathetic. How often should I take it and should I pair it with another herb? Healing the Seven Chakras with Herbs - Fractal Enlightenment Rosemary Gladstar’s Family Herbal. Harvest the fresh above ground plant in flower and tincture – 1:2 at 95%etoh, 15 to 45 drops up to 4x a day. I am working at bringing more herbals into our work, and aligning our medical model with the larger, ancient spiral systems we are embedded in. Botanists and gardeners sometimes differentiate herbs from other plants by the stem: if the plant has a “woody” stem above the ground, it’s not an herb but a tree or a shrub. Like the other herbs described here, Calamus stimulates the digestive tract. Calamus is calming and stimulating. These herbs bring us back into our bodies by acting on the gut. For a full monograph on Calamus, see Jim Macdonald. Like most culinary spices, Sage is carminative, meaning it is an aromatic herb that stimulates the digestive system. Benefits of turmeric: antidepressant, antioxidant, stress relief. The root chakra is responsible for grounding us back to earth and to the present moment. LOOSE BLENDS ARE NOT THE SAME AS THE OTHER … I’ve ordered the Wood Betony and started taking it as a tea. Salvias grow all over the world, and everywhere they grow, humans use them for medicine,  food and/or ritual. Good for bringing about changes in attitude (re-focusing), for astral travel, dreams, crystal gazing and meditation. It's a great herb to use externally as well - make a tincture or ointment to apply onto insect bites to relieve itching or swelling. Grounding - Flower, Gem & Crystal Essences to help with grounding and feeling ungrounded, unfocused and spaced out. Damiana’s gift is embodiment, moving us out of our heads and into visceral experience. If we do not remember what in this world is worth fighting for, they win. Rosemary is known to to be soothing and encourages a sense of peace within your environment .Rosemary also... Lemongrass. Under its influence, my perception became sharper, yet I slowed down almost to a stop, giving me time to take it all in. Use all of your senses. This bark also supports the, You can buy a certified organic tea blend of Slippery Elm infused with the essence of, Your Third Eye Chakra (Ajna), is the center of wisdom, insight, and knowledge. Herbs may be taken in capsule or tincture form, but one of the preferred methods is to brew a tea. I want it to help me so bad, im stuck in a dissociated/detached state I want it to help ground me bring me back to reality almost. A well-functioning liver clears these hormones from the bloodstream so that we cease physically responding to stress once the stressor is gone. 5 out of 5 stars. Turmeric. She helps us return to the world of embodied feeling. This translates to its current indication as a remedy for those who seem haunted. HoneybeeHerbalsCo. ), help with asthma or other breathing problems, help with blood pressure, diabetes, weight issues, among a few other things. As Guido Masé explains in his book The Wild Medicine Solution, aromatic herbs help us adapt to our surroundings. Luna & Sol Pty Ltd, When our energy is imbalanced due to a lack of present-mindedness, resisting certain experiences, and repressing our emotions, we experience, If you’re an energy-sensitive person such as an, When Qi or prana life-force energy stops flowing, the, 7 Chakra Cleansing Herbs For Empaths and Healers, There are many chakra cleansing methods out there, but one of my favorites are tea infusions because you receive, Here are my top seven chakra cleansing and grounding herbs that I recommend for all people struggling with, Feeling disconnected from yourself and others, Worries about basic needs (food, money, shelter), Ashwagandha is a deeply strengthening and nourishing herb that, You can buy a certified organic tea blend of Ashwagandha at, Inability to emotionally open up to other people, Codependency and clinginess in relationships, You can buy a certified organic tea blend of Damiana specifically created for the Sacral Chakra from Buddha Teas, With a taste similar to lemon (except milder), Lemongrass helps to, If you would prefer to buy yours, you might like to try the certified organic tea blend of Lemongrass from Buddha Teas.