Flush rates stayed about the same in the Mohawk Valley-Hudson Valley-Taconic Highland Zone and decreased slightly in the St. Lawrence Valley Zone. Tucker is my faithful bird dog. New for 2021 are several hunter-defined products, such as the Excalibur TwinStrike Crossbow, BowTech Solution and Solution SS Bows, TightSpot Pivot 2.5 Quiver, Ripcord Cage and Code Red X arrowrests, and Black Gold Pro FX and Pro Hunter HD sights. In an effort to answer some of the common questions about grouse populations, DEC coordinates two surveys and collects grouse parts from hunter-killed birds. Late in the season, woodcock haunts are pretty much frozen and local and migrant birds have headed south. On this episode we headed up to Minnesota to hunt with Wheezy Outdoors and chase some woodcock and grouse! These affordable designs are big on features, short on cash outlay — ATA Show. All timber cuts are not created equal. Personalized Fly Fishing: Float (Hyde Drift Boat) and Wade trips on the South Holston and Watauga tailwaters, and wade trips to many of the wonderful mountain trout streams in … habitat quality (stem density, food distribution, and abundance), insect damage (tree-defoliating tent caterpillars). The eastern wild turkey thrives in forested areas throughout the county which consistently ranks in the top three counties in … Continued monitoring through the Hunters Log and Ruffed Grouse Drumming Survey is needed. Alternatively, there may be population cycles operating at a geographic scale larger (northeastern U.S.) or smaller (St. Lawrence Valley) than currently being measured. In Putnam County, DEC Region 3, the Cranberry Mountain WMA covers 1,085 acres of upland hardwoods and along with the 25 acres of field offers prime habitat and good edge cover for grouse, while the edges of six small ponds often attract woodcock. Learn more about two new Elite Archery bows, the Enkore and Remedy, two new broadhead from Slick Trick and a new site from Custom Bow Equipment (CBE). For local chapter information visit www.ruffedgrousesociety.org. A State-by-State Guide to Grouse and Woodcock Hunting for the 2018 – 2019 Season: You must review and comply with all rules, laws and regulations in the state or province where you hunt. Additional information and contacts are available on the DEC web site. Solon, NY. Sustainable forestry that follows BMPs is the best way to produce benefits for you and the wildlife on your land now and in the future. Empire Game Farm. In Region 7 southeast of Cazenovia the Tioughnioga WMA offers a good mixture in the Appalachian Highlands. 1:00 PM Resume shooting instruction. But the areas that provide food and cover change depending upon the time of season. All Game & Fish subscribers now have digital access to their magazine content. In the past 40 years we have lost about 80 percent of the best grouse habitat in New York State. New York State Hunting Regulations All first time hunters are required by the state to complete a 10-hour Hunter Education Course. Ruffed-grouse hunters an opinionated bunch. During four of the past six years the peak migration occurred during the last week of October, all of which saw mild weather conditions in October and an overlap in resident and migratory birds that resulted in higher flush rates throughout the month and peaking late. According to the SGS this suggests grouse and woodcock may not always be found in the same areas largely due to the woodcock's migratory nature and ability to find small pockets of suitable early successional habitat such as young forests and shrub lands. Our region is located in a major Woodcock fly way. During 2011 and 2014 colder weather and snow conditions in many areas saw the peak migration arrive earlier during the week of October 18 and low flush rates late in the month. The image of a hunter swinging an old side-by-side shotgun towards a ruffed grouse flushing over a bird dog is synonymous with American hunting history. Some tips, methods, and basics to get you started on a successful bird hunt. Another way is to join a local rod and gun club or chapter of the Ruffed Grouse Society and American Woodcock Society. The new bolt gun with a synthetic stock is available in several popular hunting chamberings. Peaceable Hill Preserve. Grouse spend different times of the day in types of habitat, so being in the right place at the right time is critical. The Cooperator Ruffed Grouse Hunting Log asks grouse hunters to record the number of birds flushed per hour of hunting effort. This year's new shotguns and rimfires offer improved actions, lightweight components and... Give a Gift   Grouse may be off limits on Long Island, but Nassau and Suffolk counties offer some pretty good gunning for woodcock. New York Bird Hunting Seasons Span October 1 – February 28, 2021 Resident License Fees: $22 Non-Resident License Fees: $100 Purchase License Online Visit State DNR Website *prior to hunting, always verify all local rules and regulations with the appropriate state agencies because these laws are continually changing and are often area specific More information about managing your forest for wildlife can be found through Cornell University's Master Forest Owner/COVERTS Program. Hunters might want to keep this in mind this fall when scouting for potential hotspots. Ruff ed grouse are found in 38 of our 50 United States, and with the topography, fl ora and fauna varying to such a degree it’s a challenge to write a piece about fi nding grouse cover. We could (and did) write a entire article based on how the weather effects where the grouse are going to be, and you can read up on it in m… We hope that, when viewed over time and various spatial scales, both of these surveys will help us identify trends in grouse distribution and abundance. Hunting grounds include thousands and thousands of acres of commercial woodlands, old farms and old apple orchards. The region teems with whitetail deer and draws thousands of hunters each fall for bow, shotgun, and muzzleloader seasons. They also know of private property open to public hunting and can provide information on the best areas to hunt. Since there aren't any officially marked trails in the property, you can use the network of old logging and farm paths to navigate your way through it. I grew up hunting ruffed grouse in the Great Lakes States, and after almost a decade being “gone” hunting pheasants and quail on the Great Plains, I returned to the grouse woods. Chenango Valley Kennels is a grouse world hallmark, home to English Setters and English Pointers who live to hunt grouse and woodcock. In late September and through October when early morning and late afternoon temperatures are frosty or cooling, grouse will seek sunny openings in old apple orchards, areas that have been cut or logged, and edges along fields. Located in Upstate NY. Any of my fellow NYers have reccomendations for Grouse/Woodcock spots on the eastern side of the Catskills. The best bird hunting New York has to offer very well may be Ruffed Grouse hunting. Also interesting is that more effort took place on public land. The property covers 3,737 acres of rolling hills and brushy uplands, conifer plantations, valley thickets and alder-covered creek bottom, all prime grouse and woodcock haunts. Grouse hunting guide Jeff “Cubby” Skelly of Deer River, Minn. (John Myers/Duluth News Tribune/TNS) John Myers Bill Heig of Bowen Lodge, Minn., on Lake Winnibigoshish with a ruffed grouse he shot over his English setter, Gee, on October 15, … Upland Bird Hunting Adventures: (Ruffed Grouse & Woodcock) in the beautiful Adirondack Mountains/Lake Champlain Valley (Northern New York). Also, anyone up for some shooting tomorrow? BACK. Pick a likely location and spend a morning getting to know it. Thus, they are prime locations for late-season gunning opportunities. During the 1960s and 70s, many agricultural lands that had been abandoned were reverting to young forests-ideal habitat for ruffed grouse. According to the New York Department of Conservation, sometime between Sept. 2 when the grouse season opens in northern New York (and Oct. 1 in southern regions) and the close of the season on Feb. 28, about 75,000 hunters will take to the uplands in search of the state’s second most popular game bird. There are four local chapters here in New York located in different regions of the state. It is still unclear on exactly what drives these cycles, but many scientists think it involves a complex interaction of: Predation can play a role in limiting grouse populations; however, it is more likely that the problem is poor habitat quality that makes birds, their nests, and broods more vulnerable to predation. On the other hand, according to the "Singing-ground Survey" (SGS) conducted by the U.S. In 2013 and 2014 there was a decrease in the breeding index that resulted in low flush rates according to the SGS, but in 2015-2016 the breeding index saw an increase and hunters experienced slightly higher flush rates. Flush rates were up in Appalachian Hills and Plateau, Adirondack and Tug Hill, Catskills and Delaware Hills, Champlain Valley and Lake Plains zones. In areas with poor habitat quality, such as low stem densities or poor overhead cover, grouse and chicks may be more vulnerable to avian predators such as hawks and owls. Grouse have evolved behaviors and reproductive strategies to cope with predation, but in highly fragmented landscapes predators may be more efficient in finding grouse and their nests. The primary reasons for population declines are habitat quantity and quality. These are perfect places for new grouse hunters to dabble in upland bird hunting. Restoring habitat usually means cutting timber. 30 best areas for Upstate NY deer hunters to shoot a buck ... are the geographical areas that the DEC uses to set hunting and trapping seasons in New … Ruffed grouse populations in New York have been drastically declining over the past 40 years. Built in 1987. Although the flush rate was down a tad in the St. Lawrence Valley, hunters there still put up just under one bird per hour, the third highest flush rate in the state behind the Adirondacks-Tug Hill and Catskill-Delaware Hills zones, respectively. To get started, click the link below to visit mymagnow.com and learn how to access your digital magazine. The Ruffed Grouse Drumming Survey asks turkey hunters to record all drumming male grouse observed while they are afield during the month of May. A third and sometimes time-saving way is to contact a regional DEC office or regional forestry office and talk to the wildlife and forestry staff personnel. Predation, particularly by raptors, was the largest source of mortality, but locations of predation events were not associated with forest age or configuration within 300 meters.