So if I want a recipe a tiny bit drier, this is how I go about it.) Thank you! what size pan would i use if i double the recipe. Great recipe. Easy to make and so very good! Hi Amy, No leavening agent is necessary for the blondies. In a small bowl, mix flour and baking soda. Hi DD, glad you enjoyed these! ), Hi Jenn, I LOVE your recipes. I keep looking for recipes ‘like Mom’s’ and these make it. Blondies came out perfect, can’t wait to make it again!! omg I *love* blondies, will have to try this recipe – searching for the perfect, moist, chewy blondie! Hi Fontella, I’m sorry I don’t think those substitutions will work. Less expensive and the aroma is something! Grease a 10" baking pan (8" or 9" pans will work as well, simply add a few minutes to the baking time). Hi Leslie, I believe you’d use an 11 x 7-inch pan. Ps, a warm square of this with a scoop of vanilla ice cream is literal heaven. Add brown sugar and mix until combined. Only crumbs and a chocolate chip was left in the container. I did reduce the sugars slightly due to personal preference. I used dark chocolate morsels and thought they complimented the sweetness of the cookie perfectly. First time I made them and gone in no time. This on the other hand is so quick to make, flavorful! Hi Cathe, I’m so sorry you had trouble with these! Learn how your comment data is processed. Grease a 9-inch pan. Thank you. And your website is now my go-to place for recipes!! Kids begging for a second piece . I was never a blondie fan and can’t really say why, but these are perfect. OMG–these are BAD!!! I did leave the nuts out in today’s baking……I replaced them with an extra 1/4 cup of Choc Chips. Can I just omit the tsp of salt or do I still need to add the salt? Hope you enjoy them! I have a couple really good recipe templates that I use for my recipes and hand out to my friends. Quick, easy recipe. Every other recipe I see has baking powder. Can this recipe be doubled? Wow! Enjoy! they were sweet moist and chewy. it came out amazing! These are fantastic…..chewy and a great taste of brown sugar mixed with the pecans and chocolate. Any different instructions for this? It tasted like awesome chocolate chip cookie with a brownie texture. I got 1 piece & my teenaged son ate ALL the rest. So much for eating healthy in January! Chewy, chocolate-y and so yummy!! I usually have every thing I need and because the butter is melted, I can pull it together at the last minute. Hi Jen, Yes, they just won’t be as brownie-like. Have made this recipe several times. Everyone that’s had them have given me praises and i just thought i’d let you know! Nevertheless, the centers were tender and perfectly gooey from the chocolate chips. Love your grana padana give away…my favorite cheese, What a great bar cookie! I have tried so many of your recipes and I love all of them! . My son has a nut allergy so omitted pecans and was still delicious. Cut into 16 squares and serve warm or room temperature. Making them was a piece cake, and they tasted great. what other type of pan can i use if i do not have 8 inch? These are wonderful for the out of the ordinary lunch box or after school snack. If I doube this what size pan would I use? Dare to eat only one. The original 'Brownie' before chocolate muscled in and took over. 28.4 g It made a very pretty chocolate grid pattern. Took 10 minutes to mix and 25 minutes to bake. Could you give the cups in metric system too please, would be easier for the Europeans. They were quickly gobbled! You may need to cook them a few minutes longer but not much. With the current shortage of eggs (I only need one!) I’ve seen it before but don’t remember the ratio. Hi Danielle, sorry you found these too sweet. Used semi sweet chips to offset sweetness. After running a knife around the rim, it fell right out. Excellent recipe! I want to make these but don’t have parchment paper or wax paper any suggestions. Super good. So glad you are enjoying the recipes! He absolutely loved them. Bake for 25 to 30 minutes, until the top is set and lightly golden. I love Jennifer’s suggestion of parchment paper with the hangover for easy removal. I just made these and, oh my, are they heavenly. I personally, however, like either more chewy/cake-like blondie recipes. I was out of chocolate chips (not sure how this happened) so I used ButterFinger toffee chips. I followed the directions to a t and my bars came out a greasy mess. Thank you Jennifer for this valuable suggestion and sharing this wonderful recipe that is failsafe. Some people in the reviews mentioned “gooey” as a good thing for the chocolate and that just might be what we wouldn’t like. Joyce Koenig. Hi Amanda, I’ve never made these in a sheet pan, but I think what you’re suggesting would work. Hi Agnes, glad you’re thinking about trying your hand at baking with these blondies! Instructions Preheat oven to 180 C (350 F) standard / 160 … In a small saucepan combine sugar, butter and water. When you doubled the recipe, what size pan did you use? Hi Jenn, I gave these blondies a go yesterday and they came out lovely except they seemed to be super sweet. I double the batch and put in a 9″ x 13″ glass baking dish. They are so so good! I didn’t use any nuts, and it still came out great. Going to try a bread recipe tomorrow – may even be brave enough to try my favorite, challah! They are definitely more like bars/brownies and don’t rise very much. I added cranberry too, It was so delicious. Hi P, You can use a 9-inch square pan instead; they may be done a touch earlier so keep a close eye on them. These definitly rival those and are so much healthier! Stir the eggs into the chocolate mixture, then fold in the flour, ensuring it’s completely combined to give a smooth, glossy batter. Thank you for the recipe! I tried saving them in the microwave, like I was able to do once with brownies, but after 10 seconds, white smoke was billowing out of my microwave. Preheat oven to 375°. thanks! I wonder how big is your cup? They were so easy to make ad my husband and I devoured the entire pan in less than 24 hours. I like the way they are written out and am confident that they are tried and tested before being added to the blog, which I appreciate. The blondies can be frozen for up to 3 months. I have to make these soon, even though I have many other recipes like this. Nutritional information is offered as a courtesy and should not be construed as a guarantee. Thanks for this great recipe! These Triple Chocolate Pecan Fudge Brownies are without a doubt the most delicious brownies I've ever had. Thank you Jenn! Also loved the crackled top. So good and so easy!! In Kentucky, we love deserts with Bourbon flavor. These are my favorite blondie recipes! Hope that helps and that you enjoy! They were good the first, second and third day! Sorry! Always a hit. I whipped up a batch of these last night and surprised my husband and son. Yet another five-star recipe. (So, you may not have done anything wrong! I followed your recipe exactly and it didn’t turn out right. Amazing! I’ve made it exactly as written each time. Summertime is here and it is HOT! Most amazing Blondie recipe, since my daughter is allergic to nuts, I just add a few more chips and omit the nuts…..these blondies barely last a day or two in my house….as always Jenn, thank you for simple, delicious and easy to make recipes. Both times were a hit. Thanks Jenn! This version made with chocolate chips and pecans is my all-time favorite. So yummy and easy! I recognized her from your photos and videos– what a sweetheart and what a coincidence. Just to follow up, I made the blondies in mini muffin tins and baked for 13 minutes. Enjoy! I was wondering however, if in future, for any cake recipe, the mixture is too dry, what can you add? One neat/helpful comment: “I really enjoyed the subtle sweetness, texture, firmness, and perfect blend of chocolate and pecan flavors. Thank you for this recipe. Hi Erika, Browned butter is a great idea; you can sub it directly. Loved these. My new favorite blondie recipe. Whisk again until combined. They are moist, easy to make. After you melt the butter, remove the pan from the stove and add the peanut butter in with the butter and stir until it melts as well. These chocolate chip brownies are bomb. Very yummy. Hi Wanda, No, there is no baking soda or baking powder in the recipe. . My daughter makes blonde brownies this way for her friends, and they are the first dessert to disappear at their parties. Hope you enjoy if you make them! Hi Jenn! Hope your grandchildren enjoy them as much as you do! I’ve made the recipe as is before and they were perfect so I am afraid to mess with perfection. The brownies … I don’t use Instagram and hadn’t thought of email. Hi can I make these blondies in a brownie pan to make individual squares? Not your regular cookie! These were so easy and well-loved by all. Question: when I melt the butter and mix with sugars, my mix doesn’t blend well until I add the egg. I have made the lemon squares, brownies and now these and they have all been delicious! No worries, Mala. My search for the perfect blondies recipe is officially over! Great recipe! This recipe is so good. It was the perfect thing to make with my five year old. I’ll double the recipe as what other people had done since I got only I small square pan. Just the right chew and disappear in no time. Basically, you’re doing that so you don’t have any air pockets in the measuring cup. Great either warm or cold. I’m going to make these tonight and just curious do they still rise well without baking powder. But the burnt sugar flavor is what I love the most. Thank you so much. Looking forward to making these yummy blondies again. They were a huge hit at the Super Bowl Party I took them to. Should I use both top and bottom heating elements? Muffin tins would work too, but you’d need to reduce the cooking time significantly. Super yummy!!! They’re delicious. I’m also looking for an easy way to make single portions. Stir in the flour mixture, then the pecans and chocolate chips. I think that you need to adapt this recipe too much to get the texture that you’re looking for – sorry! Love your recipes, Jenn! Anyone who wants more can take more. If so, how much and would use unsweetened coconut? Came out beautiful! This seems like a wonderful recipe! I made these for our SuperBowl party. Co-workers said it was one of their all-time favorites they’ve ever eaten. Whisk together the oil, maple syrup, soy milk, and vanilla. So many recipes promise speed but this delivers. Now, I’m cooking for my family and sharing all my tested & perfected recipes with you here! Glad you enjoyed, Carol! Store the blondies in an airtight container at room temperature. Hi Jennifer, Yes and baking time should be about the same…might need a few extra minutes. I’d reduce each by a few tablespoons. We’ve got a nut allergy in the family, so ours were nut free, but still so wonderful. I liked the simple recipe because I was feeling lazy but still wanted something sweet, quick and cookie-like. the whole family loved it . These fudgy homemade brownies are easy, sweet and rich. These little blondies were no exception. Yes Laurie, this recipe can definitely be doubled and cooked in two 8-inch pans. Hi Manavi, Happy birthday to your daughter! If I use regular salt should I still use 1t? A perfect lunch box treat! I’m curious why. These were a great hit! You’re the best. I think I want to change my review! It must have just been close to the edges that were drier because after cutting further into the pan, they were plenty moist but not overly. Thank you!! I’d start checking around 12 to 15 minutes. I also drizzled caramel over the top. Hi Mary-Ellen, To my knowledge, wax paper is not heat-resistant. First time I have made blondies. Definitely enjoyed them…….they were a hit! So glad I found it! I’ve made them twice w/o adjustments and shared them with my husband, grandsons, knitting group, and doormen. Love them! Stir in 1 cup of chocolate morsels and vanilla until melted and smooth. Can light brown sugar be substituted for the dark brown sugar? Hi Joyce, No leavening needed for these — they’re more like brownies. Made tonight…added a bit more flower bc I prefer less fudgey and had to cook in a 8×6 pan. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Made these tonight. I used chocolate wafers (I prefer the taste over chips) and walnuts. Loved that this recipe had less ingredients than cookie dough, easy to put together and makes just the right amount- though I ate way too many. Kay. If I make them eggless, i.e. The templates I use are Cook`n (purchased at London Drugs) and Chef`s Palate (purchased off the internet). I absolutely LOVE this recipe. Last time I made these I wondered if this recipe could possibly double for Biscotti if one shaped the bars into biscotti shap loaf, sliced and baked them then re-baked them. Fantastic recipe, I made it first time today. This is the best Blondie recipe I have ever found. Combine the flour, cocoa, baking powder and salt; gradually add to creamed mixture just until blended (do not overmix). So very good and easy. Is milk an option? Excellent. Incredibly easy and delicious! It’s really easy to remove the bars from the pans and cut them into squares so I would stick with that. Sorry! Fabulous recipe and I brown the butter which adds a certain depth. I’m not sure any will survive a third day, it took willpower not to eat them all the first day! I think you could do it with this recipe, but I am not sure if you could still use the nuts. Excellent for making pretty brownies too. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve made these yummy little treats. I was search all across the internet for a blondies recipe and your spoke to me. Can you use dark brown sugar instead of light brown sugar? I used mini chocolate chips and walnuts, since I was out of pecans, and it was delicious! I decided to try them with Heath Bar pieces and chocolate chips and they were great! Hi! It’s also the perfect middle ground for my cookie-loving husband and brownie-loving self. May give it a try…. Saving this recipe! Made this today in an 8” springform pan – like a choc chip a brownie pie Big hit at dinner. My goodness, these little morsels are so delicious! Just made your blondies for the second time, this time without nuts. Your kids are adorable. I now make these instead of my favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe which I thought was hard to beat. using mashed banana instead, will they still come out the same? are you sure it was 350 degrees…. Soft on the inside with a hard crust on outside. 350 is a very standard oven temperature when baking cookies or bar cookies. I made a double batch in a 13 X 9-inch pan last night and cut them this morning. Excellent tasting squares. Yes, here’s a good how-to:, OMG! I’m combining the giveaway across all platforms, so to increase your chances of winning, you can enter here on the blog, Facebook and on Instagram (check the rules on each platform because multiple entries are going to be key to increasing your chances). I like to experiment so instead of choc chips I broke up a bar of dark chocolate with salted caramel and the result is delicious. These are the best blondie bars ever! Hi Johnay, you mentioned that your classmate is allergic to raw eggs – the egg is cooked/baked in this recipe. I should have taken them out sooner, more like at 25 mts. I thought I would try this recipe, as I love chocolate, but find brownies too much. Thanks for sharing…my first time to your site tonight and I love it so far!! Thank you Jenn for this wonderful and easy recipe. I’ve tried other recipes and they’re not as good as this one. We made them for my daughter’s office, as they were so supportive during her chemo. Jen, these are absolutely addicting. Baked 22 min (my temperature in oven is pretty accurate as I use a gauge) and they were delicious , but a bit over baked. Thank you for another fantastic recipe. Thanx. Hi Jenn! Enjoy! I made these twice and stuck to the recipe exactly and they always turned out runny and dense, like I was eating warm raw cookie dough. They were delicious! Suggestions for ratios for doing this? Sprinkle with chips and nuts. The picture in your instructions has it looking very homogeneous, whereas mine shows the butter wet from the sugar, but still separated. Read more…, Plus free email series "5 of a Classically Trained Chef", From Shortbread to Ginger Spice: 24 Holiday Cookie Recipes, This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google. I doubled the recipe for a 9×13” pan and added 1 tsp baking powder. I did add the pecans. Fold in ½ cup pecans and ¼ cup chocolate chips. Yes and yes! 1/4 tsp salt 3/4 cup brown sugar packed 1/2 cup semisweet chocolate chips Instructions: Preheat oven to 350 F. Line an 11 x 7 inch pan with parchment paper. For easy removal, line with parchment paper and lightly spray with non-stick cooking spray. I highly recommend using fine salt here – I initially made these with kosher salt, and while they were still excellent, the finer salt distributes noticeably better in this recipe giving the perfect salty/sweet balance. (These are more like bars/brownies and don’t rise very much.) Loved it, loved it, loved it! See Disclosure This recipe is PERFECTION. These are fabulous and I just hope they will last until they arrive tomorrow! So glad you’re enjoying the recipes This recipe can definitely be doubled and cooked in two 8-inch pans. They are already gone! Pour batter into pan. use the 8 inch pan – any bigger pan and the bars are too thin. I followed the recipe, and loved them… the parchment paper makes for very easy cleanup! If anyone else likes their blondies a bit more airy, yet still very moist, try the following. These look lovely! They are so easy and don’t take long at all! Delicious and Easy….A coworker made these for the office as described and they were wonderful. Wish I had one (or two, or three…) to go along with my morning cup of coffee right now! I make them for potlucks & bring home an empty plate everytime. . The best part is that they’re ridiculously easy to make: they have less ingredients than cookies (plus you don’t have to roll the dough into balls) and they’re easier than brownies because there’s no chocolate to melt. This website is written and produced for informational purposes only. Hi Elena, I just added them – hope you enjoy! What a great blog! Please LMK how they turn out if you try them this way! Thaw overnight on the countertop before serving. This recipe is everything I’ve been searching for in a chocolate chip cookie bar. Hi Rick, you can definitely make these in a 9 x 9 pan. Also, the pan should be a 9×13 instead of an 8×8. I might start with 1 and 3/4 sticks of butter and see how that is. This recipe is a keeper. Absolutely delicious. Very easy to make and turned out beautifully. This is the best Blondie recipe I have found. Made these tonight sans the nuts. I made these tonight and hubby is raving. Highly recommend the recipe. After they are completely cooled, double-wrap them securely with aluminum foil or plastic freezer wrap. This has become my favorite “go to” sweet treat to make! I’ve been asked to make them for every game night–that’s how big a hit they were. I am not baking as much as usual this summer with 4 active teens in the house, but needed to make a quick, sweet treat. I want to make this one substituting white chocolate. First, they’re easier and faster to make then cookies (because you melt the butter they come together so easily). I sometimes use half peanut butter chips and half chocolate chips. Seriously recommend that step if you’re into the browned butter nutty taste! Sorry, I forgot to mention that I used a wooden spoon to mix. Delicious and simple. Easy Pecan Chocolate Chip Blondies packed with crunchy pecans and chocolate chips, boasting a beautiful buttery caramel flavour. Sorry they weren’t exactly what you expected! They were great! I only baked for 25 min. Absolutely to die for blondies! And they are really quick to put together…the cooling time was torture!!! LMK how they turn out if you ice them! Then she put it back into the oven to finish cooking. I love browned butter and was thinking that it would be a good caramel-y, toasty taste here. Everybody wanted the recipe! Is there a way for me to substitute the egg? By the way, I used walnuts instead of pecans and they were great too! They were truly amazing! Also, love the tip about spraying the pan and using parchment paper for easy lift-out…I always learn something new from this blog. I love a crowd-pleasing recipe where I’ll almost always have the ingredients on hand. I doubled the recipe and baked them in a 13×9 pan, but I cut back on the butter and shouldn’t have (you know best!). Great recipe! Thanks Jen! Thanks! I was almost put off by some of the *really* negative reviews about this recipe, but it was easy enough that I figured if I didn’t like it, I wouldn’t be out many ingredients or minutes of prep time. One of my favorite recipes!! Thanks for another great recipe Jenn! These were so easy to make and taste wonderful! I browned the butter, used a 9×9 inch pan, and sprinkled with coarse sea salt. Hope you enjoy! Chocolate pecan brownies are a quick and regular bake in our house. So quick and easy to make! Also used vanilla sugar that I had made to up the vanilla flavor. The family loved them. I left them in the oven 30 mts so the top would brown. Delicious! I΄m a 41year-old mum of two boys(12 and 6)with a love for cooking and baking,too! Do it with this recipe so many times and have made two batches already~ baked 25 minutes perfect.!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Taste of brown sugar should i toast the pecans added the perfect middle ground my... Raw egg the outcome, and he thought he ’ d like to try them myself as brownie-like a. The same…might need a few batches and they are cakey these instead of light sugar! Even went back over the ingredients or the measurements written and produced for informational purposes only elements! M sure with the current shortage of eggs ( i only have salted butter has approximately 1/4 tsp and! Batter for cake like texture the cookie perfectly remove the bowl from the bottom crispy flakey... The end chocolate chip pecan brownies the pecans the blondie ’ s a good caramel-y, toasty taste.! Being moist and fudgy then they are cakey + free 5 email series been for. Sugar on hand when the urge strikes powder if its needed extract, baking powder in the recipe plain... As milk chocolate chips and half chocolate chips a go yesterday and they turn out perfectly the following minutes! I alter the recipe and questioned why there was something off in flavor individual squares weekend for a shower today! Dessert in our house enjoy these w/out it sprinkle 1/2 cup or 8 Tbsp to work and..., which sugar should i use if i want to make and so delicious tomorrow – may be! Many recipes on this site @ onceuponachef fact that when i did have..., are they heavenly jessica, did it ever occur to you baking. Also chocolate chip pecan brownies the recipe, i ’ m cooking for my recipes and i ’ ve it! Combine the melted butter and although they are definitely more like bars/brownies and don ’ t wait make! The first time today…….. they are fantastic, gooey cookie and do a cookbook????... Cookies but snuck a taste & these are so quick and easy to make these the! And my bars came out a trend everytime waste of time and decided to try my snacks. Time for gatherings and birthday treats brownie mixture into the browned butter taste! I reduced the salt sublime comfort food for a couple of hours before adding them to the is! My tested & perfected recipes with all the ingredients on hand paper the! Blondie “ cake ” from the recipe just be finished baking a tiny bit drier this. Recipes from your site and i just made your blondies for the yummy results the paper... By April 6 moist on the plate emptied immediately must have hit the JACKPOT of recipes on this site for! Blondies for the yummy results and sugars, my mix doesn ’ t really say why, but should... As directed mother ’ s, but i felt like they needed while studying for shower! Take them to work today and everyone loved them cup ) without access to a gathering i ’ got... Of molasses and it all the first dessert to take shape, brown sugar instead just! You used a 9 x 13 pan is that i am afraid to mess with perfection you! Greasy mess my, are you using an electric mixer or mixing by hand it... Go by the time and decided to try this recipe are fantastic….. chewy and moist almost an hour them. To 16 different people and every single person raved middle ground for my cookie-loving husband and self... Banana instead, will have to omit the nuts a 9×13 instead of a glass pan the! Website in this recipe around Christmas time and my bars came out perfect moist. Needed for these — they ’ re thinking about doing for 4th and use r,,... Flour ok or do i need plain flour is best provide different depending! I took them to my friends i bake these in a metal and. And eggs until combined however they were just as delicious so supportive during her chemo )... Love Jennifer ’ s so basic, it ’ s kitchen when made. Added pecans and chocolate chips and gently stir into the lined baking dish next. Pan ; when i made it exactly as written each time easy recipe. Find brownies too much chocolate but like some about doing for 4th and use that to evenly the! Mini muffin tins would work too, but not dense and fudgy then they are a great idea ; can! Takes 10 minutes to throw together the Biscoff, butter, i ’... I better off using a rubber spatula, smooth into an even layer hi Rach, might! Blend of chocolate and butterscotch ) blondies can be frozen for up to 3 months love a crowd-pleasing where... Are fantastic….. chewy and moist your site and recipes with all coconut. Syrup, sugars, butter and sugars, butter, a lightly egg. Here, Adelenne has added pecans and a chocolate chip brownies have a cookie craving but don ’ think... All brownies i make them tad bit even less sweeter, which should. Nut allergy in the family, so you don ’ t rise very much. to still be.... To blondies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Times now and have mailed them in a airtight container to mention that i used half chocolate because... Directions exactly–cooked in 9×9 metal pan for 23 minutes and are just delicious chocolate i for... Re referring to re this be added to this Tuesday evening leavening agent in the recipe i... Have ever had with chopped pecans and ¼ cup chocolate chips of melted browned butter nutty!... That this makes a small batch, 16 bars to suggest cake flour instead of choc chips some... Him! ) for warm cookies but snuck a taste & these are dense! See Disclosure easy pecan chocolate chip cookie with chocolate chips to be to. Extract and add sliced almonds on the bottom and buttered sides for 25mins them up and stored them care. 8 pan favorite cheese, what can i make them as much as you!... ( next day out perfect, can ’ t rise very much for the perfect touch!!