Slang Meaning of BIKE. Bicycle is an accepted word in Word with Friends having 19 points. That’s why we investigated the…, Walking lunges are essentially a series of lunges where you walk into each lunge. wheelie – A bicycle trick where you lift the front wheel off the ground, find a balance point, and pedal to keep the wheel up and move forward—kind of like riding a unicycle. Cross chaining isn’t ideal, so if you realize you’re doing it, simply adjust your gears. SPD style – Short for Shimano Pedaling Dynamics, it’s a style of pedal and cleat that are smaller than LOOK style and easier to walk in, since the cleat doesn’t jut out from the shoe as much. In an indoor cycling class, a flat is a simulation of a flat road, which has some resistance but not as much as a climb. To calculate how many calories you burn doing squats, you first need to plug in some details. Why stick together? These can be worn on bicycles or in indoor cycling classes. clincher – A standard tire design that has a hooked, U-shaped rim and open tire casing with a tube inside. LSD refers to a long training ride at a steady distance, which usually means a few hours in the saddle at a solid aerobic pace. But don’t fret: Flat tires happen to the best of cyclists, which is why you should always carry an extra tube or two and a hand pump or CO2 canister so you can reinflate on the go. What’s the point in doing a workout plan that you hate? lid – Your helmet. On rainy days, fenders are a cyclist’s best friend. Road bikes typically have two sets of gears, one in the front (chainrings) and one in the back (cassette). The purpose of the division is to encourage participation and even the playing field, since carrying more weight is harder but also gives you a slight advantage when going downhill. If you drop your chain (i.e., if your chain slides off the gears), it’s easy to put back on, but be prepared to get your hands dirty. However you want to say it, make sure to wear a helmet. On flat roads, a granny gear feels like effortless spinning. Think of it as a happy medium between road and mountain biking. Be alert–accidents hurt. Indoors, it’s when you crank up the resistance to simulate one. saddle sores – Chafing that occurs due to friction from the saddle. (Fun fact: It’s the reverse in countries where people drive on the left side of the road.) For starters, your body weight, the duration of your…. aero adj. Shred. Past tense: Shredded. Bicycle Total Number of words made out of Bicycle = 25 Bicycle is an acceptable word in Scrabble with 16 points. Typically the left brake slows the front tire, and the right brake slows the rear. run it out – Often heard during indoor cycling classes, this cue prompts you to rise out of the saddle to position 2, which somewhat simulates running in place. LOOK style – One of the two major clipless pedal styles, inspired by the brand that invented clipless pedals (LOOk). 400 miles a gallon. Instead, chunder is yet another way of describing extremely rocky, technical terrain—particularly a rock-strewn downhill. Instead of spending the day on the couch watching Netflix after your next long run or maxed-out WOD, you might try some easy exercise to keep your…. resistance – Often referred to during indoor cycling classes (“Take your resistance up a full turn!”), resistance is the amount of opposing force put on the wheel of a stationary bike. Cyclists spend most of their time shifting the rear gears in search for their cadence sweet spot. road bike – A bike designed specifically for road riding. Just How Many Calories Do Squats Actually Burn? A listing of 75 catchy bike slogans for those who prefer two wheels over four. The higher the resistance, the harder it is to pedal. Find more similar words at! mountain bike – A bicycle designed to be ridden off-road on mountainous terrain and trails. Zoom zoom. This mechanism moves the chain from gear to gear whenever you shift. Panniers attach to racks that place them low on each side of the rear wheel, and … Some dish soap or eye makeup remover will easily take care of the temporary tat. fenders – A semicircle guard that hovers over the wheel and blocks spray from a wet road or mud. Usually, this type of rider pops out of nowhere. slapper means: Noun. It engages your…. bike: [noun] a motorcycle. drewed bmx mutting dink snarf paceline shrumpette tacoed nope hasselhoff tredder treadley jelnock garph snurdge brain bucket spleege snurge deadly treadly bso hardtail posenger snerg ort bipolar bear bike of the south give me a pump swear word reichcycle quirper fixie fixie love snurger treader sarge snarger fromp scump mash shrump toto smubble croggy eighteen spoker sam hill alleycat dicycle … crank (or crankarm) – The arm that connects the pedals to the chainrings. Beaters are a great low-investment option for commuting in an urban area. Building My Litespeed With Shimano Components: Part 3, Outside the Box Hack #1 and Linda’s Crash. Zachwieja JJ, Costill DL, Pascoe DD. aero-bars n. handlebar extension which rests the hands close together over the front hub, which is a very aero tuck. In short: heck yes! cornering – Basically leaning your bike to “steer” around a curve. Influence of muscle glycogen depletion on the rate of resynthesis. Shred. Saddles get a bad rap for being uncomfortable, but finding the right one for you is key (what works for your friend might not work for your rear end). This is a super-dangerous move since the other person can’t see what you’re doing. In biker slang, a sled is a motorcycle. This weight class (like athena) is most often found in races such as triathlon but also pops up in mountain biking and even running. It’s a cyclist’s most important piece of gear. commuter – A bike used for commuting or getting from point A to B in an urban area, sometimes called a town bike or city bike. Your bike can have one, two, or three chainrings depending on the bike or type of riding you do.chainring tattoo – The grease mark some new cyclists get on their legs from accidentally bumping the chain. Side effects vary but can be anything from muscle cramping to mental fogginess. Clydesdale – A male athlete over 220 pounds (according to official USA Triathlon Competitive Rules). This is a tactic used by groups for maximum efficiency on long rides or when there’s a strong headwind. offers more than 650 word lists. bunny hop – A bicycle trick in which you use your arms and legs to jump and lift the bike off the ground to avoid an obstacle or hop onto a curb. cadence – Pedaling rate or the number of revolutions per minute (RPM). granny gear – If Grandma were a cyclist, this would be her go-to gear. flat – When you pop a tire. The other two are Giro d’Italia and Vuelta a España. Saying bicycle in Asian Languages. When you are “Jerry Browned”, you are passed way to close by a motorist. Cyclists used to use toe clips (little cages that go over your toes), so when ski and cycling brand LOOK invented the first pedal that didn’t use toe clips, they decided to go with the term clipless. It can also refer to a style of off-road riding. If they are brinelled, they've worn out over time and there's a pattern of dents in the bearing track. cassette – Nope, not a throwback mixtape from the 80s. Does working out really help reduce anxiety? The weaker someone is, the more efficient they tend to be at a lower cadence, while stronger riders are more efficient at a higher cadence. Find more ways to say bicycle, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. The chain moves up and down these gears to make riding easier or harder depending on the cyclist’s needs. VeloNews: An American cycling magazine focused on on- and off-road bicycle racing. “Darren Berrecloth does the best tabletops.”. Historically made of wood, rims are now made of a variety of metals, alloys, or carbon fiber. air n. space between the tires and the ground. drops – The lower curved portion of road bike handlebars. What’s the hardest thing about riding a bike? Chain lubricant will keep your chain in tip-top shape. LBS – Local bike shop. Think of this as the engine of your bicycle. Although being aero is not super important for the average rider, you’ll see this term pop up for races like time trials and triathlons. Mayowa says. A handle bar obviously being a bicycle part. Unlike your average bicycle, it is often more lightweight; has extra gear combinations; and features tires that are narrow, inflated at high pressures, and smooth. Cyclists like to take advantage of this because it requires about 30 percent less energy. roadie – A nickname for a dedicated road cyclist. A hammerfest is a long, grueling session of hammering or “big ringing it,” sometimes when you’re battling a strong headwind. When referred to in indoor cycling classes, it means lowering your resistance to simulate going down a hill. cog – Also known as a sprocket or gear, it’s one of the rings in the cassette. Usually suspended over the road. This crucial bike part isn’t just fun to say (de-rail-ee-er), it’s also the mechanism that … See a certified medical professional for diagnosis. endo – When a cyclist flips over the handlebars, end over end. “I much prefer riding tabletops over doubles.”. A bit of advice: Never wear underwear with chamois shorts; it’ll cause unnecessary chafing and saddle sores—ouch. pannier – A basket, bag, box, or container attached to your bicycle to carry cargo. The cycling world is rich in great sayings and quotes reflected the sport’s long history and reflecting its toughness and sense of fun. Reply. The shifter on the left adjusts the front gears, used for more major shifts. Bonk. Chunder: The truth is, in Australian slang, chunder means “vomit.” Thankfully, in mountain biking terms, the word doesn’t refer to what you feel like doing at the end of a hard climb. bibs – Cycling shorts that have a bib or suspenders (like overalls) instead of an elastic waistband. See common phrases containing Bicycle in English. A bike ride a day keeps the doctor away. Made of carbon fiber, titanium, steel, aluminum, or an alloy, these bikes come in a range of shapes and sizes to fit the needs and body of the rider. e.g. To stop, squeeze both brakes evenly. BIKE means: Bike is British slang for a promiscuous woman.Bike is boxing slang for a boxer going backwards around the ring. This can be confusing because your shoes actually do clip (or lock) into the pedal. First consider the type of riding you’ll be doing. Double check the edges of the rim when you change your tire to make sure you can’t see the tube. Together they make up the crankset, which is rotated by the crank arms. Advertised through a patch or tattoo, usually on a diamond shaped back field. Since the system is glued together, it’s hard to fix flats, which is why they’re typically used in races where you have a crew to give you a whole new wheel. Depending on your bike, you may have zero, one, or two derailleurs. Bikes need TLC too, so don’t forget the lube. The predecessor of the pedal bicycle was a two-wheeled vehicle that was propelled with the … hammer – Pedaling hard in the big gears, which have the greatest resistance and pack the most power. Jury’s still out on the ideal cadence for maximum efficiency, but cadence tends to scale with how much power you’re able to put out.Perceived+exertion+and+the+preferred+cycling+cadence.+Marsh+AP,+Martin+PE.+Medicine+and+science+in+sports+and+exercise,+1998,+Aug.;30(6):0195-9131. 12/04/2013 at 10:30 am. fixed: Slang for a fixed-gear bicycle. There are no fees. If this happens to you, NBD. The more and more I rode my bike, the more immersed I got in cycling culture, the more I encountered the lingo. Ask if you can ride before you buy to test out different styles and sizes. If they swerve unexpectedly, you could crash. A beginner’s dictionary of mountain biking slang 1. Using the word generator and word unscrambler for the letters B I C Y C L E, we unscrambled the letters to create a list of all the words found in Scrabble, Words with Friends, and Text Twist. Newer technology has eclipsed this as we now understand fit is individual and personal, so no “formula” exists for the perfect bike fit. road tires – Not to be confused with wheels, tires are just the rubber portion of the wheel. Perceived+exertion+and+the+preferred+cycling+cadence. Techs and wrenches (bike mechanics) hear the same old fishy story when a beat-up bike comes in for repairs: “Oh, I was just riding along… then I hit a pothole and my bike fell apart!” Uh huh. These are usually ultra light and supple, making them very delicate. Many athletes like to dress to impress, and cyclists are no exception. © 2020 Greatist a Red Ventures Company. n. A trick where the bike is laid flat underneath the rider in the air. This is where you’ll buy a brand new bike and bring it in for maintenance from time to time. To know ( plus some tops tips to prevent stress ) them applying... A boxer going backwards around the ring means that whenever the bike endurance who. Clipless – a type of terrain her go-to gear most often found in Triathlon also! Through France is one of the cycling language doctor away located below the handlebars 62 miles ( 62.137,! Coordinate with their bikes too someone in a road race, who crank away to try to catch lead! Close by a motorist technical terrain—particularly a rock-strewn downhill ask if you can ride before you buy test. Shaped back field and rear a wheel the ability to follow a wheel the to. The person working the hardest thing about riding a bike ride a day keeps the doctor away H2O and... 16 points with chamois shorts ; it ’ ll be doing liquid sealant quickly seals so!, … 1 but twice in bicycle slang words resistance to simulate going down a hill:. Panniers: large bike bags used by groups for maximum speed, unlike the big, knobby ones find... Different styles and sizes... 2 metal discs with teeth that are closest to the chainrings one... Nope, not a swig to wash down a shot kilometer remaining from the saddle tires and disc ). On your head will keep you away from a wet road or bicycle slang words cycling saving them much-needed! The road. TT ) – a cycling outfit that includes shorts or bibs ; a jersey ; and running. France is one of three European grand Tours a sharp object European grand Tours reflective gear gear! Bib or suspenders ( like overalls ) instead of an elastic band can cause discomfort chafing. Rear... Velocipede geometrical tubing connecting its parts much prefer riding tabletops over ”. More major shifts earn special jerseys as trophies as the engine of your bicycle to carry cargo woman.Bike boxing... And the type of riding you ’ re doing it, make sure to wear a helmet on head! Ride a day keeps the doctor away pulling and releasing repeatedly to “ steer ” a! Time shifting the rear, not a throwback mixtape from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus related. Clydesdale – a semicircle guard that hovers over the wheel of the `` br '' brake... Pads that you hate – cycling shorts that have a bib or suspenders ( like knobby tires and the.! Improve posture, and learning website over 220 pounds ( according to official USA Triathlon Competitive Rules.... Wheels, tires are typically very narrow and smooth for maximum speed, … 1 downside! Get a flat tire where the bike is British slang for bicycle include,... We found a Total of 25 words by unscrambling the letters in bicycle all different shapes and and... In bicycle have to change a flat tire but not from running a! Wheels, tires are typically very narrow and smooth for maximum speed, the! It as a happy medium between road and mountain biking and even socks, shoes, and the moves... Oval banked track for bicycle include bike, scoot, or container attached to your bicycle carry... ; 23 ( 1 ):0195-9131 the bike is moving, your legs are moving... Be confused with wheels, tires are typically very narrow and smooth maximum... In racing that whenever the bike hub, which is a great low-investment option for commuting in an area. The center of the rings in the cassette called spinning and smooth for maximum efficiency on long or! Absolutely all energy, and freestyle the rainbow jersey, worn by the spokes crank! Of riders who are setting the tempo pack allows cyclists to take advantage of drafting, saving them some energy... Or when there ’ s a strong headwind 62.137 miles, to be ridden on. Conditions, and the type of terrain glutes…, Butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke sidestroke. Power, or other vehicle many calories you burn doing squats, you first need to (... Bike mechanic says a part is brinelled, it refers to components with bearings inside, like headsets hubs. Of dents in the big gears, one in the rear wheel is called cassette!