Kazuma, you mustn’t leave the village. I mean, thinning out the monsters who are living around the village is also one of the duties of the chief, right? Moguninnin was staring at Kazuma from the depths of the forest! It seems like the various convenience infrastructure of my world come off as traps to the people of this world. Darkness gently smiled at the panicking Yunyun. In the first place, it doesn’t come out from the depths of the forest, right? Though, if it was because Eris-sama is harbouring a secret love for me and is interfering, I might be okay with that…, “Just who exactly would put such a pointless curse on you?”, “There could be quite a few fans who wish for me to keep my purity. “… I’m really reluctant to do so, but I’m here to pick you up.”, “Where did you disappear off to last night, Kazuma? The volume covers the party's daily life: Kazuma is killed while on a quest hunting snow fairies and is revived by Aqua; Kazuma and Dust swap parties for a day, with the former successfully completing his quest and the latter's ending in disaster; Kazuma and Aqua explore a dungeon and help an old couple pass into the afterlife; Kazuma visits Wiz and takes a request to exorcise a mansion and their success allows the party to use the mansion as a home; Kazuma … “Seriously, what kind of person is my mother… Casting Sleep on her daughter and letting her share a bed with a man, just how little common sense does she have…”, “Well, that lack of common sense just means that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.”. 45 [SPOILERS] KonoSuba Volume 14 Illustrations. Darkness, I thought I could trust you!”, “Claiming that Moguninnin appeared of all things… couldn’t you have found a better excuse?”, “Leaving other monsters aside, there’s no way I of all people could mistake any monsters that are related to Explosion! I knew none of you will believe it! In the first place, I already used Explosion yesterday when we were out trying to find a place to bury the Tranquility Girl, so why are you suspecting me! I picked up the Trap Detection skill for exactly these types of situations.”, “You can’t get any great accomplishments, but you’re really handy when it comes to little things like this.”, Ignoring Aqua who was saying something that could’ve been taken as praise but also not really, the three of us walked right up to the facility…. From the outside, it looked just like a giant building made out of concrete. Come to think of it, do Tranquility Girls have a gathering spot or something of the sort? Judul Lain: KonoSuba Tipe: Light Novel Volume: 1-13 Author: Natsume Akatsuki Ilustrator: Kurone Mishima Genre: Parody, Supernatural, Magic, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy. Then, next morning. The spin off series of konosuba covers complete volume 5. At least behave yourself while the Chief’s trial is going on.”. If you want more, go and look up some hentai or fanfics…, thats nice and all bro but they could just imply it happened without any need to change the age rating. Actually, what’s with you today? Sorry, Kazuma-san, we don’t have much in the way of entertainment in my house… Though, playing around with my daughter in the same room should be pretty entertaining, heheheh.”. “Of course it’s tough! At this rate, it’s going to turn into a free for all where the first person to arrive at the scene become chief. I’ve heard that she succeeded from Komekko, but…”, “…No more Crimson Demon Trials… You can be her partner tomorrow…”. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. That’s really more the fault of the one who sent them to another world without doing a proper background check. Just as I was lost in my memories, Aqua, who was fiddling with the machine, seemed to have found something. I’d really wish they’d have some self awareness.”. It’s not my fault, it’s the fault of the Japanese with abnormal common sense. We should be thankful to Yunyun for taking all of them out. “The thing that Megumin was talking about…”, “Could you guys please stop saying that name.”. Weren’t you having fun with me last night?”, “Please don’t put it that way! You two say some really strange things sometimes.”. I offered to help Megumin’s mother after coming home. “Is Yunyun not here yet!? Even if it’s you, removing my bra while I’m sleeping…”, “Oh, don’t worry, I properly removed it with Steal like a gentleman.”, “Oh, how considerate of you! User account menu. Franchement, laissez-moi vous dire qu’il est totalement dans la lignée des deux séries, c’est une belle réussite détonante. I can’t wait for the next chap. “… Even if you are her mother, I can’t overlook that! Hurry up and take the two of them away.”. © 2019 KonosubaManga.com. A Challenge to the Lich (リッチーへの挑戦状, Ricchii he no Chousenjou) is the thirteenth volume in the Konosuba light novel series. Don’t worry, just leave it to me. Do you understand what you’re saying!? At the very least, I’d like five minutes to myself! I bet that another silly misunderstanding plotwist. I’m really sorry. And I can’t make use of that store now that we’re here in the Crimson Demon Village. I wonder if Yunyun managed to successfully complete her trial. It’s too embarrassing to say out loud!”, “I see… The Megumin I thought of as a younger sister has become an adult before I knew it… Sorry for disturbing your meal…”, “To think that Megumin, of all people… The world really is full of surprises. Also, you really should choose your words better. Detonation Magic is a weaker version of Explosion Magic. Those are the famous Paralyze Slimes! Eight tankōbon volumes have been released as of May 2019. Who exactly is a closet pervert! “Eh-… Trials and partners and all that gives it a proper fantasy feel for once, so I really want to give it my all…”, “Just watch the house with me, Kazuma. Noté /5. Who exactly is a tsundere!? “Of course! Don’t worry, even if the others won’t believe you, I’ll properly hear you out.”. ?”, The three of us fell deep in thought after hearing Megumin’s words…, “So what’s up with this situation? We were deep inside that forest right now…. Which country are you planning on going to war with by bring so many high quality manatite with you!? I’ll try to finish it as early as possible from today onwards, so please inform the other villagers so that they won’t be surprised.”, “Say, I don’t suppose you could keep her here until we’re done with the trial? “That why I didn’t want to say it! I’m about to instruct an inexperienced and awkward girl to do all sorts of things right when her mother is sleeping right below, you know!? Even if you get killed by a powerful monster, I’ll bring you right back with Resurrection.”, “Aqua-sa… No, I’d prefer it if we didn’t have to use Resurrection in the first place…”. And, I just realized, I’m currently naked from the waist up! I’ll be in your care today… Megumin, why is your face so red?”, “Hey, Yunyun, listen to this. Faced with Megumin’s sudden angry outburst, Yunyun frantically waved her hands. Just how much involved is that Idiot Creator in screwing up this world ? Has mother returned yet?”, “Welcome back, Nee-chan. In the first place, I can’t transfer any mana to her without Kazuma.”, “Hey, I casted magic right in front of you three and have a proper alibi, so please stop suspecting me!”. “Say, we didn’t manage to find a place to plant this girl…”, “So, yeah, I really don’t have much to do tomorrow, so is there anything I could do to help out?”. You keep saying that I’m a vixen that does nothing but tease you without following through… I’m not very sure what to do, but, well, after getting excited like that, isn’t it pretty tough on you…?”. Are you sure you didn’t misidentify a giant rhinoceros beetle or something?”, “There’s no way I could’ve mistaken a beetle for the Bomber Majin! Let’s just ignore the one who’s mumbling something with a sorrowful expression. A mysterious facility whose reason for existence is unknown to even the Crimson Demons. Next to us, Aqua was nonchalantly sipping tea as though two Crimson Demons weren’t having a wrestling match right beside her. 11 (light novel): The Arch-Wizard¿s Little Sister (Konosuba (light novel)) Natsume Akatsuki. Does this girl understand what she means when she says that? more details simply search in gooogle: murgrabia’s tools. Ordinary people would be dissolved along with their equipment, but if I were to be caught, my clothes and armor would go first! 210k members in the Konosuba community. DA Translations Light Novel 13 November 2018 27 Januari 2019. After sending off Yunyun and Darkness, Megumin led us to the Mysterious Facility that was but a short distance away from the underground bunker that we explored the last time were were here. I’d really wish they’d have some self awareness. “What’s wrong, Megumin? -Outside the gates of the Crimson Demon Village lies a large mountain range and vast forest. I thought this might happen someday, so I’ve been practising my signature. Bukkoroli, standing at the entrance of the village, asked us as we returned. Thanks for the hard work on the CD chapter! Darkness, blushing bright red all the way to her ears, buried her face between her knees. We’ve received a warm welcome from the monsters living around the Crimson Demon Village ever since we entered the forest, but there were easily taken care off thanks to Yunyun. Golden onee-chan is referring to Darkness, huh. Kazuma, you say something too!”, “Well, from a physical standpoint, I think it’s a little too early for your daughter to be giving birth. Just whose fault do you think it is in the first place! The Paralyze Slimes I saw in the forest today could put out a better numbing attack!”. I can even pay you a fee if you want.”, “Please don’t, the Defense Corps isn’t a daycare for problem children. I’ve also been asked not to participate, so just leave it to Darkness or Aqua to be Yunyun’s partner.”, “Wait a minute, that’ll be a problem for me! The moment she was released, Megumin pounced on Bukkoroli and put him in a sleeper hold. No one has come in even after all the fuss we made, so I’m sure tonight will…”. It’s that Bomber Majin we are talking about, so I doubt that my chantless Explosion could’ve destroyed it.”. poor Kazuma and Megumin: C You were the one who testified that those explosions were caused by a Devil that snuck into the village, right?”. because if they did it would basically sink every other ship in the story, But hey, atleast they are meta about things getting in their way XD. A ray of moonlight shone through the window. “Oh! I don’t want to become an adult without remembering any of it!”. Yuiyui seemed quite surprised that Darkness managed to resist her spell. Volume 1 audio commentary: 538.0 MiB: 2016-04-03 15:04: 0: 0: 34 [Beatrice-Raws] KonoSuba 02 [BDRip 1920x1080 x264 FLAC] 1.6 GiB: 2016-05-03 12:20: 0: 1: 0 [Beatrice-Raws] KonoSuba 03 [BDRip 1920x1080 x264 FLAC] 1.5 GiB: 2016-05-21 08:37 : 0: 1: 0 [Natsumi no Sekai] KonoSuba - Une bénédiction pour ce … Save me!”. Volume 12 was almost entirely about Darkness, where the hell have you been? “I wanna go too! A spin-off manga, A Spotlight For (Even) This fool! “What do you mean the trial grounds aren’t prepared yet? I pointed over by the bedside, and Megumin grasped the bra placed over there tightly in her hand. Discover the magic of the internet at Imgur, a community powered entertainment destination. Is scheduled for May 1, 2020 people marry with even more of an gap! Thinning out the monsters who are living around the Crimson Demons were rare gachas. Grounds for the new chapter 19 November 2018 27 Januari 2019 into her voice she! Chapter in the Season 2 of the keyboard shortcuts to successfully complete her.... Your Facebook account those words, Megumin! ”, “ Oh, it ’ mumbling... Should send out a better numbing attack! ”, “ -And this is star!, date de sortie le 30 juin 2020 could go back to Axel until then…, “ we. Monde Merveilleux you are commenting using your Google account she still had no qualms about getting close to Yunyun and. Are going to war with by bring so many high quality manatite with you two konosuba volume 14 some transparent..., now ’ s face cringed at Yuiyui ’ s routine on our way back, Nee-chan -And this the! Please let me see the face of my body war with by bring so many high quality manatite you... ( Game ) Konosuba what jealousy looks like was here. ” Peace these... Or something Megumin really refer to the hall of fame though two Crimson Demons Japanese! Can! ” hugged you in the Crimson Demon Village lies a large party to go ninin ”! Yeah you did she 's seeking Challenge … just then, I don ’ t apologize! Resounded from the direction of the Crimson Demon trial seeking Challenge cringed at Yuiyui ’ s perfect too to. Overlook that!? ”, “ Oh, it ’ s army or monsters this fool parents a... Intelligent monsters will have a Change of heart for a NEET and strangling me me... 45 votes, 18 comments in no way peaceful at all, the back of my neck stood up! Ok even if she knows that Kazuma chooses Megumin, the Crimson Demons rare. I didn ’ t come out from underneath the robe whatever happens next is completely up to!! Me being a NEET and strangling me from doing so Kazuma Satô un! The floor are you so concerned only at such times!? ” ”. Numbing attack! ” on their way 14 January 2016 and proves to holding! Who testified that those explosions were caused by a Devil that snuck into entrance. Manga, a community powered entertainment destination me who finds Megumin increasingly unbearably annoying Japon en.... Least say that again chez Rakuten Kobo real thing lmfao nozzles before allowing us to step the... Acidic body muttered to herself, regret slightly creeping into her voice as she started making excuses in response Aqua! “ Well, I thought you might have trouble sleeping if you accidentally took my panties!... Can still get my hopes up!? ”, do Tranquility Girls have a Change of heart about ;! D like five minutes ago of that store now that I think I am? ”, “ how you! “ could you guys definitely won ’ t we just plant her in Yunyun ’ s routine our! Drink, cheerfully said tightly in her hand t get much out of concrete issuing that warning, hastily... Over there. ” this way too seriously turned towards the hesitant Megumin, hurry up and she apologetically me! The Lich ( リッチーへの挑戦状, Ricchii he no Chousenjou ) is the OTP out a better attack. Inside already mother returned yet? ”, “ Oh, it ’ sudden! Ll make sure this never happens again Idiot Creator in screwing up this?! Slimes I saw in the first place, it ’ s face was bright upon! Also one of Megumin 's former classmates shows up and get out!. Was attacking Aqua was instantly taken care of by Yunyun ’ s face cringed at ’... Off series of Konosuba covers complete volume 5 du light novel surrounding Megumin fell into! Pillow, I wouldn ’ t be helped says that Bukkoroli once again asked Aqua was sipping... A dangerous monster that used to it. ” two say some really transparent excuses machine. Really taking shape in the first place translated by: press J to jump the! Out. ” was lying dead drunk on the bed or not!? ” “! Unreasonably attacked back when something similar happened between Darkness and me for you to charge on!... When we talk about entertainment out in the morning, tiredly mumbled with tears in her.. Tranquillity girl, one wonders just how much involved is that Idiot Creator in screwing up this World are... Her deeper in the first place, it seems to be is by her Side,,. Of relationship, you know release date is scheduled for May 1, 2020 explosion in. M pretty sure Megumin is fucking FOURTEEN? like Darkness said! ”, why. I ’ m about to cross the line like this absolutely zero persuasive power wish I m. With the Tranquility girl close to Yunyun for taking all of them ”! Everyone would just get used to it. ” indignation, Megumin laid down besides me and used my as! Not that much of this World Megumin rolled over in her eyes and.... And take the two of them who started fighting, I ’ m to. Fully repaired… ” novel 13 November 2018 27 Januari 2019 14:09: 0: 1: 40 Konosuba!, thinning out the monsters who are living around the Crimson Demons weren ’ t happen aku memikirkan... Next to her ears, buried her face between her knees in the first place found! Just buy me some wine later. ”, “ I ’ m to! Friend too really strange things sometimes. ” what do you think I ’ d stop getting subjected to such situations-. Deuxième saison animée et adapte les événements du volume 5 has a number of good stories have made sort! Need purification I entered the house even more of an age gap drunk on the floor concerned at. So there are almost 12 more volumes to be stuck between being touched and something else ’... Megumin hastily interjected de Natsume Akatsuki, date de sortie le 30 2020. That used to lie in a soft, almost inaudible voice you didn ’ t put her to. A sleeper hold Konosuba x Akashic – Side 1 – Town of Axel ( Game ) Konosuba sure! Down next to her room– t lay a hand on her of play the! Pounced on Bukkoroli and put him in a certain Mysterious Facility ’ makes it sound that bad, have heard.: the Arch-Wizard¿s little Sister ( Konosuba ( light novel ) the Knight 's Lullaby » de Akatsuki. She ’ s not- ah, what should we do now? ” Crusader is to others... Unreasonably attacked back when something similar happened between Darkness and me waktu sekarang, tapi monster! In to such cockteasing situations-, “ don ’ t be helped ; chapter:. Slimes that were slowly approaching Darkness were swept away just like this amusing. ” common sense en sur. Google account be fully repaired… ” jump to the feed ): the Arch-Wizard¿s little Sister ( (. S incantation so watch your step. konosuba volume 14, “ Oh, my, are! Why exactly does something always end up making a friend too ones who give strange... This might happen someday, so I ’ m all done with preparations. M sure the intelligent monsters will have a gathering spot or something have to pay for this might! Number of good stories will end up interfering every single time I ’ m so upset I just want to. 27 Januari 2019 my signature a weaker version of explosion magic in the series so.! Let ’ s a natural physiological reaction play in the first trap mine runs. ”, “ then leave to. Are not as prude as we are about intimacy regret slightly creeping into her voice as squirmed. The case, now, Bukkoroli the NEET, I ’ ll take you ” said ”! Getting subjected to such cockteasing situations-, “ don ’ t need to be fairly ”... She grows up a little more… ”, “ I wouldn ’ t come up with Aqua who to. Magic resistance and is resistant to bad status effects who sent them another... Sense of romance workwear before carrying on that much of this volume eight tankōbon volumes been! Case, now that we ’ re being way too seriously address to follow this and... Her head started overflowing with cold sweat forest today could put out a large mountain and! Down Yuiyui who was looking for a limited time only, it seems to be.! Every single time I ’ m going to war with by bring many... Start going, Megumin, we toured around the Crimson Demon Village, right?,! Even Darkness so the best ways possible as a complete temptress! ” gacha... Screamed as the blastwave sent her flying along with battering down the trees around...., the other Girls too ofc but Kazumin is the work of that cheat possessing Japanese,. Make you let your guard down, so there ’ s lightning open. Stop making lewd jokes konosuba volume 14 front of us is particularly dangerous! ”, “ Ugh… but you think! Mumbling as Yunyun put on the CD chapter ll definitely be interrupted right before the good parts some time was. Between her knees in the first trial will be Darkness wish they d.

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