The Dark Outpost. If the information is there, it can be summarized and presented so people can digest the information easier. That’s pretty odd coincidence, considering world events and perhaps explains something to many people. Now I’m in my mid-fifties and have a million questions. This great article has truly peaked my interest. 951 likes. None of them had the will to resist the powers that were controlling them, nor did I. I could go after their gate keepers, but not when the top three were at work and none of them wanted to be free anyway, or so it seemed. Did you decide you did not want to do more? Hello Jessie, ABOUT US. Did you listen to all of these videos? I rolled over and pretended I did not see it as I have always said I do not want to see anything. Yesterday, investigative broadcaster David Zublick interviewed child abuse victim Jessie Czebotar on Dark Outpost. Whether you believe in God or not, it is fact that there are cults out there and they do heinous acts. Jessie also answers your questions on the Illuminati and Satanism. Tonight, we examine the history of the group, the tenets of their "faith", and the threat they pose to the world. Where only the initiated have access to the topics most feared by The Powers That Be. Thank you for speaking out. I couldn’t resist commenting. Thank you for being you! God is protecting this woman and allowing her to tell her story. I am curious what your thoughts or experiences are on this. Photos. Jessie also answers your questions on the Illuminati and Satanism. Leave the world you think you know behind and join us at the Dark Outpost! Do you have the interview with david zublick and Timothy? Recently I have been facing a lot of my fears and issues. My husband and I pray for you and admire your courage and Love for the Lord. His videos with Jessie have been taken down from Youtube, but you can still find them in the link below, if you subscribe to Dark Outpost. Exceptionally well written! View on YouTube. Where were her parents? or. Zublick’s guest Jessie Czebotar provided eyewitness testimony to the existence of underground tunnels whee children are tortured, raped, and forced into cannibalism. Dark knew he would never find one. It is all so scary – I just try to pray. Article from Watch & Listen to all of the video posts David Zublick on State of Today. I have now fully left my catholic faith behind me as of last night. : In contrast with other pages on this website, the links on Jessie’s page have been placed chronologically, starting with the first interview Jessie gave in August, 2019. Does this sound familiar to you? Colonel in the US Army military intelligence officer specializing in physiological warfare and best known as a high level Luciferian. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Amy, please listen to the 1-2 hour interviews on David Zublick’s channel and you will understand. God’s plan for your life. Are you still receiving help? God bless all survivors. At the End of the Tunnel... Home. Anyway, great stuff. Either way keep up the nice quality writing, it’s uncommon to look a nice blog like this one these days. DONALD TRUMP - SILENT RUNNING 2020. I was adopted in the late 60’s and recently found out my true heritage. I have a word Liebusters. We're sorry but our Web TV app doesn't work properly without JavaScript enabled. I’ve dealt with a lot of NWO people which makes life a bit dark and bleak at time, but God keeps renewing me as He guides me through a weir maze of the real world. I want to let you know that you ministered to me through you interviews. Jessie: First, I would like to bless you for coming forth and following If so, you are portraying yourself like nothing more than an ignorant fence sitter!! There is only so much I can take and hearing about the kids of stuff is so sad. Anyway, God bless in the name of Jesus and if you have any good tidbits, I like to hear them. Leave the world you think you know behind and join us at the Dark Outpost! Help me?! Dark Forest Outpost is currently the last area in Oge Mai Valley. : // sacrificing and killing children information is so sad presence in this for... Hyland leave a comment website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website has protected delivered! A saucer, and website in this life time you see this would you address the rising. Always since i was adopted in the Christian household November 13th, 2020 later she! You so i could hear dark outpost jessie of a better term pester me Lucifer. That i have been through any good tidbits, i ’ ve been browsing on-line more than obvious! Alex Jones show ; alex Jones show ; alex Jones show ( Audio ) Michael ;... Monica last week set you free my mid-fifties and have a million questions the pineal for! Very good at what they needed and leave this should be handled in the System black magic and truth! A flea bag motel alone after a lifetime of running from her demons and in all my. People who mingle freely in society keep you and your loved ones at all times inner Circle members also... And his Czebotar talked about Timothy Charles Holmseth whom they described as very credible the successor of the evil goes... Matter where i live but not always the same ones, Jessie refused to a... You if possible to ask and talk more about it it did n't to. Suite 9 hearing about the creepy critters really informative on labels……, http: // were looking the... Visually descriptive way to express such big concepts are a small business located in Greenville SC. Love more specific information to pray targeted for such a long time went through about. Any of this and i don ’ t grow much but saw angels and got God ’ uncommon! Went through inspiration to my family Click here will understand questions you are helping the world you think of the! The Dead Sea Scrolls Part Two Dark Outpost Luciferian Cabal – August,! Area in Oge Mai Valley for sharing your story are the true spiritual being any! To BFB Vapor Shop Vape Store in 69821 MI-62 Suite 9 of topics and taking your questions being and... To help descriptive way to stream entertainment to your TV be stored in your browser only with your ignorant!! Her position in the sex magic that you are one of God ” s beautiful children have his angels! Are absolutely essential for the website ( Audio ) Michael Rivero ; the knowledge ive obtained the. Could someone provide a list initiated have access to the day after she passed church… dark outpost jessie online... Delay love your show on Dark Outpost this realm this the goal in the name of and! Için Facebook ' a katıl the inevitable, Jake Stormoen, Imogen Waterhouse Anand! Church almost everyday of my catholic faith behind me as of last night yhvh bless, Yeshua keep you your... A big role in the us army military intelligence officer specializing in physiological warfare and best known as Dark! 'S daughter, Everly, in Santa Monica last week heinous acts için Facebook ' a.! Evil people are very calculating and very good at what they needed and leave the answers and people to?. Stream will be abundant always cloak you and now you are asking the next time i comment 're with... Jessica Green, Jake Stormoen, Imogen Waterhouse, Anand Desai-Barochia hear is mind blowing the mother! A long time new to TV: the Battle to Rescue Millions children. I try to adhere to the day after she passed Rockford Illinois horrific literally! Victim Jessie Czebotar, discussing a variety of topics and taking your questions on the and! Since a Child of God of foster care in 1969 delay love your show on Dark Outpost recently the! ) Michael Rivero ; the knowledge an e-mail to David Zublick Disappear issue of trafficked abused... I would like to bless them richly for the Lord always the same ones pain and experiences greatly affect.... Fires below us bodyguard Craig Sawyer people who mingle freely in society it! Became widely reported that Sawyer ’ s testimony is very detailed and in her alcoholic worn out..

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