On today's episode we try Cape Line Sparkling Cocktails. This canned cocktail was a let down for me. Cape Line Sparkling Cocktails turns traditional sparkling water cocktails into something more fresh and exciting. 2 slim cans of Hard Strawberry Lemonade; 2 slim cans of Margarita; 2 slim cans of Blackberry Mojito., 6 simple ingredients., Alcohol from real cane sugar., Sparkling cocktail with natural flavor., Our Mission: To craft naturally delicious cocktails … Drink Responsibly. Sprite ; water; soda pop; In Stores ; Weekly Ad ; Kosher back to … Delicately lemony, a bit bubbly and berry delicious. Newer Post →, Please note, comments must be approved before they are published. One shaker = not sweet at all  // Five shakers = your teeth may curl. Discover a more sessionable sweetness and a delightfully delicate effervescence – paired with that signature … It is probably just one step above unflavored sparkling water in terms of sweetness. Plus the packaging is super cute. I really really wanted to like this cocktail. Cape Line Sparkling Cocktails were created to deliver a refreshing and flavorful take on hard strawberry lemonades without being overly sweet. August 24th 2019, 12:22 pm. Should I give one of the other flavors a go? Plus it is gluten free which is important to several of my girl friends. Watch Queue Queue. What did you think? With more flavor than a hard seltzer, Cape Line Sparkling Cocktails are a refreshing take on margaritas without being overly sweet. ... Cape Line drizly.com. Let's "drink together" and share our cocktail stories. A deliciously light sparkling summer cocktail with 75% less calories than a classic margarita*. 6. $16.99. And something about the booziness was just off. Spa Girl's line of canned cocktails come in cucumber, pear, and peach—and each one is just 48 calories. I've been seeing this line all over the Gram this summer dubbing it the "cocktail of the summer" so I was eager to try it. The 120-calorie drinks aim to … ©2020 CAPE LINE BEVERAGES, MEMPHIS, TN * BEER Per 12 oz., Blackberry Mojito and Margarita: 120 cals, 9 g carbs, 0 g protein, 0 g fat Per 12 oz., Hard Strawberry Lemonade: 120 cals, 10 g carbs, 0 g … The label does boast real cane sugar which always makes these pre-made cocktails better so it has that going for it for sure. I love that it doesn’t … Cape Line Sparkling Cocktails turns traditional sparkling water cocktails into something more fresh and exciting. I was underwhelmed. How clever is it to design a can that looks like an actual cocktail glass?!?! Cape Line … This sparkling cocktail … I would be worried about what kind of hangover this cocktail would give me if I had more than one. Have you tried Cape Line canned cocktails ? Flavor without compromise! Rude right? And there are two other flavors - margarita and blackberry mojito - so I would like to try at least one of those before I rule out the Cape Line Sparkling Cocktails all together. Cape Line If you’re not completely sold on the hard seltzer concept and perhaps prefer a good ‘ol cocktail, then Cape Line is perfect for you. MillerCoors has launched Cape Line Sparkling Cocktails, crafted from six simple ingredients: carbonated water, alcohol from real cane sugar, real cane sugar, lemon and or lime juice concentrate, natural … Cape Line. Cape Line is a natural, gluten free Sparkling Cocktail. CANNED COCKTAILS ON-THE-GO. I'd love to hear from you in the comments section. This canned cocktail is not sweet at all. Cape Line Sparkling Cocktails is a line of premium 120-calorie gluten free alcohol drinks with 4.5% ABV.

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