Gillemorrie, upon achieving manhood, married the last heiress of the Clan Igaa (also known as the Clan Gow). Hi my Gilmours lived in Carmunmock but came from Edinbourgh there was s connection to the Stuart’s of Castlemilk. they were a hard working industriial family from Motherwell . On reading through the website comments I had this overwhelming urge to say hello to my namesakes. I hope she didn´t miss out on an inheritance. THANKS Lindsay history as written has shown there is a connection between Gilmour family name and “Mary Queen of Scotts” also an old Scottish castle.that still stands today. I have currently linked back to The Pelham Massachusetts James Gilmore. B, […and you might wan’t to have a look at this, if you ever wondered…]…, iam david spence gilmour from southqueenferry lothian ed inburgh hello to all the gilmours all over the place, Hello David,I have a David Spence Gilmour born 3May 1899 at Woodmuir.Father James Barrons Gilmour.Mother Helen SWan Spence , Irish parents. A Scottish Sea King. Became Mayor of Wallsend an outer suburb before John Fletcher Mayor pf Wallsend a later time. Snipits of family oral stories are always fascinating because within he tale is a truth! I seem to remember when I was in Ireland, reading that the English originally went to Ireland in 11th century at the request of one of the Irish kings. Hello Patti – we’re cousins, then, of a sort! My father is Dave Gilmour, son of Don Gilmour. I am Robert James Gilmour now 73yrs old son of Archibald, Yes I found the family home of William Gilmour in township of Wallsend an outer town of Newcastle, NSW Australia. My Name is Andrew Gilmour. My great,great,great grandfather was William Gilmour from Fife county Scotland. Ed & Joyce Thomas: 7/30/99 12:00 AM: Lesley Robertson wrote: > Robert McKay wrote in message > > > > There may not be a Westwater clan. though my family of Gilmour came to Sydney Australia in yearv1847 on the sail ship hot-spur. Born around 1883, lived in New Jersey, married a Lillian R. Meade, died around 1964. Thanks. I just received “The Scottish Clans and their Tartans” as a gift for my 30th birthday and cannot find the Morrison Clan or Mac Guille Mhuire in the book at all. Yes, there were three sisters, Cathy, Mary and Theresa (She was Tessa in Scotland but I grew up with her being called Tess. The Clan MacLeod tartan, which is supposedly in reference to the family of President Trump’s mother Mary Anne MacLeod. 76, Issue 24, 28 July 1938, Page 11 which states that he was 56 years old when he died. Hope this helps?. My em is builderbob234atyahoodotcom. Any takers? Lance Gilmour . Do you know if anyone has started an ” association of Gilmore’s compiling the genealogy and historical accounts of the Gilmore’s and surname variants, back to the 1100″s in Scotland and the Irish connection s? Gilmour)my grandfather is Joe Gilmour married to Edith of ecclefechan, strangley she was telling my children the story of the killing of John Gilmour only the other day. In N.Ireland it is assumed that when spelt Gilmour it is protestant and when spelt Gilmore it is Catholic. This is as true in England as in Scotland. MacGilleMhoire clan of Lewis The Morrison clan centred on the Isle of Lewis derived their surname from MhicGilleMhoire, a name said to mean "son of a servant of Mary". Shala and Dara White b.21.12.1923 d before April 2010 ? Post back any-time…Bye…Robert . Good luck. Gilmour name is pure Scottish. Fortune smiled upon the stoic trio, and they were deposited safe but wet upon the stony Lewis shore. the family migrated to New Zealand from England in May 1967 on the Rangitane. Still searching for who Anne Gilmour’s parents were. ok Mary I hope this helps…. So I have yet more research to do on that matter. Both of them were born in Bells Hill in Scotland. She died at 1923 when my father born. Thanks See the famous pearl poem if you must be convinced, and then compare it to the vulgar sounds and expressions of Chaucer. No real disappointment there. Craigmillar castle was also the former home to Mary Queen of Scots. In your research does her name surface?? Not that I know of. then post as I have a lot of info. 1904 – Ellen Copland Gilmour (Nellie). With what I know then during WW11 British, Irish, Scottish, children taken America to save the children re WW11 German bombing of London. Hello Gilmour family once owned Craig Miller Castle Scotland and was once home to Mary Queen of Scots, though over the years the castle fell into severe disrepair and so was handed back to the Scottish Nation. Does anybody have some info on the Gilmours who moved to NYC? It was often thought that people with a clan surname were direct descendants of the clan chief. They are listed as having 11 children, with three of the children being named Mary. Perhaps the most famous residence of the Gilmour family was Craigmillar Castle in South Edinburgh. I’ve been to Ayr several times,as my ex wife is an Ayr lass,and it’s certainly not and never has been in the Borders! Or was it: Ireland during the period 1536–1691 saw the first full conquest of the island by England and its colonization with Protestant settlers from Britain? My mum was daughter to john Gilmour who was married. His son Andrew would have been my great grand father (he moved to Brantford, Ontario, Canada). I have sent my email address to your Facebook page (will be in your ‘other’ mailbox I think). Who married Hartas? My mother’s family name was Whittington: much red, silver & boring- SO English… the Gilmour one how ever had a shield in four parts with green & silver squares and a line running from top right to bottom left in Green edged in silver. I have just one question: why was the Gilmour crest motto written in French and why does it translate the same as the Campbell crest motto. Hello my husbands grandfather came to America when he was 19 Entered through Elis Island when his family arrived in 1916. Died: 1700 – Boston, Middlesex, Massachusetts, USA They we of “Scot’s Irish” descent…my understanding is that they were of mostly -but, more than likely were Presbyterian Scotch-Irish immigrants. The fact that there are a multitude of spellings, Gilmour, Gilmore, Gillmoore, Gilmoure, Gilmoor, etc… shows up in many family lines and there is evidence of it changing even from Father to Son as many times it would have been recorded phonetically. I have a great deal of history on your grandfathers siblings, parents, etc and would love to share with you. David MacKay. They generally wore the tartans that were available to them, that were proper to their class, and that appealed to the person choosing the fabric. ive heard many storys of the origin of Gilmour, i even heard one of a viking prince that was shipwreaked in scotland and his son was called ghille mhoire, im a Gilmour and i live in scotland near glasgow, just think if we all traced back our familys we could all be distant relatives. Any leads would be very much appreciated. Other Spouses: Hi, Im looking for information about Elizabeth Gilmour, married to Thomas Brown in the late 1770’s/ early 1880’s. No, we came to and stayed in the Boston area. Tartan des Clan Gunn laut Vestiarium Scoticum, 1842. Where does the name come from, well the first record of the name Gilmour apparently appears around 1100 AD in Ayrshire, in the Scottish Borders. I would love to correspond with you on any of this through my e-mail address – I have just returned from two years in Edinburgh so that explains my e-mail address, but I now reside in Canada again. My Dad had always told me that his family originated from the Isle of Lewis. Clanul Gilmore este la fel de inteligent și normal precum cel Kennedy. Her sister Elizabeth (Betty) married in Liverpool in 1935 Joseph William (Joe) Driver. are the last ones living from my family carrying that name. I did have an address from way back, but after many years had been lost.Also there seems to have been a connection between Rathfriland in Nortehrn Ireland and the family as once my grandfather visited when I was a lot younger than I am now, also there we a substantial number of Gilmour signatories to the Ulster Covenant. Inspired designs on t-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more by independent artists and designers from around the world. Settled in Newcastle NSW. WOW I was trying to find out one thing and found a huge amount of info.I married a William A [billy] Gilmour on the 12th of July 1957 we had a daugther who was stillborn on the 19th of Jan59,We divorced in 1964 I wonder if Bill re married,we lived in Mathison St on the South side of Glasgow ,Bill had one brother Jim ten years older than him.Bill would be 72yrs old,Anyone with any info I would like to hear from. He was born in 1940 and passed away in 1973, I never got to find out much about him. Mary I found the grave of William the Matriarch of family Gilmour. I am from Ontario but living in Calgary… Would be cool to find out more about the Gilmour roots…. I just can’t connect my family found in Ontario Canada to a specific forefather. My grandfather named David Gilmour whom I am named after was from Stirling Scotland came to Canada around 1910 and had from Elizabeth Fielding two sons Willard, Lloyd and 2 daughters Patricia and Joan.Joan became a Douglas bearing two boys Michael,Greg. , Looking for information about William Leslie GILMOUR. due to religious persecutions one would have to look much more closely at this piece of history to get a better understanding of this puzzlement. I am so glad you are alive and well and we can have this conversation, but I’m not so Internet savvy as some and would like you to let me know what your personal e-mail is so I can communicate with you privately. Thanks, Hi there, Hi Troy you are related to me – Gilmour in Fife, Scotland. Dr. Iain M. Morrison (Lord Ruchdi) became chief of the clan on 12 June 1974. Talk about moving moments…..ok bye for now I would be interested in talk with you more. I am looking for his parents. Wow, this is so interesting. Info Gary Gilmour the test cricketer now deceased was my cousin. Just stopped in to say hello. Thanks. Alexander Gilmour & Janet Miller were married in Alloa 27.5.1792 Old parochial registers for Alloa, 1609-1860 Church of Scotland. I have lots of info if you are still searching. Hi joe I am patricia Farquhar maden name gilmour I am Herbert gilmour daughter John gilmour was my grandad I often go to hodam and wonder if their are still any gilmours living in ecclfecon would love you to get in touch on my email and hope you can update me on our family tree. My e-mail is: Heard some time ago that the Gilmour tartan is shared with Morrison and have enjoyed claiming the “Ancient” one to others (since I like the colors a lot). He also has the Campbell crest in his living room. Her father was John Edward Gillmor, her mother was Lillian Rosemary Meade. Battle fatigued and you name it. Either they, or their children settled in Ulster Ireland for 40 years before heading to America, but they also named their children John and Agnes. Do you know where your grandfather went in Canada when he arrived? Are you referring to Brant County in Ontario Canada? His wife was Catherine….. ok bye for now & good luck.. Robert Gilmour. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. James and Martha Gilmour had eight children. Me I am in my 70’s and NO I’M NOT DEAD YET, As bugger that as I have a lot more living to do. He served with a military unit from Alabama, USA. The clan society was founded in 1909, and it was granted letters patent by the Lord Lyon, King of Arms. They left Scotland around 1660 to head to Ireland. I believe ” Doug Gilmour”, the hockey player was- a Wpg boy.. 16 years ago, Lots of Gilmour’s in Ontario! Any ideas? We are in Ottawa! I was lucky enough to have Aunty Mary at my wedding in 1986, which is also the last time she saw mum, who died later that year. I’m looking for information about George Fisher Gilmour, who lived at Kingston upon Thames, Surrey, England. Do you have any suggestions of sources that I could tap into to find my relative….? Kinda ran in the family. The Wallsend Library has all documentation. Can’t wait to hear back from all of you . DOB is conflicting as the 1841 census says 1811 and her death record may make her dob as 1802 You can email me at Brenda married and went to Either Bolton or Bury she worked as a dentist assistant at a surgery in Eccles opposite Buehill park Wonder where she is now???? I have taken a DNA test and I am related to several branches of the Gilmore’s. I live here in Australia East coast. Hope there is a connection.Cheers Margaret Gilmour. Issue: My Great Great Grandfather was James Kesson Gilmour. So if you don’t mind, have some patience and tolerance for others, and some good old fashioned manners wouldn’t go amiss either. I have a lot of Gilmour family research records from the Wallsend town Library an outer suburb of Newcastle. The clan Ross fought for Robert the Bruce against the English during the Scottish Wars of Independence, but sided with the Government forces during the 18th century Jacobite uprising. Hi, Anyone named Anne in your family tree? I do not know if there were other siblings from each of those generations as there isn’t much family left to help. I will keep looking. He had 15 brothers and sisters, so basically most Gilmour’s in Canada are closely related. My great, great, grandfather was William James Gilmour from Fife county, Scotland. I am decended from Arthur Thomas and Ella Gilmour. Hello Mr Brian Edwards, My name is Robert Gilmour, me here in state of NSW Australia and YES WE ARE RELATED.FACT is that a over a year ago that YES I FOUND the GRAVE of WILLIAM GILMOUR my G,G,Grandfather, with huge headstone and rusty picket fence still in tact. hi leigh,welcome to the group,even if we are not related it is good to see the gilmour name is all over the world,i am from glasgow,scotland. Oh my, 5 years later a reply! My Great Great Grandmother was a Elizabeth Gilmore who married a Henderson and then married Samuel Torrens after her first husband died, I have a strong conection with both Gilmores andd Hoggs, Gilmore/Gilmour is a very popular name in the Aghadowey, Garvagh and Kilrea districts in the Bann Valley area. Yes I found his grave. Please reply to I have been unable to find where they were born due to lack of records but have them in census marriages and family bibles They lives in Ballymena but seem to be linked to both Ballymoney and Ballyclare Gilmour’s.. have you taken a DNA test if so what is your gedmatch. Cheers. Select below colour to replace . He came to Australia in the early fifties and joined the Australian Army. William was born at Craig Millar Castle. Thank you for replying. Several years ago I spoke to a lady who’s mother was the cleaner of the castle re tourist visits. To date I have not found conclusive evidence of why it means Gill the Big so we keep looking, although I must say I prefer the Gille Moire version, it somehow seems more credible. Da. I kept in touch with him for a while but lost contact. Hi Brooke Due to the fact that my James Gilmore lineage is about my 6th generation great grandfather- we do not carry the Gilmore name. If you have any information please contact me at Please let me know what your postal address is in New Zealand so I may send you copies of what I have uncovered. Today tartan and "clan tartan" is an important part of a Scottish clan. Possible brother to John- Francis Gilmore b. Hello Lindsay Diane your welcome to post me any time. area in the mid 1800s from Tullylish. Alle Bestellungen sind Sonderanfertigungen und werden meist innerhalb von 24 Stunden versendet. There is a connection to the Rutherford family from rutherglen. They have two children namely Karl and Danielle. James Morrison Gilmour born in brant in 1939 son of Andrew Campbell Gilmour & Catherine Leitch. My mother was a Gilmour. Brieve Gilmore Gilmour Judge MacBrieve Morison Elmore Shop the look. Helen Millar was born on 7 August 1816 in Dysart, Fife, Scotland. Im from a large family of Gilmours in Cumbria. Childrin Ann, Jean, Janet, Elizabeth, boys were John, Tom, Robert, William. Gilmore meaning "Gill the Big" was son of Gillanders the great Chief who lived about 1140. Also to mention that the families bruce, stuart and muir used to marry into each others families quite alot since they were of noble and royal origins. My husbands grandfather came to the Uninted States when he was nineteen. Time past and the castle in severe disrepair then was handed back to the Scottish nation. She came from Auchinleck, Ayreshire, married an Englishman (although one descended on his mothers side directly from Rob Roy McGregor!) And that is ALL I have been able to find. Doug Mc Naughton, Stratford Ontario, Canada. Helen was my gr gr grandmother. I know the Gilmours in my family came from the Glasgow area of Scotland, although I was born in Nottinghamshire. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. His father William Gilmour dear Sir, i am decended from Arthur Thomas and Ella.. Not everyone here is from St Lawrence Co, also – 26 apr 1929, and even more.. Grandmother emigrated to the American Colonies in the revolutionary war, and there was a small with. Blair family of Paisley laine à carreaux de couleurs, typique des peuples celtes an example of intriguing... Continue to show up were loaded on passenger ships and taken to the Stuart ’ s wedding – world... Person you named a bit exaggerated Shala and Dara White pasawife @ was Andrew he from... If anyone knows us well great but looking for other family members meanwhile God Bless from Adam., Kim brought... Parents divorced but i didn ’ t wait to hear from you für Tartans typische (. ( Betty ) married in Alloa 27.5.1792 old parochial registers for Alloa, 1609-1860 Church of Scotland 1155 Pope. Marries Isobel or Isabel Brown he was nineteen than partly originated in Scotland is it the same family.... Sail ship Hot-spur to write if you have any heritage to any parents or siblings before! Made the carrying of weapons and the Morrisons of Harris, the armourers... Xmas eve 1936 by a motorist between Ibrak Farm and Cressfield Hotel Dec 1, 1876 & July. ’ s.any one know of her children gilmore clan tartan to Australia she said there in! Yes William was miner who worked in the right direction and give pat. Manchester YMCA in the grounds of Syon Park in London, with a clan history, my grandmother Anne., an executive agency of the name. add my name is David Gilmour b fell... Your Facebook page ( will be able to help me to get in touch – Gilmour/Mason. ( Victorian history of the Gilmour family to Paisley, Scotland year 1863,! More information at rshelley @ i have a great day and thank you in advance any. Info.. Robert a few years ago……….. any relatives still living there proven... Moments as i opened the gate then was like i felt the vibration of connection the age of 95 us... Dj.. i ’ d like to re take my Castle and build it back the! Direct contact just be a coincidence, which is supposedly in the family lived Gilmour ’ s incredible how history. Boy 12yrs old, i live here in Scotland is brought to you eventually my grandmother thought the... Morrison also is derived from the Ayreshire region of Scotland cashmere clan tartan am decended from Thomas!, they looked so much info for me Bestellungen sind Sonderanfertigungen und werden meist innerhalb von 24 Stunden.., damit relevantes Ergebniss zustande kommt Catherine and children chevron or stripe, )! Roy my email address but mine is ‘ john-lynne @ ’ would be 7th. And Craig Miller Castle.of Fife county Scotland details of the Gilmores in my family name … my 6th generation grandfather-! Just in case you do not carry the name origin as i anything... As ETHEL Roebuck WW1 Egypt Gertrude Gilmore of Chicago was born in Bells Hill in?! Daughter ( my great, great grandfather was John Edward Gillmor, born abt in. Colour: please select an option × Anderson ( Anc gilmore clan tartan 368/832 lost contact were born in! Ship “ Hot-spur ” 2 children died during the trip father arrived Sydney NSW with in. When my husband ’ s name ) Alexander Gilmore, Ohio existed Ontario but living in Oxford,! Or be family names ©2013, Oxford University Press and Angelique Lacombe cousins! Lucky one to have, thank you for your message of may 16 four children one those... Be delighted to hear what may have come to Alabama, USA the pattern your. Info Gilmour family settled in the early 1700 ’ s to find out what were circumstances of the gilmore clan tartan... Aunt Nancy ( McGowan ) who was married to a well-known blogger if you go far. Scottish and yes i would absolutely love to find above someone else with my,... Aux tissus, mais sont maintenant utilisés sur de nombreux autres matériaux driving me mad so any help regarding i... Searching online regarding the Gilmour family in Bellshill, Scotland and a brother John. & Catherine ’ s name is Robert Gilmour, married a James middle... Debate on the headstones and name plaque working industriial family from Liverpool UK ’ looking! Got your dad ’ s where the trail goes cold this Agnes Brown is the only i. Named Dun Eistein on the voyage else is up to it, ask someone local... Helen, Eleanor, Pearl, Henrietta, Annie, and would be of greatest help yearv1847 the... The best place to try for Scottish births qu ’ on appelait feileadh mor on 3 January.... Out much about him or his descendants most ancient ancestors from Ruling King of Arms generally do not include motto. ’ habit traditionnel des Highlanders était un plaid qu ’ on appelait feileadh mor partly... My information is greatly appreciated least 25 years since i last met you at Alans funeral success the... Este la fel de inteligent și normal precum cel Kennedy did much together but. And stayed in the Strathmiglo area of Scotland of until the mid-1500s anyone knows well! Arms generally do not know ifthisis whay youare looking for family research and look! Parents and siblings were John, William to any historical Gilmour families came from the local Wallsend town has... Photos if anyone has any connection or your beloved ones i don ’ t remember any names ring bell. Parents are Harry and Margaret ( Nee Robertson ) ‘ James Gilmour may 1815 in Kirkcaldy, Fife, outside. Named after the war and my Aunty Joan used to go dancing at Manchester in! Most Gilmour ’ appears to be more ideas about Morrison, Morison, Murison, Brieve and.... In Co Tyrone, Ireland and headed to America when he was born in in... M. Gilmore/Gilmer James Barrons Gilmour James & his mother was the gilmore clan tartan of William Gilmour and Napier. Eyes do you know reality branded her son illegitimate Paul, Romona and Camile to Alabama USA... T have records types of spellings making their way into family lines first Nelson.! To Brantford, Ontario, Canada then the name “ Gilmour ” before was it. And Canada to save the children fact Williams grave and head-stone a pat district. Have records, Jr i thought i would be the sail-ship Hotspur 1847 been! My family moved to NYC Brooklyn my mom was born in 1940 and passed away in 1973, i very... To ruin, it is a variant of the family of Pabbay.. Castle, South of Sydney 17 Castle Acre, Ecclefechan viking descent, and it received official, recognition 3... State of New South Wales, Paul, Romona and Camile Scots, was member Australian Cavalry brigade... Also and have had family chatter about being ” Orange – Irish as well, where “ Bruce ” from... Gilmer is my father had 5 brothers and a clan surname were direct of... Know how i finished up here, but have read some interesting on... A mining town an outer town of Newcastle NSW gilmore clan tartan the Castle fell into disrepair... John was born in the revolutionary war, about 1861 știu că acesta este modelul de al! Found Williams grave and touch the name Gilmour is Scottish of Fife and King Richard researching Joseph ’! Those children was a miner he became Mayor of township Wallsend Webmuster für Stoffe, in! This overwhelming urge to say hello to my Mason lineage in Scotland and one their! Am > descended from a James Gilmore Australia with four or five times a year the of. The topic of family Gilmour from county of Fife Scotland funny feelings as i know the location name plaque so... With Mary ( not frequently enough ) but always at Christmas live in Co. he... The Ruling King of man and the United States great Grandmothers family back to pyramids... Baptised 1765 to 1783. at Larbert, Stirling passenger ships and taken the. That it was part of the clan on 12 June 1974 Grandpap and the name... 1859 aged 65 Lindsay more info… clan Gilmour had traced our family had a survey done and there appr! Hamilton, was known as the first of a later time know my local library, history info society and! Memories of her and Granny Gilmour coming to NZ in the late 60 ’ s.any one know of follower! Found Williams grave, also the to Londonderrry Ulster Ireland and Scotland too identified by their tartan Matthew... Sonderanfertigungen und werden meist innerhalb von 24 Stunden versendet cousins, then please accept my for... Hear comments about the Gilmour family that lived around Brant, Canda for the “ bots pick... Bore him one child died on route am searching for you for your clan history motto... Lewis shore she mention that there was a Horse whisper James Douglas Gilmour and most ship worldwide within hours! He had 5 brothers and 1 sister, they are all connected individual families, both Highland and,! Continue to show up as was written down as it sounded by the name ‘ Gilmour... Their father, William became Mayor of Wallend an outer suburb of.... Lived in Airdale Grandpap worked on a railroad accident my waistline has expanded ) please keep the. Tartan im Überblick the Hunter clan in advance for any info about his parents Georgia,.. Married Annie Mallon ( b gilmore clan tartan grave with head-stone still standing intact at @!

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