You’re also showing them that you are resilient and can bounce back from failure and learn from it, so the “What I Learned” part after the failure part puts a positive spin on it. I send a monthly newsletter and am always trying to come up with an interesting way to present myself and my art, rather than just “here’s some new art.” I’m bookmarking this post. Email marketing is a powerful tool. This is SUPER helpful, thank you! I am so grateful! Download A Sample List. Also- I agree with your “don’t give up” suggestion but I’ll add to it: if you are sending multiple emails or packages to a gallery, refrain from calling them out if they never replied to you. Art Gallery Assistants work in private or public facilities and handle functions like customer service, administration, and correspondence. Here it is: [LINK TO A GALLERY OF YOUR WORK]. Example of a good initial email: For the attention of the curator,* I am a Vancouver artist seeking representation* * locally. People love to peek behind the curtain at the inner workings of your art. I would like a series to help guide anyone signing up at any time and leave ones on pieces for sale to be not automated, I think. Enjoy using them as you wish, and my fervent hope is that they will help you have the best connected, most engaged audience possible. thanks so much for these great tips, Mike! Headline: “The Secret Technique I Use To Get Amazing Results”, or: “The Tool I Use That Gives Me Superb Textures”, or: “The Trick I Found That Helps Me Mix The Perfect Colors”. ), If the gallery is on your “A” list, I strongly recommend contacting them multiple times (perhaps monthly or quarterly). And, to thank you for being so special to me, I’d like to offer you this [DISCOUNT/COUPON/FREEBIE] as an added bonus! Thanks for the serious thought you have put into this. I am writing to inquire if you are currently accepting submission proposals. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. {{filterDisplayName(filter)}} Duration. I want to send an email to an art gallery and I dont konw how can I present my work and negotiate about the initial fee that they will present me . And I may just try out those headlines and see if my open rate increases. Yeah, the ideal mix is different for every audience and market, but a good rule of thumb is probably 4-6 “rapport builders” for each 1 sales email. Best CSS Image Gallery Examples for Your Website. I’m just about finished with this piece and would like to get your opinion on it. Much thanks and luck to all! I’ve had fun at arts fairs, but really wanted to approach galleries, restaurants or lounges,etc. These are great templates. This is a variation of the “peek inside the studio”, but it focuses on a “secret” technique or skill that you use to make your art. ], [PICTURE OR LINK TO A VIDEO OF THE TECHNIQUE], [PICTURE OR LINK TO PICTURES OF YOUR ART], Well, I’d better get back to [PAINTING, DRAWING, WHATEVER YOUR ART IS]. An exhibition proposal is a proposal by an artist in which he ask or request permission to use a specific place to showcase his works of art. I thought I’d share this funny/interesting/emotional life event with you. I consider it my sanctuary, the special place where I feel most comfortable being my most creative self. You can take a look at it here: [LINK TO SOMETHING SHAREABLE]. You might learn useful information such as: 1.) ( Log Out /  Glad you enjoyed the post. Great post! And I smiled. Thank you for considering my art series, Women Wearing Fruit Peels, for exhibition in your gallery. Newest results. Choose our Template Newsletter for Art Galleries and share your passion with hundreds and thousand of people in a single click! The best free gallery snippets available. I was about to send an email with about 5 of the “violations” you suggest above and your advice and rationale against are very well stated. What a fantastic way to support artists – and it lends a very warm environment for your legal clients who visit. Create a professional looking email signature with the help of this training template and video. Tnanks. Subject: Invitation letter for attending the art exhibition. Many thanks! This openness and the fact that you’re sharing inside personal information is very endearing to your tribe, and it helps them trust you. Remember, even the rapport builders are sellers in a way because they open the curtain a little bit and get the curiosity going. You have a great site! Posted by thepracticalartworld June 12, 2011. I think we will find that when we muster up the courage to share those pieces as they’re being created, we will get positive response and excitement from our audience, which will then energize us to get back in the studio and finish it. P.S. Choose the type of art gallery that interests you. This is best done with a respectful, polite email (with a link to your portfolio cleverly inserted). The customizable presets let you modify the widgets as per your preference. (I’m just building my website right now and doing a lot of research. Ask politely if they would like to see more or if not who they could recommend . If you think you should only be talking about your success stories, think again! You may be hesitant to spill “trade secrets”, but let’s get real… every technique out there has pretty much been done before by somebody, somewhere. It’s highly flexible and easy to use for absolute beginners. Talk about why you think your art is relevant to what they do and how they might benefit, not only you. This is best done with a respectful, polite email (with a link to your portfolio cleverly inserted). Making an Art Gallery Website with WordPress. Your Name Before sending the email, make sure that all details and parts are complete, from the salutations down to the signature. This works well for me, Pingback: The ART House: Approaching a gallery – our top tips for artists. I read and listen to Cory’s Abundant Artist information, and the encouragement he provides has helped me go from “I want to get back to making art,” to making one drawing a day (posted on Instagram for accountability) and one painting a week. Even if it may not be exciting to you, it is to them… and they will appreciate you for sharing it. Dear reader, play the game and play it well, overly well. Don’t be afraid of the offer email… LOVE these. after the signature… this is a great way to ask for a share or a like, so don’t forget to add in social media buttons at the bottom. To get your art in a gallery, start by checking the gallery website for submission policies.

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